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Rear View Mirror Place this mirror under or over your own rear view mirror but tilted towards you baby. That way you can keep an eye on them at a glance.

Safety Harness with free wrist link When your little baby starts to walk or run it can be hard to keep an eye on them at all times Put your mind at ease with this expandable safety harness so that they are kept close to you when you are out walking. We have also included a free wrist link - simply pop it around their little wrist and adjust to make sure that it is fitted around their wrist properly.

Stroller Shopping Net bag Simply attach this to the handles of your buggy and you can put all your shopping or baby essentials into it.


Wrist Link Simply pop it around their little wrist and adjust to make sure that it is fitted around their wrist properly.

Sun Shade For Car Back Window When you baby is very tiny and is facing out the back window you can protect them from the sun with this rear window sun shade.

Bath Thermometer the temperature of your baby’s bath right with this little thermometer. It can also be used in your baby’s nursery to ensure they are sleeping in the right temperature.

Bath Toy Tidy Bag Keep all your bath toys tidy with this net bag that easily fixes to your wall with suction pads. Toys sold separately.


Although … parents pay careful attention, the home often presents many dangers for their little “explorer”. The Nightlight Safety Gate is suitable for both staircases and doorways, with a width of between 75 and 82 cm. The surface has no handholds or footholds that the child can use for climbing. The safety gate can be fitted without tools. It has an auto-close feature, the gate closes automatically when released, so avoiding the risk of being accidentally left open. An additional feature is the luminescent “glow in the dark” locking buttons that help with using the gate at night. The gate can be fitted with extensions to fit t openings up to a maximum of 118cm.

Additional extension available: code 06.061591.000 7,2 cms
code 06.61592.000 14,4 cms
code 06.061593.000 36,0 cms


LINDAM Easy Fit Wood & Metal €43.99

This stylish wood and metal design compliments a contemporary look. Incorporating the Lindam power fit U frame for ultimate strength when in position, a secondary locking mechanism for extra safety, and the Lindam “easy close” sprung closing system for ease of use

Contemporary Design. Push to shut easy close system securely locks gate into place. 4 point Pressure Fit – U shaped power frame provides solid pressure fitting. Push and slide handle for easy one handed opening. Triple opening action. Double locking option. One or two way opening for maximum flexibility. Strong steel and natural wood construction. Assembled and ready to use. Adjusts to fit openings from 74cm to 80cm. Can be extended up to 136cm with separate extensions

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