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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 14, 2015

Adobe Virtual Meeting

  1. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Chair Linda Kenton at 2:02 PM.

  1. Roll Call

Present were: Linda Kenton (San Anselmo Public Library), Chris Kreiden (St. Helena Public Library), Diane Smikahl (Benicia Public Library), Steven Arozena (Dixon Public Library), Anthony Halstead (Napa County Library), Henry Bankhead (San Raphael Public Library), Abbot Chambers (Sausalito Public Library), Suzanne Olawski (Solano County Library) and Rebecca Forth (Sonoma County Library). Also present was Jane Light, Pacific Library Partnership.

  1. Public invited to address the Board

No members of the public were present.

  1. Approval of Agenda

Smikahl moved, Forth seconded approval of the agenda. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Approval of Minutes of October 2, 2014 Meeting

Bankhead moved, Smikahl seconded approval; motion passed with all voting “yes” except Forth who abstained.

  1. Adoption of FY2015/2016 Budget

Chambers moved adoption, Bankhead seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

  1. Setting 2016 System payments for Retiree Health Insurance

Bankhead moved and Chambers seconded that NBCLS continue offering the currently covered retirees health insurance for calendar 2016 with NBCLS paying a maximum of the $580 Single (Medicare supplement) rate and that retirees may elect to cover dependents at their own expense and must notify the System Office of their intent to do so by November 15, 2015 and make payment to the System prior to the first day of each month. Motion passed with two abstaining (Forth and Halstead) and remaining members voting yes.

8. Adoption of replacement Resolution regarding Retiree Health Insurance
A motion to replace Resolution #533 with Resolution #534 was made by Smikahl and seconded by Bankhead. It was adopted by unanimous vote. It states that the Board will annually determine if it will provide retiree health insurance for the upcoming calendar year. If it decides to provide such insurance, it will decide how much it will pay toward the monthly premium and how much retirees will pay toward their monthly premiums. Resolution was adopted with all present voted yes except Halstead and Forth, who abstained.

  1. Election of Chair and Vice Chair

Kenton volunteered to serve as Vice Chair and Henry Bankhead agreed to serve as Chair for FY2015/16 with the proviso that the San Rafael Library Director, Sarah Houghton, will appoint him her designee to serve on the NBCLS Board of Directors for this period of time.

  1. Adjournment

Kenton adjourned the meeting at 2:28 PM.



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