New zealand association of orthodontists newsletter vol 18, number 1, march 2004

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Dr Karen Brook

4 Knights Road,Rothesay Bay,

North Shore City, Auckland

Tel: (09) 479 6263

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Vice President

Dr Mark Beresford

116 Remuera Road

Remuera, Auckland

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Past President

Dr Peter Gilbert

PO Box 5217


Tel: (03) 477 6372

Fax: (03) 477 6569

Dr Winifred Harding

P.O. Box 5544


Tel: (03) 477 9897

Fax: (03) 477 9897

Dr Judith Hey

2 Walter MacDonald Street

Howick, Auckland

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Fax: (09) 534 3169

Dr Derek Barwood

PO Box 38 587, Howick


Tel: (09) 535 4311

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Dr Janice Somerville

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Remuera, Auckland

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Dr Peter Dysart

P.O. Box 5217


Tel: (03) 477 6372

Fax (03) 477 6265

The quarterly publication NZAO Newsletter is a channel of communication for members of the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists Incorporated. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of material in this publication, neither the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists Incorporated nor the Editorial Staff accept liability for errors or omissions. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists Incorporated.

Inside this issue

  1. Presidential notes

  2. Editorial

  3. Report on Evidence Based Dentistry Conference

  4. Survey Report Part I

  5. Report on Wellington Day Course

  6. Calendar of Events

  7. Report on Palm Springs Conference

  8. Speaker Profiles for NZAO October Meeting

  9. General Notices

Professors Birgit Thilander (left) and Inger Kjaer in Wellington

Notes for Contributors
The NZAO Newsletter welcomes original articles, personal comment and news items. Text should preferably be e-mailed to the Editor at as an attachment in rich formatted text (RFT). Illustrations and photographs should also be e-mailed as attachments in jpeg format. Illustrations and photographs may alternatively be sent on diskette provided the resolution is at least 150 dpi. The Editor reserves the right of refusal, the right to edit articles so they conform to the style of the Newsletter and the right to cut to meet space restrictions. Galley proofs will be sent by prior arrangement only. Special thanks to Karen Brook, Janice Somerville, Paul Crowther, Mike Courtney and Kieran O’Neill for their contributions to this issue as well as to our advertisers. Next issue close off date 20 May 2004.


March 2004

The New Dental Council

On the 18th of December the Minister of Health appointed the following people to positions on the Council

Dentists: Drs Ed Alcock, Erin Collins, Albert Kewene, Mary Livingston, Robert Love, Brent Stanley

Dental Therapist: Vicki Kershaw

Dental Hygienist: Robyn Watson

Dental Technicians: Keith Pine, Daniel O’Sullivan

Lay Members: Riria Handscomb, Victoria Hinson, John Robertson

Radiography Training Programme

It appears that the Medical Radiation Technologists Board will approve the Radiation Training Course and granted exemption certificates to those who pass. An administrative hiccup has delayed the issuing of exemption certificates to those who attended the Christchurch pilot course. Once those Certificates are received we will proceed with a second course in Auckland administered by Judith Hey. Courses are limited to 15 and we realise that it will be necessary to run the course several times in most main centres. Again my thanks to Peter Fowler who got this course of the ground and who has worked with the MRT Board to achieve this excellent outcome.

The Survey

Paul Crowther has worked hard to provide Part 1 of two Survey reports and this is published in this Newsletter. Sixty-two members responded including fifty full and provisional members, 7 retired and three student members. 25 (47%) plan to retire in the next 10 years!!!
It was pleasing to note only 2 members were dissatisfied with the newsletter and 76% felt the move to an electronic publication was a good one.


This year will see implementation of the HPCA with the Act to becoming operational on September 19, 2004. The amount of work that still needs to be done to have all the Registration boards up and running and registrations and scopes of practice issued by this date is huge and one wonders if it is achievable.
Abbreviations which will become a part of practicing life –

SOP – Scopes of Practice

APC – Annual Practicing Certificate

CPD – Continuing Professional Development.

The NZAO will be establishing a sub-committee to set up Continuing Profession Development program for orthodontists, based on the NZDA model for general dentists which while structurally sound does not address the specific CPD needs of specialists.

School Dental Therapists

Mark Beresford and I attended a meeting with the NZDA Boards recently to discuss developments in the registration of School Dental Therapists. The Therapists are wanting the right to autonomous clinical practice to be included in their Scope of Practice. This would signal a dramatic change on the provision of dental care resulting in a two-tier system for the delivery of dental care. The Dental Council will send out a discussion document soon and submissions will be requested. Please note that it seems to be the number of submissions that count. A single NZAO submission representing 70 orthodontists is not nearly as influential as 70 separate submissions. There will be a very short time frame for replying with a submission but I would urge you to read the Discussion document carefully and seriously consider providing an individual written submission.

Section 11 Workers

The Committee has provided the Dental Hygienists Board with a discussion paper on the registration of Orthodontic Auxiliaries and I will attend their first Board meeting on April 5 to discuss our recommendations. This discussion document is available electronically form Winifred Harding at

The restricted List still has not been published. All our discussions have had to center around the procedures the DCNZ has recommended be placed on this list. Exact wording of these procedures in the final list may make all the difference to which of our staff will need to be registered. Remember you staff will only need to be registered if they perform procedures that are on the Restricted List. We will regularly email all NZAO members as useful information comes to hand.

Accident Compensation Corporation

You will have all received the new ACC Dental regulations. Not one of the NZAO recommendations was incorporated into these regulations. Peter Gilbert has requested yet again clarification from Rosemary Kennedy about exactly what we claim for the Study Models that are required for prior approval and how this is coded.


The two new brochures have been very well received by members and Derek Barwood still receiving new orders. A poster for distribution to School Dental Clinics is being developed promoting the message that “Orthodontists build Great Smiles”. These will be available later in the year.

Conference and Continuing Education

Clinical Day

Professors Birgit Thilander and Inger Kjaer provided us with an excellent one-day course in Wellington on Friday March 19, 2004. This was an opportunity hear two very respected orthodontists speak on a variety of clinical and research topics and the meeting is reviewed in detail later in the Newsletter. It was great to see such a good attendance and the feedback was very positive. My personal thanks to Michael Taylor who brought the speakers to the attention of the Committee, liased with them, entertained them and organised the Wellington venue.

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