Name: Isra’ A. Al. Bakri

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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Isra’ A. Al.Bakri

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 14/4/1978

Marital Status: Married

Place of Birth: Amman/Jordan

Nationality: Jordanian/Australian

Mother language: Arabic

Other Languages: Fluent spoken and written English


Telephone: 00962791422039



BSC (Dental Technology) 1996-2000 Jordan University of Science and

Technology, Jordan.

M Phil (Dental Material) 2001-2002 Queen’s University of Belfast, UK

(Dental materials and dental technology).

PhD (Biomaterials& Biotechnology) 2010-2014 University of Sydney, Australia

(Biomaterials and Bioengineering)

Practical Experience:
2000-2001 Teaching Assistant; Duties involved supervising dental and dental technology students in the laboratories sessions, demonstrations, preparing the students study models, preparing the laboratory required materials, maintenance of equipment and fabricating a wide range of appliances and restorations including

  • Removable prosthodontic cases (complete dentures, transitional partial dentures, and cobalt-chromium frameworks).

  • Fixed prosthodontic cases (bridges, crowns, laminate veneer, resin-bonded bridge, inlays, onlays) these were both metal, metal-ceramic and all-ceramic restorations.

  • Maxillofacial prosthodontic cases (obturaters, external ears, fingers, noses) these were training cases not patient cases.

2001-2002 MPhil course at the school of clinical dentistry at Queens University Belfast/UK.

    1. Full time lecturer in Jordan University of Science & Technology.

This includes teaching the theoretical & practical material of several courses such as; dental morphology, dental materials, metal technology, basic techniques, removable and fixed prosthesis. It also includes administrative duties of the dental laboratories like ordering materials, equipment, preparing the teaching materials, maintenance of equipment, ordering materials and equipment, evaluating students, supervising other junior technician.
2006-2007- Full Time Dental technician at Al-Zytooneh Dental Laboratories. Responsible for fabricating metal-ceramic, all ceramic and implant retained prostheses for clinical cases and research specimens.
2008- 2009 Chief Dental Technician in Hail Dental Center, Ministry of Health, KSA. Responsible for continuous education scheme for the dental technicians in ministry of health /Hail region.
2010-2014 PhD candidate in Department of Biomaterials/School of Dentistry/University of Sydney, Australia.

Clinical Experience:

  • Manufacturing appliances for a wide variety of patients

  • Fabricating prosthodontic appliances for clinical cases at the school of clinical dentistry in Belfast.

  • Assisting in fabricating maxillofacial prosthesis for clinical cases at Ulster hospital in Northern Ireland/UK, which involved taking impression, wax-up, shade selection and fabricating silicone prosthesis

  • Founded a team work to treat maxillofacial cases in cooperation with plastic surgeon and maxillofacial surgeon at King Abdullah Hospital/Irbid/Jordan.

  • Supervising and approving all the clinical cases fabricated by dental technology students before delivery and that included removable prosthesis, crown and bridge restorations, all ceramic restorations porcelain veneers.

  • Organizing students hand works Exhibition at the faculty of applied medical sciences.

Research Experience:

  • MPhil thesis about the accuracy of various impression techniques.

  • Supervising student's graduation research projects.

  • Assist in various research projects with members of staff in the faculty of dentistry including preparing of all –ceramic samples, implant-retained crowns and standardized dies.

  • Design and prepare manual for dental technology work, including more than 150 photos with proper procedure description.

  • PhD thesis about novel modification technique of PMMA denture base material and generate fluoride releasing dentures.

  • Evaluate the undergraduate dental students in faculty of dentistry/University of Sydney for their Biomaterial projects.


  • The Pan European Festival of Oral Sciences. Cardiff/UK, 2002

Al-Bakri IA. Dimensional stability of maxillary models using

various impression techniques. Abstract No 743.

  • The FDI conference in Montreal/Canada, 2005 (Poster).

  • The Jordanian Dental Technician Conference (Presentation), 2005.

  • The Syrian Dental technicians association Conference, 2006 (Presentation entitled: precision attachments).

  • The Jordanian Dental Technician Conference (Presentation), 2007.

  • 20th Saudi Dental Society& 2nd National Guard New Dental Era International Conference,2009.Ryiadh/KSA.

  • Sharjah Dental School International Conference, UAE, Sept.2011. (Poster).

  • The FDI conference in Istanbul, Turkey, Sept. 2013. (Poster).

  • Faculty of Dentistry research day, Sydney, Australia, Sep. 2010, oral presentation.

  1. Al-Bakri IA , Hussey D, Al-Omari WM. The dimensional stability of four impression techniques with the use of addition silicone impression materials. Journal of Clinical Dentistry 2007; 18:29-33.

  1. Al Bakri I, Ellakwa A, Swain M, Martin E, Naoum S, AlOmari W. Fluoride release, recharge and flexural properties of polymethylmethacrylate containing fluoridated glass fillers. Aust Dent J. 2014 Jun;59(2):208-14.

  2. Al Bakri I, Ellakwa A, Swain M, Chrzanowski W, Harty D, AlOmari W. Surface characteristics and microbial adherence ability of modified PMMA by fluoridated glass fillers. Aust Dent J 2014 Dec 27;59(4):482-9.

  3. Al Bakri I, Ellakwa A, Swain M, Chrzanowski W .Atomic force microscopy (AFM) and Nanoindentaion assessments of hardness, surface roughness and topography of fluoride -releasing PMMA denture base material. Submitted to Acta Biomaterialia journal.

  4. Advanced Polymers in Medicine, May – 2014, springer p: 265-296 chapter book


  • First place, Colgate Award for the Best PhD Research Presentation. Faculty of Dentistry research day, Sydney, Australia, Sep. 2012, oral presentation.

  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) 2011-2014.

  • Jordan University of science and technology full scholarship 2001-2002.


  • I have given a hand-on training course in" Principles of Fabricating Silicon Maxillofacial Prostheses" in 2007.

  • VITAVM 13-One day product workshop by VITA.

  • "Maxillofacial Prosthodontics" at Ulster Hospital/UK.

  • I have attended a course on Communication Skills ,Belfast/UK July 2002

  • Training course in Testing and Evaluation ‘University Examination’ JUST /Jordan. February 2006

  • Organize a and-on raining course in (e-max ) system with IVOCLAR company in Hail Dental Center/ Hail-KSA 2009.

  • Organize a and-on raining course in (3D Master shade) system with VITA company in Hail Dental Center/ Hail-KSA 2009.

  • Certificate of CPR ,Ministry of health, Hail/KSA 2009

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) beginner course, ACMM , University of Sydney, 2011.

  • Certificate in Language Teaching ,Faculty of Education, University of Sydney, 2012

  • International workshop on Nanomedicine and Biomedical engineering. Faculty of pharmacy, University of Sydney, 2014.

High Technology Practice:

  • Nano indentaion system UMIS

  • Atomic Force Microscopy AFM

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM

Computer skills

Administrative activities

  • Organizing the dental technology exhibition at Jordan University of Science and Technology

  • Active member of the committees responsible for purchasing the dental laboratories equipment’s and materials

  • Actively involved in the maxillofacial prosthetic laboratory

  • Active member of the accreditation committee in faculty of applied medical sciences.

  • Students affairs and counseling committee

  • Training and supervising students and evaluating the work quality


  • My passionate hobby is reading and traveling. I am interested in writing as well as photography. Very active in cultural activities and community voluntary service.

  • Volunteer member in Smile Operation Organization for cleft lip & palate.


  1. Dr Ayman Ellakwa,

Associate Professor and Consultant of Prosthodontic Dentistry.

Sub Dean third year students

Restorative Department, School of Dentistry, University of Sydney,

Sydney, NSW


Tel: 0061425153925


  1. Prof. Micheal Swain


Department of Biomaterials

Faculty of Dentistry

School of Dentistry, University of Sydney,

Sydney, NSW



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