Name: Date: Current Events Summary With Regards to the 5 Themes of Geography

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Current Events Summary

With Regards to the 5 Themes of Geography

The students will use the five themes of geography to break down and analyze a world news event related to world geography. The student will use any media source TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc. The student must be able to point out the location of where their news story took place on a world map in front of the class. By relating the Five Themes of Geography, students will gain a better understanding of how geographical elements are interrelated when discussing world events. The student should choose news events that are related to the region we are currently studying in class and the news event should have taken place no longer than 2 months ago. Your textbook is a great resource for filling in detailed information under the Five Themes of Geography.
POSSIBLE RESOURCES: Here, you can search by World Region on the left side. Interesting Articles in Geography World News Here you can search by region and/or topic. Go to your textbook and then click on Current Events.
National Geographic Magazine

Time Magazine

Newsweek Magazine
New York Times Newspaper

Washington Post
CNN or Fox Headline News- Be specific on the details of the report. You may have to do some additional research if the news only gives minimal information.
Georgia Public Radio

GRADING: Semester Long Project
Current Events assignments are due every single Friday, regardless of whether or not I remind you. If I am not here on a Friday, expect to turn it in on Monday. If you are absent on Friday, be prepared to turn it in on Monday. You only have to do ten current event assignments to possibly receive the maximum credit. Any more than ten will be counted as extra credit. You will receive zeros in Pinnacle until you have completed the first ten. After that, the assignments will be exempted on Pinnacle. Each current event is worth 25 points. This means, at the end of the semester the entire project is worth 250 points. You must be thorough, avoid repeated information, and write in complete sentences.

Current Event Template
Name of Article or Headline: 2 points

Detailed Citation: If possible, please attach news article. Tell me where you found your information. 2 points

Date of Event: 2 points
Summary of Current Event: 5-7 sentences, 7 points

Five Themes of Geography- You must use complete sentences.

  1. Location- Give exact location including its coordinates using latitude and longitude. Also give the relative location. 2 points

  1. Place- What is this place like? Give at least 2 descriptions. You might elaborate on the culture, geography, climate, people, government, or explain the background or history to a problem related in your article. 2 points

  1. Human Environmental Interaction- What kind of human environmental problem might your article be talking about? Give two facts. Research the region where your article takes place to explain an environmental problem. 2 points

  1. Movement and Communication- How might this theme relate to your article? Try researching your region or country and describe the level of movement and communication that exists by looking at the statistics at and going to the World Factbook. 2 facts. 2 points

  1. Regions- What area of the world is your region in? Be as specific as possible. Compare/Contrast this region to other regions. You could use any variable of comparisons. You might try comparing this region to the U.S. in terms of population, climate, geography, culture, etc. This is not the where you simply label the country name. You have already done this. 2 Facts. 2 Points.

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