Melbourne Sunday, July 3, 2011

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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Home and Away Catch-Up 'CC' (R)


Sid considers ending his relationship with Marilyn. Will he go through with it? Roo is off to Hawaii, and Romeo makes a proposal to Indi. Will Sid stop Indi and Romeo's wedding? Roo tries her best to make them change their decision. Meanwhile, Sid and Roo's attraction comes to a head. Roo has a change of heart, Dex surprises April with a kiss, and Bianca is issued with a warning from Heath. Starring ROBERT MAMMONE, SAMARA WEAVING, LUKE MITCHELL, EMILY SYMONS and GEORGIE PARKER.


Ugly Betty (R) 'CC'


Bananas For Betty

Henry reluctantly agrees to go on a double date with Betty and an unlikely couple - Hilda and Gio. Starring AMERICA FERRERA, ERIC MABIUS, TONY PLANA and JUDITH LIGHT.


Nick's Bistro


Follow the men in the weeks before the doors open as they prepare the menus, renovate the premises and deal with all the disasters and pitfalls in between.


Destination Ski
**New to 7TWO**



Explore Queenstown, a winter playground with a choice of world- class resorts for skiing and boarding. Visit the countless restaurants, cool cocktails and steaming hot pools, then experience the six different ski-fields in the area. Hosted by KATRINA HOBBS.


2011 Wimbledon

2011 Wimbledon Highlights

Before tonight’s Men's Singles Final, take a look back at the biggest thrills and spills at Wimbledon 2011 with Seven Sport.


7TWO Classic Movie (R) (1951)



Mask Of The Avenger

Renatu Dimorna, the son of an Italian aristocrat, who vows revenge after his father is murdered during the European political upheaval of 1848. Starring ANOTHONY QUINN, JOHN DEREK, JODY LAWRANCE and ARNOLD MOSS.


7TWO Classic Movie (R) (1965)



Lord Jim

After being discredited as a coward, a 19th century seaman lives for only one purpose: to redeem himself. Starring PETER O'TOOLE, JAMES MASON, CURD JURGENS and ELI WALLACH.


7TWO Sunday Movie (R) (1999)



Sarah, Plain And Tall: Winter's End

It's 1918 and a couple struggles to cope with the demands of working life on their Kansas farm and the arrival of a long-lost relative. Then, worries about World War One and a raging flu epidemic serve to throw them into turmoil. Starring GLENN CLOSE, CHRISTOPHER WALKEN, JACK PALANCE, GEORGE HEARN, LEXI RANDALL, CHRISTOPHER BELL, EMILY OSMENT and BETTY LAIRD.

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