Main Variables Plaque Indices Plaque Index by Silness and Loe 1964

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Main Variables

Plaque Indices

1. Plaque Index by Silness and Loe 1964

0 - No plaque

1 - A film of plaque adhering to the free gingival margin and adjacent area of the tooth, which
cannot be seen with the naked eye. But only by using disclosing solution or by using a probe.
2 - Moderate accumulation of deposits within the gingival pocket, on the gingival margin and or

adjacent tooth surface, which can be seen with the naked eye.

3 - Abundance of soft matter within the gingival pocket and/or on the tooth and gingival margin.

2. Plaque index: Rustogi et al Modified Navy Plaque Index (RMNPI)

of the buccal and lingual tooth surfaces.

  • Whole tooth, marginal, and approximal areas are defined as shown below.

(Biesbrock R.A et al. 2007)

3. Staining index: modified Lobene stain index (Lobene 1968)

Buccal Surfaces



Anterior tooth

Posterior tooth

Palatal Surfaces



Posterior tooth

Anterior tooth

dental surface will be evaluated using a modification of the stain index (Lobene 1968).

  • The tooth will be divided into six areas

Buccal surface: Anterior tooth – labial (I), approximal (A), gingival (G)

Posterior teeth - buccal (B), approximal (A), gingival (G)

Palatal surface: Anterior tooth - palatal (P), approximal (A), gingival (G)

Posterior teeth – palatal (P), approxiaml (A), gingival (G)

will be considered to be positive at the patient level

Gingival Indices

1. Gingival Index by Löe and Silness 1963.

0 – No inflammation

1 – Mild inflammation, slight change in colour, slight edema, no bleeding on probing

2 – Moderate inflammation, moderate glazing, redness, bleeding on probing.

3 – Severe inflammation, marked redness and hypertrophy, ulceration, tendency to

spontaneous bleeding.

2. Papillary Bleeding Index by Muhlemann 1977

probing of the interdental papilla.

0 - No bleeding

1 - Only one bleeding point appearing

2 - Several isolated bleeding point

3 - Interdental triangle filled with blood soon after probing

4 - Profuse bleeding when probing, blood spreads towards the marginal gingiva

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