Magic Toothbrush

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Magic Toothbrush

By bdfee5485229d6fd93885d3808534ea8 chinman wong

This magic toothbrush can be use anywhere inside the house w/o plug into ac line.  It has unlimited power for the toothbrush to use as long as it get "charged".  For prove of concept, a standard electric toothbrush will be used.  It will be power by induction energy and a rechargeable battery is used to store enough energy for its application.  The IDT induction hardware is base of this project.  A small PCB with other components and wires maybe added between the toothbrush and the IDT hardware to make it work properly.

What software and hardware will you use?:

electric toothbrush, rechargeable 1.5 volt battery, IDT induction coil and its associated hardware, and to be determined software type.

Submitted on Dec 22, 2015 at 5:14 AM.

Project Design Phase

In order for my magic toothbrush to be truly “Power without boundaries”, I have to incorporate multiple energy sources like induction, solar, and piezo energy. The induction power is sent from the IDT P9038-R-EVK – Qi 5W Transmitter Prototype Kit. A special magnetic coil is used to pick up that energy. In additions, a small solar panel from Solarola, is integrated with the Harvesting DC converter will supply energy during day time. A Piezo (options) will provide energy as well. Two small solar panels are attached to the Harvesting DC converter board by glue. See picture below.

The Harvesting DC converter is a low power device made by LTC 3330. It is mounted on a small PCB. The output of the DC converter is set at 3.5V to charge two 1.5V rechargeable batteries. See picture below. The rechargeable batteries are used to power a standard electric toothbrush.


Most of the components come from Dig-Key's order. The only exception is the Harvesting DC converter and the small solar panels. I used the demo board from LTC with some jump wires. The solar panels were removed from my electric toys. The initial design got some issues with the IDT transmitter kit. After consulting with IDT application engineer, I have to make minor twists to get it work properly. It takes about 10 hours charging for about half hour usage. It can be improved in future work.

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