Made In The Shade: What Your Sunglasses Say About You

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The Aviator

Defined by trends? Never. Style influencer? Always. For a free spirit, aviators are just the kind of classic-cool specs that have no label or defining period. So whether she's hiking in yoga wear or at a concert clad in Frye Engineers, jeans, and a tee, aviators always lend that je ne sais quoi. Pictured: Ray-Ban Polarized Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses, $200,
The Circle Spec

Shopping a rooftop green market in Brooklyn or hitting the latest speakeasy, a hipster has the cool factor down to a science and the round quirky-chic sunglasses to go along with it. Olsen twin meets Alexa Chung, her style is cutting edge yet effortless. And even though this '80s throwback may be slightly strange, she could care less what you think. Pictured: The Row by Linda Farrow Gallery Round-Frame Sunglasses, $445,

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