Lower Crowding Lower Utility arch, Lower Advancing Arch, Lower Lingual Arch needed?

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Things to look for when evaluating mixed dentition

  1. Anterior Posterior Problems – Dental and Skeletal

    1. Cl I, Cl II, or Cl III

    2. Cervical Headgear or Reverse Pull Headgear needed?

  2. Lower Crowding

    1. Lower Utility arch, Lower Advancing Arch, Lower Lingual Arch needed?

  3. Space Maintenance

    1. Are there any teeth that have been lost prematurely that need to be addressed?

  4. Crossbite

    1. Anterior – Do you need to simply align or do you perhaps need Reverse Pull Headgear?

    2. Posterior – Do you need Rapid Palatal Expander or some other expansion device (e.g. Quad Helix, TPA)?

  5. Vertical – Deep bite or open bite

    1. Deep bite – will you address by opening through alignment or do you need some other device (e.g. Utility arch, Bionator, etc)

    2. Open bite – Often related to habit, so you need to correct the habit

  6. Habits – Tongue thrust, lip sucking, thumb sucking, etc need to be addressed

  7. Congenitally missing teeth – Often upper 2s and lower 5s

    1. All children should have a panoramic film taken to look for this

  8. Impactions – Do any teeth overlap adjacent root on panoramic film?

  9. Upper 6-E relationship – Is upper 6 eruption causing resorption of distal of upper E

  10. Gingival Display

  11. Upper Crowding – Do you need to align or improve torque?

  12. CVG Stage

  13. Years until full eruption

  14. Upper anterior safe?

  15. Preliminary Phase 2 Treatment Plan

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