Lesson Plans Feb 4 8, 2013

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Same as the handout but you can click on the links instead of typing them.


Pick up 3rd graders outside cafeteria doors. Bring in through front doors


3rd grade

  1. Have students enter library and sit boy/girl, boy girl.

  2. Put books into book drop

  3. Ask questions listed above

  4. Read “Bridget’s Beret” by John Lichtenheld

  5. Have students check out books and then sit and read

  6. Those who cannot check out will sit and read books in middle of table.

  7. Finish up Trails testing

9:15– 10:00

5th grade

Monday’s group – try to catch up on lessons from last two weeks.

    1. Have students work together to decipher meaning of the websites. Purpose of exercise is to comprehend what you are reading and decide if the information is valid and take action based upon the conclusion.

    2. Collect all papers and bring back to library

10:05 10:50

1st/2nd Grade

Read - “Bridget’s Beret” by Tom Lichtenheld




* * lunch break * * *

12:00 – 12:30

Library helpers today Work on straightening up the library

12:30 1:15

2nd grade

Pick up class at 12:30 sharp Their books should be in library so bring them straight to library

Check out books first

Same lesson plan as for 3rd grade.

Read - “Bridget’s Beret” by Tom Lichtenheld

Collect books and have 2 or 3 students deliver them to the classroom.

Walk the rest of the students out to recess.

1:30 2:15


Pickup up class outside by 1:30 sharp

Same lesson plan as for 3rd grade.

Read “Bridget’s Beret” by Tom Lichtenheld

2:15 – 3:00

4th Grade

Same as for 3rd grade

Walk out to the bus together.


Walk students outside

Monday duty day Stand at Basketball court after school. Take the walkers outside some will peel off to wait for siblings at the flag pole others will go to bus or crosswalk.


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