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Unit #1 Title: How to Succeed in Third Grade
Lesson Title: Acting Like a Third Grader (Part 1) Lesson: 1 of 2
Grade Level: 3
Length of Lesson: 30 minutes
Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Standard Big Idea:

AD.5: Applying the Skills of Transitioning Between Educational Levels

Grade Level Expectation (GLE):

AD.5.A.03: Revise and practice strategies to meet increased school activities
American School Counselor Association National Standard (ASCA):

Academic Development

A. Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills contributing to effective learning in school and across the lifespan

Materials (include activity sheets and/ or supporting resources)

Chart paper and marker for chart paper.

4 hats with K, 1,2, and 3rd grade signs

Activity Sheet - Skit Script Sheet and pencils

Show Me Standards: Performance Goals (check one or more that apply and identify relevant process standards)


Goal 1: Gather, analyze and apply information and ideas

1. Develop questions and ideas to initiate and refine research

6. Discover and evaluate patterns and relationships in information, ideas, and structures

Goal 2: Communicate effectively within and beyond the classroom


Goal 3: Recognize and solve problems

2. Develop and apply strategies based on ways others have prevented or solve problems


Goal 4: Make decisions and act as responsible members of society

1. Explain reasoning and identify information to support decisions

5. Develop, monitor and revise plans of action to meet deadlines and accomplish goals

This lesson supports the development of skills in the following academic content areas.

Academic Content Area(s) Specific Skill(s)


Communication Arts

6. Participating in formal and informal presentations and discussions of issues and ideas.



Social Studies

7. Relationships of the individual and groups to institutions and cultural traditions.



Health/Physical Education

2. Principles and practices of physical and mental health

Fine Arts

Enduring Life Skill(s)




Problem Solving





Goal Setting

Lesson Measurable Learning Objectives:

The student will work with a team of two or more to create a skit exemplifying at least two additional strategies or skills expected of third grade students.

Lesson Formative Assessment (acceptable evidence):

Assessment should relate to the performance outcome for goals, objectives and GLEs. Assessment can be question answer, performance activity, etc.
Students will work as teams to write skits exemplifying skills and behaviors expected of third grade students.

Lesson Preparation

Essential Questions:

Why do expectations change over time?

How can people meet changing expectations?
Engagement (Hook):

Counselor brings in four different hats. On each hat the following is written: Hat 1 – Kindergartener, Hat 2 – 1st Grader, Hat 3 – 2nd Grader, Hat 4 – 3rd Grader. The counselor can put on each hat or select four different students to wear the hats. If students wear hats, make sure you only let one student wear the hat and then wash the hats after the activity. Tell a little story about the different school expectations of K, 1, and 2 or have student contribute ideas to the story. Talk about academic and social expectations. Then lead in to the lesson of what is expected of a successful 3rd grade student.


Instructor Procedures/Instructional Strategies:
1. Counselor will ask students how 3rd grade is going so far. What are the differences between 2nd grade and 3rd grade?

2. Counselor asks students to brainstorm expectations for successful 3rd grade students. The counselor will write ideas on the chart paper as students brainstorm. They will look at this list and highlight the ones that are new for 3rd grade. Some skills will be continued from grade to grade.

3. You are going to be skit writers and actors. The counselor will divide students into small groups of 3 or 4 students.
4. Before starting the counselor will review the rules for working in small groups.

  1. Share ideas by taking turns.

  2. Listen to ideas respectfully.

  3. Be a responsible group member.

5. Each group will be given an expectation from 3rd Grade list brainstormed in step # 2. In the small groups the students will write a skit based on this expectation.

6. The counselor collects the skit activity sheets and shares with students that they will continue to work on the skits next session and perform the skits for the rest of the class.

Student Involvement/Instructional Activities:
1. Students will raise their hands and share how 3rd grade is going so far. Students will share the differences from 2nd grade to 3rd grade?
2. Students will brainstorm expectations for 3rd grade.

3. Students develop a skit and then role-play situations they have observed in their third grade experience.

4. Students will review the rules and discuss the importance of each rule.

5. Students will work together in small groups to write a skit. Once the skit is written the students will decide who is going to play what part and practice the skit.

6. Students finish up their work in groups.

Teacher Follow-Up Activities

Teacher continues to enforce grade level expectations and requirements.

Counselor reflection notes (completed after the lesson)

Skit Script Activity Sheet
3rd grade expectation for skit: ________________________________________
Character Parts: Student:
_____________________________ ____________________________
_____________________________ ____________________________
_____________________________ ____________________________
_____________________________ ____________________________
Skit lines:

Missouri Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Programs: Linking School Success to Life Success

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