Leeds ccgs Targeted Interventions Referral Form Referral for Hernia Surgery

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Leeds CCGs Targeted Interventions Referral Form
Referral for Hernia Surgery

Referral to:

(insert patient’s choice of hospital)

Patient Details:






NHS Number

Tel (home)

Tel (mobile)

Gender Ethnicity Age

Is an interpreter required Yes No

Is transport required Yes No

Referrer Details:

Referring GP

Practice Address



Practice Code

(Tick appropriate box indicating reason for referral)
 Femoral Hernia

 Female with any groin hernia

 Male with a clinically palpable inguinal hernia and pain that limits daily activity

 Male with an irreducible hernia

Clinical Notes:

Past Medical History:

Drug List:


GP Signature:


Supporting evidence
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Review Date: April 2016

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