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StarLite Fiber Strip Instructions

This instruction sheet will assist in learning the proper strip technique for your new fiber optic. A little bit of practice and patience will result in a perfect technique.

Stripping 400 micron fiber:

1. Holding the strippers make sure the blade inserts are royal blue in color and the top white ring says .031. If either of these is different the 400 micron fiber will not strip properly. Stop and call us

2. The fiber has a protective plastic coating over the glass fiber and must be removed. Insert the fiber into the top of the strippers 5-7 mm (This is the optimum stripping length for each cut) see figure 1.
3. Squeeze the handles closed and using your other hand pull the fiber out of the strippers. One quick pull works well and remember 5-7 mm max for each strip. Shake the strippers to assure the plastic casing that was just cut falls out.
4. Continue to strip until 25-35 mm of glass is exposed. This is the optimum length that works well for cleaving you can strip more if you desire.

Pull Stripped Fiber here

Insert 5- 7 mm of Fiber Here

Fiber Stripper Length Gage

Figure 1:

Cleaver Tip

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