KaVo estetica e80: outstanding ergonomics newly-defined

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Intelligent, intuitive, treatment centre:

KaVo ESTETICA E80: outstanding ergonomics - newly-defined.
Biberach/Riss, IDS 2011.

The KaVo treatment centre ESTETICA E80, is a dental unit that offers an optimum and ergonomic working environment. At the IDS 2011, the extraordinary concept is newly-defined by the intelligent, intuitive operating logic, the new and perfectly balanced INTRA LUX KL 703 LED Micromotor and the excellent ERGOcam 5 intraoral camera.
The intelligent KaVo ESTETICA E80 treatment centre, even satisfies experienced users. Thanks to flexible adjustments to the individual requirements of the dentist, the E80 enables problem-free working sequences, plus a healthy and low-stress working posture.

As can be seen at IDS 2011, KaVo adds the proven operating logic of the ESTETICA E70 and E50, to the unique ergonomic concept of the refreshed E80 treatment centre. Thanks to manual command via direct-selection keys, chair operation offers intuitive control, so that all functions can be accessed, without a long learning-curve. Such comfortable solutions assist the dental team to feel at ease with the E80, so that users may fully concentrate on clinical dentistry.

The maintenance-free, brushless and sterilisable INTRA LUX KL703 LED Micromotor, represents another new facet of the E80. Due to a weight reduction of 30% and a length reduction of 25%, the Micromotor features perfect balance, leading to more precise clinical working, with less muscle fatigue. The Micromotor is SMARTdrive-optimised and therefore offers particularly low-vibration start-up characteristics, plus full power, even at speeds as low as 100 rpm.

The ERGOcam 5 intraoral camera, is the third new innovation featured on the ESTETICA E80. It delivers perfect intraoral images - even in gingival areas - thanks to a much-increased light-intensity, impressive depth-of-focus and excellent colour rendition. Sharp, high-resolution images are produced, due to improved optics and the new, increased light output of no less than 40,000 LUX.

The innovative suspended chair design - a main feature of the Estetica E80 - offers incomparable freedom of movement and improved legroom, which enhances operating comfort during long clinical procedures. The motor-powered chair lifting mechanism, which offers very comfortable and relaxing patient-positioning, represents a unique feature of the ESTETICA E80. Even a completely level and flat operating surface can be achieved, for the maxillary treatment of children. Thanks to the horizontal movement of the chair by up to 25cm, the head of the patient can be maintained in the same position relative to the dentist - regardless of whether working on the patient's maxilla or mandible.

The unique treatment system of the ESTETICA E80, is supplemented by automated, standardised hygiene functions, enabling easy and time-saving care and maintenance procedures, which thereby eliminate human errors.

Excellent quality and precision of each manufactured component of the E80, affords very low running costs with little effort, whilst maintaining a long service-life.

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