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Richmond History

Numbers 1–25: Contents and Index
This listing combines, and makes available online for the first time, two publications that have been available in print form – Journal Numbers 1 to X: Contents and Index, republished with corrections in October 2006, and Journal Numbers XI to XXV: Contents and Index, which was compiled by David Frazer and published in November 2004. In this new, combined version, Journal numbers are in Arabic numerals and are shown in bold. We plan, in due course, to extend the listing to include more recent issues.

List of Contents
There were two issues in 1981, Richmond History's first year of publication. Since then it has been published annually.
No. 1: 1981

The Richmond ‘Riverside Lands’ in the 17th Century James Green

Vincent Van Gogh in Richmond and Petersham Stephen Pasmore

The development of the top of Richmond Hill John Cloake

Hesba Stretton (1832–1911), Novelist of Ham Common Silvia Greenwood

Richmond Schools in the 18th and 19th centuries Bernard J. Bull

No. 2: 1981

The Hoflands at Richmond Phyllis Bell

The existing remains of Richmond Palace John Cloake

The eccentric Vicar of Kew, the Revd Caleb Colton, 1780–1832 G. E. Cassidy

Miscellania: (a) John Evelyn in 1678;

(b) Wordsworth’s The Choir of Richmond Hill, 1820

Augustin Heckel and Richmond Hill Stephen Pasmore

The topography of Heckel’s ‘View of Richmond Hill Highgate, 1744’ John Cloake

Richmond in the 17th century – the Friars area James Green
No. 3: 1982

The early history of the Friars Area John Cloake

Fun & Games at Kew in 1809 G. E. Cassidy

Miscellania: (a) Steamboats in Richmond in 1824;

(b) Thomas Knyvett at Ham House in 1644

Richmond in the 17th century – the Vestry James Green

A letter from Virginia Woolf Stephen Pasmore

St Andrew’s Church, Ham Silvia Greenwood

No. 4: 1983

John Ellis and the Star & Garter Valentine Ellis

Royal Tales from Kew G. E. Cassidy

Old Petersham Lodge. A Royalist refuge after the Civil War Stephen Pasmore

Miscellania: (a) Erasmus in Richmond, 1514;

(b) Cricket on the Green, 1666;

(c) J. Hoppner at Petersham, 1792

A short history of Ham’s development Silvia Greenwood

Greenside in the 17th and 18th centuries James Green/ John Cloake
No. 5: 1984

The Wick and Wick House John Cloake

Extracts from the Kew Church Archives G. E. Cassidy

The History of Paved Court behind Old Palace Terrace, Richmond E Horsfall-Turner

Miscellania: (a) William Cobbett at Kew, 1773;

(b) A dinner at Pembroke Lodge, 1853

Kew Gardens and the Public 1841–1941 Dawn Scott

Lord Camelford’s visit to Petersham to challenge

Capt. George Vancouver to a duel Stephen Pasmore

The Spring Grove Estate, Richmond Michael Hutchison

Additions to the local collections Richmond Library

No. 6: 1985

Some myths corrected about the early history of Sheen John Cloake

Marshgate House John Cloake

Miscellania: (a) James Beattie, 1773;

(b) Moritz’s travels in England, 1782;

(c) Sir Everard Home on floods in Ham, 1822

A view near Richmond [T Rowlandson] Stephen Pasmore

Trades in Richmond and Kew in the 18th century John Cloake

Horace Walpole’s visits to Richmond Stephen Pasmore

The first Organ at St Anne’s Church, Kew Green G. E. Cassidy

John Constable at Ham House Stephen Pasmore

The Richmond British Schools in the Vineyard George F. Bartle

Additions to the local collections Richmond Library

No. 7: 1986

French Refugees in Richmond, 1789– 1815 Judith Filson

Lady Mary Coke and her Journal for 1766 Stephen Pasmore

Who wrote the Richmond Park pamphlets? Edward Casaubon

In search of the Vicarage: the many homes of the Richmond Parish Clergy John Cloake

A correction (of ‘Some myths . . .’ in volume 6) John Cloake

Miscellania: (a) Some 18th century newspaper items;

(b) Wellington in Richmond, 1822;

(c) Fire at Hampton Court, 1770

Miss Haverfield of Kew Stephen Pasmore

A Kew Miscellany G. E. Cassidy

Petersham British School and the Russell family in Victorian times George F. Bartle

All Saints’ Church, Petersham, in wartime Gillian Hughes

Richmond’s Home Guard, from the files of H. N. Turner James Green

No. 8: 1987

King George III, his Estates and the people of Richmond and Kew John Cloake

The Lawyer’s Tale of Richmond Parish Lands Charity Roy Price

The Life of Queen Charlotte, 1744– 1818 Iris Bolton

Gothic House, Ellerker Lodge, The Old Vicarage School, 48 Richmond Hill Mary C. Grimwade

The Pew cushions in St Anne’s Church, Kew G. E. Cassidy

George Eliot and Richmond, 1855– 1859 Kenneth Parker

Camille Pissaro, an Impressionist at Kew Stephen Pasmore

Albert Atkin Barkas. A Richmond Librarian Joanna M. Corbitt

Old Palace Yard, 60 years ago C. J. Wilson

No. 9: 1988

Development of the Area between Richmond Hill and the River, Part 1 John Cloake

The Spanish Armada and Richmond Palace Stephen Pasmore

Trumpeter’s House John Cloake

The Theatre Royal, Richmond Green, 1765–1884 Joan Reilly

Old Palace Lane, a brief History Roy Price

Fitzwilliam House or Pembroke Lodge James Green

No. 10: 1989

Development of the Area between Richmond Hill and the River, Part 2 John Cloake

The Gibson Family of Artists Richard Jeffree

Mid-18th century building works, Richmond Parish Church Edward Casaubon

The Pulpit in Richmond Church John Cloake

James Boswell in Richmond Park Stephen Pasmore

The Australian Wool Trade’s Debt to Kew Iris Bolton

Miss Braddon of Lichfield House Margaret Evans

No. 11: 1990

Frontispiece: Richmond Park, mid-19th cent.


The Early History of Ham John Cloake

Richmond Miscellanea:

Richmond in 1410. Von Uffenbasch

Richmond in 1712. Ralph Thoresby

The Countess of Pembroke and Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park Stephen Pasmore

The Milestones of Richmond-upon-Thames Richard Jeffree

William Morris – Richmond and Beyond Peter Locke

Richmond Miscellania:

The Richmond Driving Club, 1838–1845

The Founding of the Hogarth Press in Richmond

by Leonard and Virginia Woolf Margaret Evans

H. Yoxall’s Memories of Richmond as a Child Joy Houghton

Additions to the local collections Central Reference Library

No. 12: 1991

Frontispiece: Richmond from Twickenham Park, 1822

The Early History of Ham John Cloake

The Richmond Friary (A correction) John Cloake

The Venetian Ambassador meets Henry VIII at Richmond Palace in 1515 Stephen Pasmore

Richmond Miscellanea:

The Mole-catcher in Richmond Park, 1603

The Princes’ Deer Carriage in the Park, 1769

The Snuff Merchants of Richmond Hill, 1756

The Richmond Driving Club

Four Lodges in Richmond Park Diana Howard

The Kew Priory George Speaight

A Kew Family of Artists Iris P. Bolton

The Sketches of Dr William Crotch Stephen Pasmore

Obituary: George Cassidy FRIBA John Cloake
No. 13: 1992

Frontispiece: Richmond Bridge from the Twickenham Banks, c.1800

The Curious Story of the Church Estate John Cloake

Charles Selwyn of Richmond James Green

New Park and an Indian Doe Stephen Pasmore

No. 1 Maids of Honour Row Michael McLaren

Richmond Miscellania:

Footpads in Richmond in 1792

Prince Metternich in Richmond in 1849

Charles and Mary Lamb visit Richmond in 1804

Charles Dickens sings the praises of Petersham in 1839

Vincent van Gogh in Richmond, 1876

Queensberry House Roy Price

The Early History of Kew Observatory Stewart McLaughlin

The Kew Priory: A correction George Speaight

Hogarth House, Richmond Margaret Evans

Late Victorian Politics in Richmond, the Campaign for Incorporation G. F. Bartle

Obituary: Richard Jeffree John Cloake

No. 14: 1993

Frontispiece: A View of Richmond from the Thames near Cholmondeley Walk

Curates and Ministers of Richmond Parish Church before 1660 John Cloake

Queen Elizabeth I at Richmond: A footnote Noel Hughes

Richmond Miscellanea:

The Treatment of Renal Colic in 1594

Royalty in Petersham in 1769

Sudbrook Lodge, Petersham Road Stephen Pasmore

The Mystery of the Tower in Friars Lane Roy Price

A Brief History of Gordon, Forbes and Langham Houses on Ham Common Evelyn Pritchard

The Richmond Conveyance Company Bernard Brown

Late Victorian Politics in Richmond: The 1895 Parliamentary Election G. F. Bartle

Topiary Square, Richmond James Green

No. 15: 1994

Frontispiece: The Kiln in Mrs Coade’s Manufactory – 1784

Richmond Lock and Weir, 1894 –1994 John King

Cardigan House and its Architects John Cloake

Queen Charlotte Visits Ham Evelyn Pritchard

The Coade Stone River God of Richmond Peter Locke

The Site of the Cassel Hospital Evelyn Pritchard

A White Doe in Richmond Park Stephen Pasmore

A German Richmond: Schloss Richmond in Brunswick Iris Bolton & John Cloake

The Lady Bountiful of Kew Michael F. Barrett

Richmond’s Maids of Honour James Green

Charles Dickens at Petersham Margaret Evans

The First Royal Loo Judith Filson
No. 16: 1995

The Queensberry Folly Roy Price

The First Monarchs of the Richmond Roads Fred Windsor

Cardinal Newman and his Boyhood in Ham Stephen Pasmore

The Fraudulent Tax Collectors of Kew Iris Perowne Bolton

The May Family of Richmond and the Lisbon Factory Richard J. Smith

The History of St Michael’s Convent, Ham Common Evelyn Pritchard

Sir William Herrick, Jeweller to the King John Cloake

The War of the Terrace Hedge Ron Berryman

Additions to the Richmond Local Studies Library

Anglo–Spanish Relations – 1555 Stephen Pasmore

No. 17: 1996

Myth and Reality on Richmond’s Victorian Railways Tim Sherwood

The Fire at New Park, Petersham Stephen Pasmore

The Convent of the Franciscan Observants Noel Hughes

The Dawn of Darell School Roger T. Stearn

Thatched House Lodge, Richmond Park, in 1918 Stephen Pasmore

William Thompson and ‘The Richmond Experiment’ George F. Bartle

Richmond’s Victorian River Fetes John Cloake

A Petersham Mystery Richard J. Smith

Richmond Trades in the 17th century John Cloake

The Enigma of the Terrace Trees Ron Berryman

Recent Additions to Richmond Local Studies Library

No. 18: 1997

Eric Gill in Richmond and Kingston Leonard Chave

The Aitons: Gardeners to Their Majesties Frank Pagnamenta

New Light on Old Petersham Houses – 1 John Cloake

Empire Day in the Richmond Schools Roger T. Stearn

Fanny Burney dines with Sir Joshua Reynolds Stephen Pasmore

Palaces and Parks of Richmond and Kew – A review Edward Casaubon

Bernardo O’Higgins – in Richmond? Noel Hughes

The Benevolent Burns of Richmond Hill Richard J. Smith

The Theatre on the Green Clive Rust

Richmond Trades in 1795 John Cloake

Recent Additions to Richmond Local Studies Library

No. 19: 1998

The Prospect of Richmond Revisited Ron Berryman

New Light on Old Petersham Houses – 2 John Cloake

Carl Moritz visits Richmond 1782 Stephen Pasmore

Sir Solomon de Medina of Richmond Anthony Greenstreet

The Aitons: Gardeners to His Majesty – 2 Frank Pagnaments

Jenny Foster Newton: ‘ A Bonny Fighter’ Simon Fowler

The ‘Time Team’ dig at Richmond Palace John Cloake

Hydropathy at Ham Jackie Latham

Historic Trees in Richmond, Petersham and Kew Nigel Hepper

The Geophysical Survey of the Shene Charterhouse Site John Cloake

The Whimsical Publican of Parkshot Jane Baxter

No. 20: 1999

Asgill House: a very Palladian design? John Moses

Public Houses in Richmond 1790–1880 John Cloake

The Watermen of Kew David Blomfield

The Two Lodges on Ham Common Evelyn Pritchard

The Valhalla of British Heroism Simon Fowler

The Aitons: Gardeners to Their Majesties – 3 Frank Pagnamenta

The Plan of Richmond Palace John Cloake

The Ham Street Bend and the Great Barn of Ham Evelyn Pritchard

Catherine of Aragon Stephen Pasmore

Woodbine Cottage John Beardmore

News from the Local Studies Library Jane Baxter

No. 21: 2000

Nurse Emily Blake Judith M. Church

The fight for the view from Richmond Hill Ron Berryman

Robert Owen’s Most Horrible and Demoralizing Discourse Jackie E. M. Latham

Kent, Chambers and the Architectural Landscape of Kew John Moses

The Case of the Foolish Historians Evelyn Pritchard

John Price of Richmond, architect John Cloake

Ham Common and the Norths’ Connection to Kew Evelyn Pritchard

Liquid History Andrea Wharton

The Modernization of Ham House John Moses

Henry VIII entertains at Richmond Palace in 1510 Stephen Pasmore

News from the Local Studies Library

No. 22: 2001

Richmond’s First Lady of the Manor Juliana Ditsche

Kew in 1801 Edward Casaubon

Saving the View from Richmond Hill Ron Berryman

Like Father, like Son? Joan Walpole Reilly

The origin of the Ham House grounds John Cloake

The story of a Kew Street Betty Thomson

The 1841 emigrants from Ham to New Zealand Evelyn Pritchard

Hogarth House Helen Brooks

The fragmented family of Kew Anne Greene

Cornelius Caton and the While Lion Tavern John Cloake

News from the Local Studies Library Jane Baxter

No. 23: 2002

The Terrace Gardens and Richmond politics 1886–1890 Ron Berryman

The Royal Rates 1726–1820 John Cloake

The modest champion oarsman from Kew David Blomfield

Thomas Wilson 1764–1843 and Richmond Congregationalist Church Peter Flower

Some historic Cedars of Lebanon around Richmond F. Nigel Hepper

The Queen of Oudh in Richmond Roy Price

Richmond Palace Stables John Cloake

Emily Eden and her little cottage at Ham Common Jackie E. M. Latham

Radical Ham Common, some early Victorian visitors Jackie E. M. Latham

A tribute to John Cloake from across the river T. H. R. Cashmore

No. 24: 2003

Thomas R. Way 1861–1913 lithographer, his views around Richmond Patrick Frazer

How the Public Records came to Kew Michael Roper

The American University in Richmond – from Gospel to Global Peter Leuner

Who built Downe House? John Cloake

The role of women in leadership in the Vineyard Church Peter Flower

The defence of Ham Common and its champion, W. H. Harland Jackie E. M. Latham

The need for a rural idyll: preserving the View from Richmond Hill Anne Milton-Worssell

The battle for Petersham Meadows Bernard Marder

No. 25: 2004

The ferry from Ham to Twickenham: Dysart versus Hammerton 1909–1915 T. H. R. Cashmore

A view from Richmond Hill in the 1740s John Cloake

Thomas Gainsborough’s house in Richmond John Cloake

The centenary of Kew Bridge – 2003 Iris Perowne Bolton

Richmond Friendly Societies – a brief study Roger Logan

The history of Kew Observatory Julian Mayes

The origins of the Thames Landscape Strategy oral history

The preacher with red hair – Vincent Van Gogh? Peter Flower

Charles Burt and Richmond’s water war Ron Berryman

40 Years of Richmond History John Cloake
Index (Journal numbers are in bold; Article titles are in italic)
In order to keep this index as short as possible, for the most part only persons living in or visiting the Richmond area have been included. Except in the case of a very few persons more widely known by their family name (for instance, Sir Robert Burnel or the Walpoles), peers and their wives are indexed under their highest title, in chronological sequence, with a cross-reference. Kings and Queens have been listed under their Christian name even if the reference refers to a period before their accession. Other members of the Royal Family are listed under their main title.

Abbadie, Theresa d’ 7:8

Abbey of Sheene, see Charterhouse, Old Deer Park

Aberdeen, 5th Earl of (George Gordon) 5:31

Abernethy, James 15:5, 10

Abingdon, 1st Earl of (James Bertie) 1:4

Abshaw, Elisabeth 9:7

Abshaw, Thomas 9:7

Academie Julian, Paris 24:6

Acton, Sir William 1:5; 3:20

Acton, Thomas 4:35

Adam & Eve public house 1:16

Adams, Richard 5:3, 4; 9:7, 9, 11

Adams, William 12:13

Addington, Henry, Lord Sidmouth 12:37

Addington, Manor of 15:37

Adolphus, Frederick, 1st Duke of Cambridge 12:37

Advisory Council on Public Records 24:19

Agriculture, Ministry of 24:22

Ailsa Park Villas, Twickenham 15:65

The Aitons: Gardeners to Their Majesties and others Part 1, 18:20–33; Part 2, 19:36–47;

Part 3, 20:37–49

Aiton, Elizabeth 18:11–19

Aiton, John Townsend

18:7, 11; 19:36–47; 20:37, 45–8

Aiton, William (Kew) 8:33, 37; 18:7–16

Aiton, William Townsend (Kew) 6:39; 8:37;

18:7, 11; 19:36–47; 20:37–45

Albemarle, 6th Earl of (George Thomas Keppel) 5:51

Albermarle, 4th Earl of 8:60

Albrecht, Sally 25:75

Alcock, Alderman Arthur 22:63

Alcott House, Ham Common

19:58–60; 21:18; 23:62; 24:67

Alcott, Bronson 23:62, 64

Alcott, Louisa M. 23:62

Alder, John 19:20

Alder, William 23:22

Aldridge, Edward 2:24

Aldridge, Thomas 4:22

Alehorn, Mary 19:16

Alexander II, III (Tsars) 1:22

Alexander, George 9:47

Alexandra, Queen 25:27, 30–5

All Saints’ Church, East Twickenham (sic: West) 11:34

All Saints’ Church, Hampton 24:57

All Saints’ Church, Petersham 19:14

All Saints’ Church, Petersham, in wartime

7: 41–3; 8:41

All Saints’ Church, Putney 11:34

Alleys, see Channons Row; Pensioners; Golden Court

Allingham, Anne 10:23

Allingham, Helen 24:70

Almond, Richard 9:14

Almshouses, see under: ‘in lower road to Petersham’; Duppa; Michel; Queen Elizabeth

Almshouses, Ham Street 14:22

Alston, Major R. 7:45, 49

Amelia, Princess (1711–1786), daughter of George II

12:33, 37; 15:28

Amelia, Princess (1783 –1810), daughter of George III

7:13–5, 19; 8:18; 10:47, 52

American Associate of Arts degree 24:37

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) 24:33–4

American model of higher education 24:38

American troops in Kew 24:20 –22

American University in Richmond – from Gospel to Global 24:31–42

Amoore, Lt. Col. H. J. 7:45

Analysis of Beauty (Hogarth) 24:71

Ancaster Cottage 2:25

Ancaster House 1:18; 2:25; 5:7; 8:29; 10:52; 25:21

Ancaster Lodge 2:25

Ancaster, 1st Duke of (Robert Bertie) 6:38

Ancaster, 3rd Duke of (Peregrine Bertie)

1:18; 2:21, 25; 25:21

Ancient Order of Foresters 25:41–2

Ancrum (Ancram), 1st Earl of (Robert Carr) 4:36; 9:3

Ancrum (Ancram) 2nd Earl of (Charles Carr)

3:20; 4:36; 9:3, 4

Ancrum, see Scott, Sir William, 6th Bart.

and Harry Scott

Andrew, Reginald Barrett William Goldsworthy 17:26

Andrews, John 19:16

Andrews, Martha 19:16

Angel public house 1:5; 2:29

Anglo-German Association, Braunschweig, Germany


Anglo–Spanish Relations – 1555 16:63

Anne of Cleves, Queen

4: 28; 12: 7–8; 22:3; 23:57

Anne of Cleves, Lady of the Manor 22:3–12

Anne, Queen (reigned 1702–1714)

1:24; 2:9; 4:38; 10:20; 19:34

Annersley, Francis 15:55

Anthony ‘Anthony’ (parish priest) 14:4

Anti-Aircraft Command School 7:41

Antill, John 2:29

Appleby, Christopher 8:38

Arblay, General d’ 8:36

Arblay, Mme d’, see Burney, Fanny

Arbouville, comte de 7:8

Arcadia in the City 25:63, 86

Archer, Sir John 23:45

Architectural remains of Old Richmond, etc. 24:3

Ardene, John 12:8

Argyll (Argyle), 2nd Duke of (John Campbell)

6:25; 7:11; 10:51; 11:11; 14:13, 15; 19:10; 23:45, 49

Argyll, Duchess of, 2nd Duke’s 2nd wife,

née Jane Warburton 6:25; 7:11

Armada, see Spanish

Armitage, John 4:39; 10:11, 12, 14; 15:18

Armitage, Richard 4:35

Arran, Charles, Earl of 15:55

Art Workers’ Guild 24:8, 16

Asgill Arms public house, see White Swan

Asgill House, Richmond 1:17; 9:48–56;

10:56 (see Keene), 57 (map), 64;

15:7–8; 19:53; 20:2–8

Asgill House, site 4:37; 9:35

Asgill Lodge 9:51, 54

Asgill, Sir Charles 9:51; 20:3

Ash Grove Hotel, Ham 15:40

Ashburnham House, Richmond Hill 1:19

Ashburnham Lodge 5:4

Ashe, Sir James 19:7

Ashfield Close, Petersham 19:14

Ashley House 21:31

Ashridge Park, Herts. 24:18

Ashurst, Thomas 15:55

Askew, Revd John 8:31

Assembly Room, Long Room (see also The Wells), Richmond Hill 10:5, 14

Association of American International Colleges and Universities (AAICU) 24:39

Astley Cooper, Pat 25:76

Aston, Prof. Mick 19:53

Atkins, Dr Henry 1:5

Atkinson, John 3:9

Atkinson, Oliver 19:11–12

Attenborough, Lord (Richard) 25:67

Auchinleck, Law Lord, father of James Boswell, diarist 10:49

Auckland, 7th Baron (George Eden) 7:50

Auckland, Lord 23:60, 61

Audley family, 16th century 5:23

Audley Lodge, Barnes 10:69

Audley Road, Richmond 10:70

Augusta, Princess of Wales; (1719–1772), of Saxe Coburg-Altenburg, Duchess of Brunswick, mother of George III

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