Jailbreak Event Briefing In association with Cobh Credit Union: Jailbreak Olympic Triathlon July 1st

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Bike (new bike course for 2016)

  • Bike section is an out and back course

  • You must have your helmet secured in place at all times

  • No cycling through transition

  • Mount/Dismount lines will be strictly enforced

  • Failure to comply with the above rules will result in Penalties as per TI rules

  • Obey marshals and Garda instructions at all times

  • Rules of the road strictly apply throughout

  • Drafting is the term to describe the act of taking shelter behind or beside another competitor or vehicle, within the “Draft Zone”. Competitors are not allowed to Draft and all competitors must reject any attempt by others to draft. The Draft Zone is a rectangle, surrounding every competitor that is 3 metres wide and extends to 12 metres behind the front wheel of the competitor’s bicycle.  The front edge of the front bicycle wheel will define the centre of the leading 3-metre edge of the rectangle.  A competitor may enter the draft zone but must be seen to be making forward progress. A maximum of 15 seconds will be allowed for a competitor to pass through the draft zone. If warned by a draft marshal, you must immediately comply with their orders. Failure to comply with such orders can result in disqualification. Ignorance of the rules of the sport of Triathlon, is not a valid excuse.

  • All overtaking and draft legal zones (if any) will be highlighted in the race briefing. It is the athletes responsibility to listen and familiarise themselves with these areas.

  • Once you have returned from the cycle section, rack your bike and only then unclip your helmet. Failure to perform this procedure will result in penalties.

  • You can see the bike course in detail on http://www.cobhtri.com/


Belvelly Bridge

Turn Around

(Bike Route)


  • A 10km run comprised of 4 loops of a 2.5km flat fast course.

  • From transition area turn left and follow the marked route out along the waterfront – water station on the way back towards town, please keep to the left side.

  • Please follow marshal instructions

  • You can see the run course on http://www.cobhtri.com/

  • Wrist Bands will be issued for each lap completed on the run, these are not compulsory but an aid for athletes to keep track of their laps. The timing company will count officially and their tally is final.