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by Red Pill

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Table of Contents

Introduction 3

System Requirements 3

Quick-Start Guide 4
Working with Projects 6

PSP Tracker Window 6

Adding Projects 9

Editing Data 10

Calculating Lines of Code 12

Statistics and Graphs 12

Project Information 16

Files 16

Project Header Information 17

Phase Lists and Defect Trees 18

Customizing Phase Lists and Defect Trees 18

Time Entries 19

Defect Entries 20

Collapsing the Defect Collection 20

Compacting Projects 20

Merging Projects 21
PSP Buddy 21

PSP Buddy Window 22

Starting the PSP Buddy 23

Using the PSP Buddy to Record Data 23

Customizing the PSP Buddy 24


The Personal Software Process Tracker (PSP Tracker) was created for software engineers who use the Personal Software Process (PSP). The PSP Tracker makes using the PSP system quicker and easier by eliminating the need to manually record and compile data. The time spent in each phase of development is automatically recorded by the PSP Tracker, and defect recording is as easy as clicking a button. The compact PSP “Buddy” window is designed to run alongside the development environment for easy access. Phases and defect types are customizable, as is the PSP “Buddy” window.

The PSP Tracker allows the user to view and edit time, defect, and comment logs, and to compile and generate statistical reports. These reports may be viewed as tables or graphs.

The quick, easy to use PSP Tracker enables the software engineer to spend more time developing software while gaining the important benefits of the PSP system.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/NT/2000

Pentium class processor or higher


20 MB hard drive space



SVGA Monitor

Quick-Start Guide
Getting Started

The program opens to an empty PSP Tracker Window.

A new user profile containing no projects is automatically created.

To add a project to this user profile, select Add New Project from the File menu.

The Project Information Window is displayed.

Enter a name and any other information for the new project.

The new project is added to the PSP Tracker’s project list.

Customizing Phase and Defect Lists

Phases and defects are customized using the List Editor.

To open the List Editor, select List Editor from the Tools menu.


Phases can be added, removed, renamed and combined.

The order of the Phase List can also be changed.

The Defect Tree contains both defect categories (left) and defect types within each category (right).

Defect categories and types can be added, removed, renamed and combined.

The order of the Defect Tree can also be changed.

Using the Buddy

The Buddy runs along side the development environment and is used to conveniently record defects and time spent in each phase.

To customize the appearance and settings of the Buddy, select Preferences from the View menu.

Once the preferences have been set, open the Buddy by selecting Buddy from the View menu.
Time Entry

To begin timing a phase, select a phase from the Current Phase box and press Start.

The Buddy tracks the time spent in the current phase until the Stop or Pause button is pressed.
Defect Entry

Defects can be recorded in two ways.

  1. Defect Buttons. A defect type is associated with each defect button. When a button is pressed the defect type associated with it is recorded.

  2. Record Button. The defect listed in the Defect Type box is recorded.

The phase selected in the Injection Phase box is recorded as the defect entry’s injection phase. The phase selected in the Current Phase box is recorded as the defect entry’s removal phase.

Time and Defect Editors

Time and defect entries can be viewed and edited using the Time and Defect Editors.

To open the Time Editor, select Time Editor from the Tools menu.

To open the Defect Editor, select Defect Editor from the Tools menu.

Statistics and Graphs

Statistical and graphical reports can be generated from a project’s data.

To generate a statistical report, select View Statistics from the Tools menu.

To generate a graphical report, select Create Graph from the Tools menu.

Working with Projects

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