Information about weekend and duty medical services (2014)

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Information about weekend and duty medical services (2014)

Your medical treatment is financed by GENERALI Insurance Company during your stay in Hungary. We would like to provide the services on the highest level for you!

However, we can only do this if you follow the next steps:

Medical service for you is always organized by Medicover.

There are two clinics in Budapest where you can go every weekday from 7.00 to 20.00 – after making an appointment via the health line.

Outside of Budapest you can visit their clinics from 8.00 to 18.00 – after making an appointment via the health line

  • If it is possible, please do not wait until you have to ask for an appointment for the weekend or for late night, because in this case you will be directed to the hospital on duty and not to the clinic. (If you have any problems, please call the health-line as soon as possible.)

  • If your medical treatment happens during the weekend or at night time in the hospital on duty and not on the clinic of Medicover, please note that it’s possible that you have to wait hours there and it is also not sure that everybody can speak English.

You should also know that the health service provided during the holiday or at night is available only in the appointed health institutions. At the before mentioned periods you cannot fix an appointment, because clients are treated in emergency order, so you should be prepared for waiting hours there, if your case is less urgent than the others. Unfortunately, this process cannot be influenced by the insurance company.

If your treatment happens at night or in the weekend, you have to pay the medical fee on your own (except for cases, when you are kept in the hospital until the next work day), so please ask for an invoice! According to your insurance, GENERALI will return the amount of the medical fee to your Hungarian bank account.

In order to get the compensation, please prepare the following documents: the original invoices- that say sour name and address on it- , the copy of the medical documents that you get from the doctor, and the completed, double-checked and signed invoice sheet – which should also contain your Hungarian bank account number (to which the compensation will be transferred). Put these documents into an envelope and send them to this address via post: Generali-Providencia Biztosító Zrt., Ms Mária Kelemenné Somogyi, 4025 Debrecen, Piac u. 49-51. (Before sending, please make sure that you have the copies of these documents.) After sending the documents, you will get a reply in 18 days. In the case of missing out some document, GENERALI can’t transfer the compensation, just after providing everything.

Via the Generali Health line health specialists are available and help you in 24 hours. So, through the phone you can ask for advice related to any kind of health problem – sore throat, febrifuge, muscle pain, migraine, sleeping problems etc.

They inform you on the names and ingredients of the most frequent medicine types that are available in Hungary without prescription, they can also help you with where to find an open pharmacy and where to buy them. (You will soon receive a general medicine list.)

So, if you have a problem at night/ weekend or holiday, and you talk with the health specialist on the phone, and he suggests you – based on your problems – that there is no need for an urgent personal consultation and you agree with waiting until the normal consulting-hours, it is enough to fix an appointment, so you can avoid waiting hours at the duty clinic.

In case you would like to get the health specialist’s help, please inform the Health Line that you would like to have medical advices through the phone.

GENERALI Health Line:

  • If you don’t understand exactly what the operator says, ask for repetition, as many times as necessary to understand the instructions.

  • If the suggested appointment is not right for you, ask for another appointment which is more suitable for visiting the doctor.

  • Don’t hesitate to call back the number more times to arrange your case!

  • If there is any problem during your medical treatment (long waiting time, you are sent to another hospital/clinic, or you should pay something you were not informed about before) please call the GENERALI Health Line!

  • If you are kept in the hospital during the holiday (and your treatment was not organized by Medicover), please call the Health Line immediately.

In any case of buying medicine, don’t forget to ask for the invoice, because without it GENERALI cannot pay your costs back. If the pharmacist can’t speak in English, just show her/him the invoice sheet (attached in our next email about medicines), then they will know what to do. When sending the invoice, please explain the reason of buying medication. GENERALI has the right to review it by a specialist or if it is reasonable, they can cease your right of buying medicine for GENERALI’s cost.

Dentistry is ensured for you only if you have acute pain (as it is listed among the conditions). Other dental services are financed on a discount price at MEDICOVER Dentistry, MDental in Budapest.

Please keep in mind that in case of any health problem just call the GENERALI Health Line!

Outside of Hungary your health provider is EUB, you can call them on this number: +36 1 465 3666

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