How To Complete Your Current Events Journal Entries

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How To Complete Your Current Events Journal Entries

As you prepare your journal entry you should think about the following:
1. Why is it news?. Why is the item you chose to include important enough to be in your journal?
2. Always remember that good citizenship in the American republic involves the responsibility to be an informed and rational participant in civic affairs and that thinking critically about public issues, candidates for public office, and governmental decisions is essential in maintaining a free society. Simply put-it is essential that you learn reasoning skills that will prepare you to be an informed, involved citizen of this country.
3. Remember The Five Ws. Most news stories contain what are known as the five Ws. The who, where, when, what, and why of story are usually introduced in a story's opening paragraph. You must Circle or highlight the areas of the story that tell each of the five Ws. Make sure you label each of the circled or highlighted items. Your journal entry should consist of a minimum of three paragraphs.
4. You will want to do one, some, or all, of the following thing in your entry: identify the problem suggested by your article, suggest alternative solutions, relate how to implement a preferred alternative solution, evaluate what you think will be the outcome of the article you have chosen.
5. When you are in class make sure you are doing the following in order to insure you fully understand the article being presented.

  • Listen to what others are saying;

  • Attempt to understand the reasoning being used;

  • Identify the strong and weak points of views being presented;

  • Identify the problem to be solved,

  • As you discuss current events and debate various aspects of each article presented to the class attempt to understand them in a historic context. Most issues a particular article will fit familiar American historic patterns.

6. Consequently, it is important that you develop Historical Thinking and Skills.

Historical thinking begins with a clear sense of time - past, present and future. Historical thinking

includes skills such as locating, researching, analyzing and interpreting primary and secondary

sources so that you can begin to understand the relationships among events and draw valid conclusions

concerning issues presented in class.

7. Do not include this sheet with your entry. Only use the Fact sheet below to write your

commentary/analysis of the article you select. Remember to firmly attach the article to the back of

the fact sheet. No entry is complete without at least 3 paragraphs of commentary/analysis and that

attached article appropriately marked and labeled with the five w’s.

Entry #_________
Current Events Journal Fact Sheet 2011-12

Date ________Source ___________________________

Article Title ____________________________________________________________


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