Hairspray Songs: Choices for songs to audition

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Hairspray Songs: Choices for songs to audition
Please see Mr. Mulligan to have access to the karaoke songs that you will be singing for auditions. These songs are from a specific karaoke tape in a specific key. You may choose any song in your range to sing for auditions. If you are interested in being considered for a specific part, you should audition with the song your character sings and have it memorized.
“Good Morning Baltimore” (Tracy)
“The Nicest Kids in Town” (Corny Collins)
“Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now” (Penny, Amber, Tracy)
“I Can Hear the Bells” (Tracy)
“The Legend of Miss Baltimore Crabs” (Velma)
“It Takes Two” (Link)
“Welcome to the 60’s” (Tracy, Edna)
“Run and Tell That” (Seaweed)
“Big Dollhouse” (Anyone)
“Big, Blonde and Beautiful” (Motormouth Maybelle)
“Timeless to Me” (Edna, Wilbur)
“Without Love” (Link, Tracy, Penny, Seaweed)
“I Know Where I’ve Been” (Motormouth Maybelle)
“It’s Hairspray” (Corny)
“Cooties” (Amber)
“You Can’t Stop the Beat” (Anyone)

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