Gum disease is really, really, reallllly ancient! Ötzi is the 53

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Gum disease is really, really, reallllly ancient!

Ötzi is the 5300 year old mummy found between Austria and Italy in the Alps. He was a prehistoric individual of some significance based on the clothing and goods found with him.

He was about 45 years of age –murdered- and died between the spring and summer. An arrow lodged in his shoulder killing him quickly from severe blood loss. Ötzi apparently got in some of his own as he had defensive injuries.

He had several health issues –worn out joints; worms; fractured bones. Remarkably there are tattoos on his skin that correspond to acupuncture points and meridians. This was a form of therapy for his pains.

Dentally, he had cavities and periodontitis (gum disease). What makes this relevant today is the fact the some of the bacterial species that caused the disease were found in various locations on his body. DNA studies of him revealed the spirochete treponema denticola which is also involved with plaque formation in his arteries. These same bacteria are still with us today wreaking the same havoc on our bodies.

Consider that this Copper Age man had similar medical issues as we do today. Not much has changed in five thousand years, rather we haven’t changed much! The same concerns about the health of the mouth being intimately involved in whole health, is as old as we are. So do as your mother taught you and regularly visit our dentist.

Remember, Oral Wellness, whole health!

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