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Wednesday, June 25, 2014 – 8:15 a.m.

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014, the Griffin Main Street Advisory Board (MSAB) meeting was held in the Griffin Regional Welcome Center. The meeting was called to order by Mr. Daa’ood Amin, Griffin Main Street Advisory Board Chairman, at 8:15 a.m.
Attendance: Jim Ogletree, Marcia Collins, Bonnie Pfrogner, Paul Cropsey, and Christy Brooks
Visitors and Staff in Attendance: Kenny Smith, Kenwin Hayes and Alvin Huff,
Minutes and Financial Report
Mr. Amin directed the Board’s attention to the May 2014, MSAB meeting minutes and financials, following a few moments for review, the Chairman called for a motion to accept both. It was properly moved (Ogletree) and seconded (Pfrogner) to accept the May 2014 MSAB Minutes and May 2014 Financials. Discussion: Ms. Woodard noted that she had not placed a bullet on the agenda for approval of the May 2014 MSAB Retreat minutes. Following that note, there were no additional discussions. Mr. Amin then called for the vote to approve the monthly May 2014 board minutes and the financials; the vote was unanimous.
The Board’s attention was then directed to the May 2014 Board Retreat minutes, following a few moments for review, the Chairman asked for questions, there were none; Mr. Amin called for a motion to accept. The minutes were properly moved (Ogletree), and seconded (Brooks). Mr. Amin called for the vote to approve the May 2014 MSAB Retreat minutes. The vote was unanimous.
Main Street Advisory Board Chairman’s Report
Imperial Theater Park Courtyard

Mr. Amin reported that Ms. Woodard had recently met with HPC, who favored the installation of gooseneck lights in the courtyard. Additionally, Ms. Woodard met and gained support from both Mr. Louis and Josh Thacker, (owners of the Thacker building), regarding the installation of the lights on their building. Mr. Ogletree, Chairman, Griffin’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) commented that he is ready to see the project move forward.

Mr. Cropsey stated that he needed to clarify the issue regarding the lights and that his proposal to use identical lighting to those which already exist was centered around providing adequate lighting to the courtyard. Mr. Cropsey concluded that per his conversation with Mr. Ogletree, the his primary concern was to give the building the appearance that the lights had always been there. Mr. Cropsey further stated that guidelines for both DCA regarding Main Street and the Secretary of the Interior state that “a community should not try to create a sense of false history”. Following some additional discussion the decision was made to move forward with the recommendation of the HPC.
Mr. Amin then informed the board that the aged rosemary had been removed from the planters in the courtyard and that the Marie Fort Garden Club and licensed landscape architect Wanda Moore, City of Griffin Planner would be assisting Ms. Woodard with the re-planting of the planters on tomorrow.
Mr. Amin reported that the Main Street Program is working with Mr. David Lucky, Executive Director, Griffin-Spalding Development Authority, Spalding County and the City of Griffin to move this project forward, however he noted; that the county will be doing the majority of the work and that we still have to operate according to their schedule.

Downtown Planter Project

Mr. Amin reported that Ms. Woodard also met with HPC regarding the selection of the planter type and color. The recommendation was made by HPC to purchase black fiberglass planters for the Welcome Center only at the current time.

Following a brief discussion a motion was made by (Brooks) and seconded by (Pfrogner) to give Ms. Woodard permission to order the planters. Mr. Amin then called for the vote to approve the ordering of the planters; the vote was unanimous.
Old City Hall Project/ Solomon Park

Mr. Amin asked Mr. Huff, Citizens Engagement Specialist for the City of Griffin, to update the Board on any activities that may have taken place since the last board meeting in reference to the response to the on-line comments made following the charrette held last month.

Mr. Huff stated that the charrette video was posted on-line and had been launched several times and that there had been no major changes nor had there been any additional comments. Mr. Amin reported that the on-line site had provided an additional 30-days for citizen’s comments since the charrette.
Additional discussion was held about the park, and Mr. Amin stated that he will try to have information available by the next meeting in reference to the direction, design and cost of the project.
Kenwin Hayes reported on the visit that DDA, Main Street and the City Manager made to Indian Springs to visit their amphitheater which was under construction. Riverdale’s Towne Center which doubles as an amphitheater was also discussed.
Main Street Manager’s Report
Ms. Woodard began her updates reporting on the success of June Jam X, which was held June 7th, and attended by approximately 2700 people. In addition to the over $3000 profited from the event $600 was given to the Memorial Fund for COG Police officer Kevin Jordan.
The second of the three movies in the Summer Free Movie Series featuring Disney’s Pixar “Frozen” was held June 13th, in the COG Parking Deck. There were over 300 in attendance.
Ms. Woodard reported that the Doc Holliday Historical Markers have been ordered and that the “Doc Walk” Committee has raised $8500 towards the total project cost of approximately 17,000.
Upcoming events include the 4th of July Parade at 10:00 a.m. and fireworks to be held at the fairgrounds at dark. The final movie in the Flicks@Sixth Series will be held Friday, July 11th in the Park@Sixth the featured movie will be “The Nut Job”. The Back-to-School Block Party a collaboration between Main Street, Spalding County, the Spalding County Collaborative and more, will be held at the City Park, August 2nd. The 1st Annual Mid-GA Doc Holliday Festival, featuring a BBQ Tournament will be held in Historic Downtown Griffin September 26th & 27th, some street closures will begin on Thursday night to allow early arrival of cook teams to begin set up in the Spalding County Annex Parking lot. Eagles Way Baptist Church is hosting the event in partnership with Main Street, the Chamber, and the Downtown Council, and the City of Griffin
Under new business Ms. Woodard reported that historically the Main Street Program does not meet in July and the MSAB needed to make a decision as to whether there would be a monthly July 2014 meeting. Some discussion was held as to whether Main Street would need to vote on the design of the Park@Sixth prior to the next meeting. Mr. Amin stated that there should not 7 Following some additional discussion a motioned () and seconded by (Ogletree) for the MSAB to not meet during the month of July. Mr. Amin then called for the vote to approve the cancellation of the July 2014 MSAB meeting; the vote was unanimous.
Ms. Brooks inquired as to the point of contact for her to route business owners to when their business is blocked by the film makers? The unanimous consensus was to have them contact Kenwin Hayes.

Following the Announcements and concerns Mr. Amin entertained a motion to adjourn. It was properly moved (Ward) and seconded (Brumagim) to adjourn the March 2014 Main Street Advisory Board Meeting. There was no discussion. The vote was unanimous, at 9:07 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Kenda S. Woodard, Manager

Griffin Main Street Program

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