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Graduate Program Council (GPC)

Minutes of Meeting

October 1, 2008
GPC Members Present: Susan Bakewell-Sachs, Jacqui DaCosta (vice-chair), Jean Graham, Emily Holody, Susan Hydro, Brenda Leake, Donald Leake (chair), Leslie Rice, Atsuko Seto, Kathy Speaker, Shawn VanWingerden, Amanda Winfield-Summiel
Guests: Health & Exercise Sciences faculty members Drs. Art Chilakos, Anne Farrell, and Jay Hoffman
Meeting Convened:The first meeting of the 2008-2009 academic year was convened at 1:30PM by Donald Leake, 2008-09 GPC chair. D. Leake welcomed the group and asked each member and guest to give brief self-introductions.
Old Business

  • Review of course syllabi from Health & Exercise Science

.The normal order of business was adjusted to accommodate presentation of course syllabi by GPC guests, faculty members from Health & Exercise Science. Drs.Farrell and Chilakos provided an overview of the four courses (HPEM 590, HPEM 694, HPEM 695, and HPEM 698) that were being resubmitted to GPC for review. Their overview provided a programmatic context and included discussion of the revisions that were made to the syllabi in response to feedback from GPC after the initial submissions in 2007-2008.
During the subsequent discussion of the re-submitted documents, Dr. Farrell realized that the GPC did not have the most current versions of the syllabi. Therefore, Farrell stated that on returning to her office, she would immediately send the correct versions of the syllabi and HPEM program planners to GPC Chairperson D. Leake. D. Leake stated that he would then disseminate the materials to the GPC members. Drs. Chilakos, Farrell, and Hoffman then departed from the GPC meeting.
Following the departure of the HES faculty, the GPC discussion focused on identifying the appropriate process and outcomes for the GPC work on this matter. GPC expressed special gratitude to A. Seto, J. Graham, and S. Rao for their individual efforts in support of the HES faculty efforts to refine the syllabi. J. Graham stated that she would also email a summary of some of the previously identified concerns with the syllabi. The GPC then agreed to review the documents prior to the next meeting and come prepared to vote on the syllabi at that meeting.

  • GPC Charge

The discourse on appropriate GPC response/action on these syllabi led naturally into discussion of the official Charge to the GPC. D. Leake directed the GPC to examine the agenda attachments that provided the GPC charge and roster of members as currently posted on the Governance website.
D. Leake and J. DaCosta then shared the highlights of meetings that they had with Provost Bresnahan and Assistant Provost Freudenthal in an effort to clarify the GPC Charge and gain suggestions for items to be included as a part of GPC 2008-09 business. A. Seto added that she had met with M. Robertson, Faculty Senate President, who suggested that GPC submit recommendations for revisions to the GPC rolls and functions. Major issues for clarification include GPC roll in reviews and/or approvals of graduate level courses and programs. A.Seto reminded the group of the time and effort spent in development of guidelines, models, etc. for graduate course review. Seto then requested that we should try to find out the status of those materials.
Additionally, as GPC members examined the current GPC Charge, several points were found to be outdated and/or problematic including, but not limited to the following:

    • “Dean of Graduate Studies” no longer exists therefore wording should reflect the current membership model that has one dean serve as representative of all deans from schools that have graduate programs.

    • Assistant Dean Hydro’s membership status is not reflected and needs to be formalized possibly as representative from Office of Graduate Programs. (D. Leake stated that he would draft a re-statement of the definition of GPC membership and send it forward to N. Freudenthal to be directed as appropriate)

    • Further discussion of the appropriate roll and procedures for GPC as an “appeals committee” in the overall appeals process especially in light of Taras Pavlovsky’s work on a campus-wide grievance/appeals policy.

    • It was suggested the word “re-admission” be added to line three of the current charge.

Some GPC members stated that there had been previous attempts to proactively define rolls and processes for several of these items. It was acknowledged that some of the previous efforts may be in a holding pattern due to realities of governance processes.

Atsuko Seto disseminated copies of the End of the Year Report from the Graduate Programs Council. This was the report that she, as out-going GPC chair, prepared and submitted to the Governance Steering Committee at the end of the academic year. The GPC thanked Atsuko for providing strong and effective leadership to the GPC during the 2007-08 year.
Report from the Graduate Dean: Dean Bakewell-Sachs

  • Noted that Acting Dean Deb Compte will become part of the Graduate Deans’ Council.

  • Added that although there is no strategic plan for graduate programs in place to date, Dean Bakewell-Sachs said that she would check with Dean Behre to get an update on the status of the 2007-08 Graduate Studies Report.

Report from Office of Graduate Studies: Assistant Dean Hydro reported that

  • Current graduate student enrollment numbers are about 100 fewer than last fall.

  • Continuing students will be able to register for both the spring and summer 2009 sessions during the November 4-14 registration period. This will be the first time that the students will be able to do spring and summer this early in the academic year.

  • The Fall Graduate Studies Newsletter will be available in mid-October.

  • Applications for spring 2009 matriculation are due by October 1st for Counselor Ed and October 15th for other graduate programs.

  • The next Graduate Open House will be January 22, 2009.

  • Her office is continuing advertising/recruitment efforts

Additionally, based on concerns expressed by several GPC members, Hydro stated that she would check with ETS about the apparent lack of convenient central Jersey testing sites for taking the GRE.
New Business

D. Leake asked the group to begin consideration of items/issues for the GPC 2008-09 work agenda.

  • Atsuko Seto asked GPC members to consider the list of outstanding items from the 2007-08 year that she had printed on the reverse side of the 2007-2008 End of the Year Report from the Graduate Programs Council.

  • Possible additions to the listing provided by Seto included

    • Definition/identification of TCNJ Benchmarks of Graduate Educational Excellence

    • Exploration of potential distance learning applications/adaptations

Meeting Adjourned at 2:50PM
Next Meeting: October 15, 2008
Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Brenda H. Leake

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