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Student Browser button to display the Student Selector dialog.

The effective group date From and To Date fields are a filter that enables the membership of a pupil/student group within a particular date range to be displayed. The default date range is the current academic year, if those dates are available. If not the system date is used.

  1. To change the date range you can directly enter the new dates, or click the

  2. box adjacent to the required group.

  3. Once down arrow and select a date from the displayed calendar, and then click the Refresh button.

  4. Click the + or symbols to expand and contract the list of groups in order to locate the required group.

Select the check selected, the members of the pupil/student group are displayed in the lower pane of the dialog.

  1. Highlight one, several or all pupil/students, as required. Use Ctrl & Click for block and multiple selections respectively. The Select All and Deselect All buttons can also be used.

  2. Click the Apply button to return to the Generate panel.

More Information:

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