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Deleting Marksheets

Marksheets are simply the mechanism for entering results, with the saved results stored independently. Therefore, deleting the marksheet removes the ability to add or edit existing results in the marksheet.

It is important, in terms of general housekeeping, to regularly delete completed marksheets to make sure that unwanted marksheets are no longer available for editing.

NOTE: You should only consider deleting a marksheet if it has been marked as completed.

  1. Select Focus | Assessment | Template to display the Find Templates browser.

  2. Select the required template. You can filter the list of templates by Category (please see Filtering Your View using Categories on page 83).

  3. Click the Marksheets hyperlink or scroll down the page to view the Marksheet panel.

  4. Select the marksheet(s) you wish to delete, holding down the Ctrl key to select multiple marksheets.

  5. Click the Delete button to delete the selected marksheets.

    Delete button

  6. A message dialog will appear, prompting for confirmation that you wish to delete. Click the Yes button to proceed.

More Information:

Exporting a Marksheet to Microsoft Excel on page 48

Importing Data from Excel on page 236
  1. Individual Reports

    In This Chapter

    Introduction 173

    Designing/Editing an Individual Report 174

    Associating Individual Report Formats with Categories 204

    Generating and Printing Pupil/Student Individual Reports 205

    Viewing/Editing a Pupil/Student’s Report in Word 209

    Printing Pupil/Student Individual Reports 210

    Generating and Viewing Reports 210

    Exporting Pupil/Student Individual Reports 210

    Cloning an Individual Report Format 212

    Deleting an Individual Report Format 212

    Viewing the Properties of an Individual Report Format 213

    Missing Results Report 213
    1. Introduction

Individual Reports allow you to design and generate reports for individual pupil/students in Microsoft® Word.

Before reports can be generated, one or more Individual Report Formats must have been created in or imported into SIMS Assessment. Individual Report Formats are templates on which Individual Reports can be based and are designed within Microsoft® Word. Reports are generated by associating the required pupil/students with a selected Individual Report Format.

The report can retrieve and display selected pupil/student results that have previously been entered in SIMS Assessment. A number of Student Detail tags can be inserted into the Individual Report Format (e.g. pupil/student name, parent/carer name, address, etc.), so that when each report is generated the tag is replaced by the relevant Student Detail. For example, the parent/carer tag inserted into Individual Report Format is replaced by the relevant parent/carer name when each pupil/student report is generated. The class teacher name can also be inserted into the report.

Graphs displaying pupil/student results can also be designed and inserted into the Individual Report, by users with appropriate permissions. You might, for example, want to use graphs to display Target-Outcome comparisons as well as for year to year result tracking.

      1. Procedure for Producing Individual Reports

Before creating an Individual Report Format, you must previously have created:

  • Categories (if required)

  • Aspects (and appropriate grade sets)

  • Result sets

Each part of the procedure for creating and printing reports is described in detail in this chapter but the steps are summarised as follows:

  1. Create an Individual Report Format by designing a Format from scratch, cloning and modifying an existing Format or importing a Format.

  2. Generate Reports by attaching pupil/student names to a Report Format.

  3. Optionally, view an individual pupil/student’s Report in Microsoft® Word.

  4. Print pupil/student Reports.

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