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Selecting Aspects to Include in the Template

  • Restrict the type of aspect displayed (i.e. grades, Marks, etc.) by selecting the aspect Type from the drop-down list.

  • If required, filter the display further by selecting the required Categories. Click the + or symbols to expand and contract the list then select the check box adjacent to each required Category. The list of aspects is restricted to only those aspects associated with the selected Categories.

  • To quickly locate a particular aspect, enter the first character(s) of the aspect in the Searching for field and the first aspect matching the character(s) typed is highlighted. Continue to enter characters until the aspect you are searching for is highlighted.

  • To select an aspect, either select the adjacent check box or double-click anywhere on the aspect row, in which case the aspect is highlighted and the adjacent check box is selected. Repeat this action for all required aspects. Double-click again to deselect the aspect.

  • When you have selected the aspects you need, click the Select button to return to the wizard.

NOTE: The Aspect browser can be resized by clicking and dragging the bottom right-hand side of the browser window to the required size.

  1. The chosen aspects are displayed. You can change the order of the selected aspects by clicking an aspect name then clicking the Up Arrow or Down Arrow buttons to move the aspect accordingly. The first aspect in the list will appear as the first column in the resulting marksheet.

  1. To delete an unwanted aspect, click the aspect name then click the Delete button.

Delete button

If you wish to add further aspects you can click the Field Browser button again.

  1. Once the required aspects have been selected, click the Finish button to return to the Template Details page with the template definition displayed.

  2. The Column Heading defaults to the current aspect Column Heading.

NOTE: If a Column Heading is changed from within an Aspect page, the change will not be reflected in existing template columns. It will only be reflected in new columns within a template.

More Information:

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Changing the Column Order on page 26

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