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Deleting Result Sets

This utility enables you to delete a selection of result sets, if they are no longer needed.

  1. Select Tools | Performance | Assessment | System Utilities | Result Sets to display the Result Sets wizard.

  1. Select the Delete a selection of Result Sets radio button and click the Next button to continue.

This page enables you to select the result set(s) you wish to delete.

  1. Select the relevant result set(s) by clicking the Field Browser button to display the Select Result Set dialog.

    Field Browser button

  2. Select the check box(es) of the result set(s) you wish to delete.

If you have a large number of result sets, enter the first few characters of the result set name (if known) in the Searching For field to locate the required result set. Click the Select All or Deselect All button to facilitate selection. The selection can be cleared by clicking the Clear Selection button, which closes the Select Result Set dialog.

  1. Click the Select button to return to the wizard page, where the selected result set(s) are listed.

  1. You can remove a result set from the selection by highlighting it and clicking the Delete button.

    Delete button

  2. Click the Finish button.

  3. You are asked to confirm the deletion. Click the Yes button to proceed.

The Activity Log, which can be printed and saved, is displayed when the process is complete.

  1. Click the Close button.

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