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Deleting Templates

Templates associated with another part of SIMS, e.g. Exams Organiser, cannot be deleted.

  1. Select Tools | Performance | Assessment | System Utilities | Templates to display the Templates wizard.

  1. Select the Delete a selection of Templates radio button and click the Next button to continue.

The Templates – Delete page enables you to select the templates you wish to delete.

  1. Select the template(s) you wish to delete by clicking the Field Browser button to display the Templates browser.

Field Browser button

You can filter the display by selecting required Categories. Click the + or symbols to expand and contract the list then select the check box adjacent to each required Category. The list of templates is restricted to only those associated with the selected Categories.

To locate a particular template quickly, enter the first character(s) of the template in the Searching for field and the first Aspect matching the character(s) typed is highlighted. Continue to enter characters until the template you are searching for is highlighted.

  1. Highlight the required template(s) and then click the Select button to return to the wizard page. Each template selected is listed with; Name, Number of marksheets associated with the template and Owner.

  1. You can, if necessary, remove templates from your selection by highlighting the template and clicking the Delete Item button.

    Delete Item button

  2. Click the Finish button.

  3. A message dialog is displayed. Click the Yes button to proceed.

An Activity Log, which can be printed and saved, is displayed when the process is complete.
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