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For further specific regional instructions, please refer to one of the following:

  • Key Stage Data Processing in SIMS Assessment (England) handbook

  • Key Stage Date Processing in SIMS Assessment (Wales) handbook
  1. System Utilities

    In This Chapter

    Introduction 283

    Deleting Aspects 283

    Modifying the Categories Associated with Aspects 286

    Transferring the Ownership of Aspects 289

    Restoring the Default Settings of Aspects 293

    Deleting Grade Sets 296

    Deleting Templates 298

    Modifying the Categories Associated with Templates 301

    Transferring the Ownership of Templates 304

    Restoring the Default Settings of Templates 308

    Incrementing the Date Ranges of Template Columns 311

    Decrementing the Date Ranges of Templates 314

    Deleting Marksheets 316

    Printing a Selection of Marksheets 319

    Exporting a Selection of Marksheets to Excel 323

    Importing a Selection of Marksheets from Excel 329

    Deleting Results 331

    Transferring Results from One Aspect to Another 344

    Modifying Result Dates 349

    Attaching a Result Set to a Selection of Results 355

    Detaching a Result Set from a Selection of Results 362

    Deleting OMR Templates 368

    Deleting OMR Sheets 370

    Printing OMR Sheets 373

    Deleting Individual Reports 376

    Transferring the Ownership of Individual Reports 378

    Restoring the Default Settings of Individual Reports 382

    Deleting Result Sets 385

    Locking a Selection of Result Sets 387

    Unlocking a Selection of Result Sets 390

    Deleting Key Stage Manager Wizards 393
    1. Introduction

System Utilities provide users who have Assessment Co-ordinator permissions with a set of powerful batch processing tools. For example, they can delete selected Aspects, grade sets, templates, marksheets and results. They can also modify the Category association for selected Aspects and templates; transfer ownership of Aspects, templates, and Individual Reports; and batch import and export marksheets.
    1. Deleting Aspects

This utility enables you to carry out a batch deletion of Aspects, regardless of the Aspects’ ownership and even if the Aspects are currently in use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Aspects should be deleted with caution, because when an Aspect is deleted all its associated results are also deleted.

You cannot delete Aspects that are:

If the deletion leaves a template without any columns, the template and all associated marksheets are deleted.

Similarly, if the deletion leaves an OMR template without any columns, the OMR template and all associated OMR sheets will also be deleted.

In the case of grade aspects used as part of an OMR template, all columns associated with the deleted Aspect will also be deleted and the remaining columns are moved along to fill any gaps that are left. In the case of Age and Marks Aspects, any associated Age or Marks OMR templates are deleted.

  1. Select Tools | Performance | Assessment | System Utilities | Aspects to display the Aspects wizard.

  1. Select the Delete a selection of Aspects radio button and click the Next button to continue.

The Aspects – Delete page enables you to select the Aspects you wish to delete.

  1. Select the Aspect(s) you wish to delete by clicking the Field Browser button to display the Aspect browser.

    Field Browser button

  2. By default, All Aspects are listed but you can restrict the type of Aspect displayed by selecting from the Type drop-down list. You can further filter the display by selecting required Categories. Click the + or symbols to expand and contract the list then select the check box adjacent to each required Category. The list of Aspects is restricted to only those Aspects associated with the selected Categories.

  3. Highlight the required Aspect(s) and then click the Select button to return to the wizard page. Each Aspect selected is listed with:

  • its name

  • whether the Aspect can be deleted

  • number of results associated with the Aspect

  • number of marksheet templates associated with the Aspect

  • number of OMR templates associated with the Aspect

  • number of OMR Sheets the Aspect is used in

  • whether the Aspect is used in an imported template

  • whether the Aspect is used as a Registration and Admissions criterion

  • whether the Aspect is used in a Formula

  • whether the Aspect is associated with a locked result set

  • owner of the Aspect

You will need to use the horizontal scroll bar if you wish to view all this information.

  1. You can remove Aspects from your selection by highlighting the Aspect and clicking the Delete button, if required.

    Delete button

  2. Click the Finish button.

  3. A message dialog will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete the Aspects and associated results. Click the Yes button to delete the Aspects and results.

An Activity Log, which can be printed and saved, is displayed when the process is complete.

NOTE: You may wish to let the Profiles Co-ordinator know when you delete Aspects, as some of them may be used by Profiles in a comment link.
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