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End of Key Stage Procedures

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End of Key Stage Procedures

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Introduction 277

Importing the Key Stage Packs into SIMS Assessment 278

Accessing Additional End of Key Stage Documentation 279
  1. Introduction

This area of SIMS Assessment covers the end of Key Stage procedures common to all the Key Stages.

The Wizard Manager provides an easy method of managing the statutory end of Key Stage procedures. It guides you through selecting the required Key Stage Pack(s), selecting the pupil/student group, entering, editing and validating the results in marksheets, generating and printing of the Reports to be sent home to parents and exporting the results to an XML file.

The Key Stage Packs contain Aspects and templates that the system uses to create the necessary Key Stage marksheets and Individual Reports. They are provided in the Assessment Manager and Performance Analysis Resource Kit (AMPARK).

AMPARK is installed on each SIMS workstation as part of each release (via CD or SOLUS). Any additional versions are made available from the AMPARK website ( and will be included as part of future SIMS upgrades.

Once installed into the appropriate folders, the various resources (i.e. Aspects, templates and Wizards) can then be imported into SIMS Assessment (please see Importing the Key Stage Packs into SIMS Assessment on page 278).

When the Wizard Manager has been run and the results have been entered, e.g. KS1 Test and Teacher Assessment data, the results can be exported from the export page in the Wizard Manager, or through SIMS.

      1. End of Key Stage Procedure Using SIMS Assessment

The sequence of End of Key Stage procedures is as follows:

  1. Consider the groups to include in the process and import the required Key Stage Pack(s).

  2. Start the wizard and select the Key Stage Pack.

  3. Select the Pupil/Student Group - the wizard displays the Key Stage marksheets.

  4. Open each marksheet in order to add/edit results.

  5. Calculate the subject level and validate marksheet entries.

  6. Correct any incorrect entries and save and exit the marksheet.

  7. Complete the Core Subject Indicator (CSI) marksheet (Wales only).

  8. Generate, Preview and Print Individual Reports.

  9. Export Key Stage Data if required.

These procedures are described in detail in the following sections.
    1. Importing the Key Stage Packs into SIMS Assessment

Before being able to use the Wizard Manager, you must import the required Key Stage Packs into SIMS Assessment. These are contained in AMPARK, which is included in the install of the latest release. Import the Key Stage Packs as follows.

  1. Select Routines | Data In | Assessment | Import to display the first page of the Import wizard.

  1. Select the file to import by clicking the Field Browser button to display the Open dialog.

    Field Browser button

  2. Highlight the Key Stage file you wish to import and click the Open button to return to the wizard. The name of the selected file is displayed in the Select the file to import from field.

  1. Click the Finish button. A message dialog is displayed. Click the Yes button to start the import process, which can take some time to complete.

An Activity Log is displayed when the import is complete. You will now be able to use the Key Stage Manager wizard.

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