Follow Up Supply List

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Follow Up Supply List:

Brush Collection Translucent Loose Powder

Liquid and Mineral Powder Foundation Brushes Desert Sun and Sand Stone Bronzing Powder

Foundation, Lip, Lash and Eye Primers Sheer Bliss Cream Cheek color

Foundation 1 Ultimate wand and 1 Lash Love wand Ivory 2 Facial Highlighting Pen Lash Love Mascara

Ivory 1 and Beige 1 Concealers Finishing Spray

Color Sample Options: Your guest/ hostess may choose a Makeup Artist Look from the current Look Book or a custom look based on her eye color.
Makeup Artist Looks: For on trend looks for the season, refer to the Look Book and order samples from all four Makeup Artist Looks.
Custom look:

  • Order all colors from the eye bundles on pg. 32 (notice that some colors are the same). You will package the (3) colors that coordinate with her eye color according to the eye bundles. Next, add the other samples listed below to finish her look.

  • Deep Brown and/or Black liner(they can use mineral eye colors as liners too)

  • Soft Blush lip liner samples

  • Natural Beaute and Sienna Brulee True Dimensions lipstick samples

  • They can choose from the lip gloss demos you have.

  • Citrus Bloom cheek color samples

Follow Up Order of Application:

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