Five Year Marketing Plan Patrick Higingbotham, Kirk Linquist, Sandra Sullivan

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Five Year Marketing Plan

Patrick Higingbotham, Kirk Linquist, Sandra Sullivan


Table of Contents

2. Company Description 5

Mission: 7

Goals: 7

Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage: 8

4. Situational Analysis 9

SWOT Analysis: 9

Industry Analysis: Trends in Orthodontics: 11

Competitor Analysis: 11

Company Analysis: 12

Consumer Analysis: 14

5. Market – Product Focus 16

Marketing and Product Objectives: 16

Target Market: 17

Points of Difference: 17

Positioning: 18

6.Marketing Program 19

Price Strategy: 19

Promotion Strategy: 20

Place Strategy: 24

7. Financial Data and Projections 25

Five-Year Projections: 25

8.Organization 27

Appendix A: Competition / Orthodontists within 10 miles of Alpharetta 31

Appendix C: Fulton Schools 36

Appendix D: Pediatric Dentists 39

Appendix E: Periodontitis 40

Appendix F: Oral Surgeons 41

  1. Executive Summary

Implementing any marketing plan can be a challenge. In the case of Bloom Orthodontics, there are numerous factors that show great opportunities. This is not only due to what is available to Bloom in the target marketplace, but also what Bloom has behind it. The handful of talented people who stand behind Bloom are what will make Bloom successful as it uses new tactics and strategies to penetrate an existing market.

By having a central location with heavy investment in planning, strategy and promoting the business, Bloom will be profitable as early as the end of year one. Not being at the mercy of the insurance company payment system creates a service and price comparison that patients can actually see. This can make for some explanation of a higher price, but will eliminate the wasted time and confusion of dealing with managed-care insurance plans.

Bloom Orthodontics and Orthogenesis, LLC are excited now more than ever to unveil this marketing plan. This plan has elements from previous successful plans that were created by other Orthogenesis offices including Wilson orthodontics. At the end of this five year plan, our goal is to not only have high return on investment, but to have made a difference in a competitive community that would otherwise not have the compassion and quality that Dr. Mathieson and her staff offer.

  1. Company Description

Bloom Orthodontics was founded by Dr. Ron Wilson, DMD as a subsidiary of Orthogenesis, LLC. Dr. Wilson already has a very successful three location practice in Hall and White Counties and through his years of building his practice he has gained the expertise and accolades to make him a premier orthodontic provider for his service area. As such, he wants to give that expertise to a new market, North Fulton and South Forsyth counties.

Under a mentorship program he discovered as a member of the Schulman Study Group, “an association of nationally prominent orthodontic practices from among the top 1% of all practices,”1 Dr. Wilson has hired Dr. Michelle Mathieson, DMD, MSD and she will be the providing doctor for Bloom Orthodontics. Dr. Wilson will provide ongoing coaching and mentorship to Dr. Mathieson, already an experienced orthodontist, as well proven practice management techniques and an experienced management staff. Dr. Mathieson’s main goal is to provide a complete orthodontics program and to give back to the same community that supports her and her staff. Ever mindful that more than 75% of orthodontic patients are children2 and that treatment time can range from 12 to 30 months, Bloom aims to deliver consistent service for its patients and exceed the expectations of its patients and its patients’ families.

Intending to capitalize on one of the most profitable industries in the United States (figure 2-1), Bloom Orthodontics plans to hire only the best staff, provide top-tier service that goes far beyond traditional orthodontia, and be a pillar in the community for philanthropy and corporate citizenship.

Figure 2-1

  1. Strategic Focus and Plan


Our mission is to provide optimal orthodontic treatment using the most current and proven techniques in our field. We want to help achieve optimal treatment goals while keeping the patient’s best interest foremost. Our employees should have high standards of quality, patient care, a positive and supportive attitude, and be interested in working as a team player.

We are committed to listening to our patients’ desires before giving educated and honest opinions. All patient care rendered will be as if rendered to ourselves. We will strive for our office to be known for our professionalism and excellence. In short, our office will continually strive to be the hallmark of professionalism, orthodontic excellence and patient care.1

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