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1910 census extraction - Newport News, VA (sheet 13A, household 95)

John F Rayfield head 54 VA VA VA

Virginia Rayfield wife 51 VA

Richard F Rayfield son 21 VA

Joseph W Rayfield son 16 MD

Robert L Parker son-in-law 30 NC

Emma L Parker dau 23 MD

1920 census extraction - Newport News, VA (sheet 4B, household 75)

John T Rayfield [widower] 72 VA

Wells J Rayfield son 27 MD

Margaret H Rayfield dau-in-law 21 VA

John W Rayfield grandson 1 VA

38. James Griffin Owens was born 7 Aug 1858, James City Co., VA; died 30 Dec 1950, Newport News, VA; married

39. Ida Lee Cox, born 29 Apr 1869, VA; died Jun 1959, Newport News, VA.
Ruth P., born ca 1888, VA

19 Mattie Manson

Hettie L., born ca 1894, VA

James Edward, born 19 Nov 1894, Portsmouth, VA; died 3 Jan 1990, Roanoke Rapids, Halifax, NC

Vernon James, born ca 1896, VA; died 1954; married Grace Emma Cooper

Ira M., born ca 1898, VA

Katherine M., born ca 1902, VA

1910 census extraction - Newport News, VA (sheet 11A, household 432)

James G Owens head 50 VA VA VA

Ida L Owens wife 40 VA VA VA

Ruth P Owens dau 22 VA

Mattie M Rayfield dau 18 VA VA VA

David C Rayfield son-in-law 27 VA VA VA

Hettie L Owens dau 16 VA

Vernon J Owens son 14 VA

Ira M Owens son 12 VA

` Kate M. Owens dau 8 VA

1930 census extraction - Wythe, Elizabeth City, VA (sheet 26A, household 580)

James G Owens head 72 VA VA VA

Ida L Owens wife 62 VA

Ira M Owens son 33 VA

Nellie S Owens dau-in-law 21 VA

Coleman Shields boarder 19 VA

1940 census extraction - 126 Greenbrier Ave, Wythe, Elizabeth City, VA (same residence as in 1935)

Ira Owens head 42 VA

Nellie T Owens wife 32 VA

Jessie Owens dau 8 VA

Donna Lee Owens dau 1 VA

James Owens father 82 VA

Ida Owens mother 73 VA

40. Thomas Forstner was born Apr 1854, Buffalo, Erie, NY to 80. Aloysius Forstner and 81. Cecilia Rechsheiser; died 2 Nov 1931, Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN; married

41. Sophia Mohr, born 28 Dec 1860, New Ulm, Brown, MN to 82. Franz Martin Mohr and 83. Carolina Reiner; died 23 Oct 1952, Berkeley, Alameda, CA
1860 Census - Brown Co., MN (Family 445, p, 58)

Forstner, Alvis 50 Bavaria

Forstner, Cecelia 40 Bavaria

Forstner, Caroline 14 Bavaria

Forstner, Thomas 6 Minnesota

Forstner, Barbara 2 Minnesota

1870 census, Sigel, Brown, Minnesota (27, 27) - FORSTNER

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1870 Census – Cottonwood, Brown, MN - MOHR

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1880 Census - Sigel, Brown, MN; (page 58C) 1880 Census – Cottonwood, Brown, MN (Page 29B)

Forstner, Alonis 69 Germany Mohr, Martin 59 Austria Farming

Forstner, Cacilia 58 Germany Mohr, Caroline 53 Austria

Forstner, Thomas 24 Germany Mohr, Theadore 22 Minnesota

Forstner, Barbara 21 Minnesota Mohr, Sophia 19 Minnesota

Forstner, Frank 16 Minnesota

1900 Census – Sigel, Brown, MN (52, 53)

Forstner, Thomas head Apr 1854 NY GER GER

Forstner, Sophia* wife Dec 1860 MN [parents born Austria]

Forstner, Theodor son May 1884 MN

Forstner, Henry J. son Apr 1887 MN

Forstner, Amelia C. dau Mar 1889 MN

Forstner, Bertha dau Jul 1891 MN

Forstner, Ida C. dau May 1893 MN

Forstner, Cecilia R. dau Jun 1895 MN

Forstner, Sophia A. dau Jun 1897 MN

*Nine children born, seven living

1910 Census - Sigel, Brown, MN (family 77, page 5)

Forstner, Thomas 56 NY GER GER

Forstner, Sophia 49

Forstner, Theodor R 25

Forstner, Emelia C 21

Forstner, Bertha C 18

Forstner, Ida C 16

Forstner, Cecelia R 14

Forstner, Sophia I 12

Forstner, John 9

Forstner, Frank A 5

1920 Census – Brown Co., Minnesota - sheet 24

Forstner, Thomas 65 Minnesota

Forstner, Sophia [wife] 60 Minnesota

Forstner, Frank [son] 15 Minnesota

The extensive website Lexikon Dornbirn that has a section called Dornbirner Familienbuch (this link begins with Sophia Mohr [41]). This source lists names and families of residents of the city of Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria from around 1500 to 1920. I used Google Translate to get the gist of the meaning of some of the text and terms. Some of the more common terms are listed below, according to German translation (keep in mind that the common language of western Austria is Vorarlbergisch, an Alemannic German dialect; spellings and meanings of words may mean something different in the dialect than in standard German);

schwager – brother-in-law

schwägerin – sister-in-law

schwester – sister

seine(r) – his

sohn, ein – son, a

stadt – city

sterbeort – place of death

straße/strasse – street

tante – aunt

tochter, eine – daughter, a

umgezogen nach – moved to

unser(e) – our

vater, der – father, the

verheiratet mit – married to

von – of, from

vorfahren – ancestors

vorname – first name

vulgo-nameusually indicates the person’s father’s name

war – was

wohnort – location

zu – to

zugezogen von – “drawn from,” seen with locations; probably a departure from or arrival at a location

am – on

asche – ash(es)

bemerkungen – comments

beschäftigung – occupation/employment

beruf – profession

bruder – brother
– parents

friede – peace

gatte/gatten/gattin – husband/spouse/wife

geb./geboren – born

geburtsjahr – birthyear

geliebter – beloved

geschätzt – estimated

geschichte – history

gest./gestorben – died

getauft – baptized

heirat – marriage

ihr(e) – her

innigst – dearly

mutter, die – mother, the

ruht, hier – lies, here

a as in father

ä = ae as in fate

ö = oe as in sell

ü = ue as in true

ß = ss as in buzz

v sounds like f as in father

w sounds like v

z as in hits

Die Dornbirner Bevölkerung im Mittelalter – The Population of Dornbirn during the Middle Ages – loosely translated via Google Translate

In 1330, Dornbirn district records indicated 220 homes in the parish, which suggested about 1,000 residents. Of those residents, two names were noted, Konrad am Achrain and Walther, listed between 1326 and 1328 as ‘county judge’ at Schwarzach.

Limited population data was gleaned from some local records and books between the 14th century and the first half of the 15th century. Listed in Dornbirn around 1394 from tax records were Ulrich von Ems, along with the following names; von Rude und Haincz Stampf, von der Bupfing, von Hainis Kind von Watzenegg, Uli von Watzenegg, Cuntz von Watzenegg, Bürk Maigenhof, Haini und Henni Willer, von Kathrinen Gut, von Schmidbergs Gut, von Ruf dem Bub, von Lüte und Rüdi von Watzenegg, Uli Rabenberg (Rhomberg), Rudi Hevel (Hefel), Uli Schmit, Wältz Türing, Cuni Gerer, von Häni Webers Kindern und von Hans Suter (Sutter).
A 1533 record of ‘Emser serfs’ in Dornbirn lists the following families: Berlin, Eiler, Diem, Franz, Fußenegger, Gehrer, Hämmerle, Hohl, Jäcker, Klien, Nägele, Rhomberg, Schmitter, Schnell, Scholl, Spiegel, Stump, Summer, Thurnher, Thoma, Welpe, Zimmermann and Zoller.
Records show genealogical continuity from the Middle Ages to the present on the following surnames; Albrich, Blaser, Bobleter, Diem, Fußenegger/Fussenegger, Hefel, Nessler/Neßler, Rhomberg, Rusch, Thurnher, Wehinger, Welpe, Zumtobel, and some Huber & Schmid (various spellings).
Migration to the area and population stability may have been due to local construction and tearing down of old villages in the area.
Known in1348/49 was a great plague of Italy from most of Europe [the Black Death] which was also in the Lake Constance area. However, a 1369 record indicated that Dornbirn had ‘remained spared’ from the plague. Very little was known about social conditions, social classes and land owners. There was a ‘wealthy peasant elite’ in Dornbirn, where some had several farm buildings, others only ‘half a yard,’ with very little debt.
Von der Mitte des 14. Jahrhunderts an traten die Pest und andere Epidemien immer wieder im Abstand von nur wenigen Jahren auf. Die Pest und andere Seuchen wirkte sich negativ auf die Bevölkerungsentwicklung wirkten sich aus. 1348/49 erfasste eine große Pestepidemie von Italien aus fast ganz Europa, sie ist auch im Bodenseeraum nachgewiesen. 1369 blieben die Dornbirner hingegen verschont, was sie dem hl. Antonius zuschrieben. Deshalb wurde fortan sein Namenstag, der 17. Januar, als Festtag begangen, ebenso der Tag eines weiteren Schutzpatrons gegen die Pest, des hl. Sebastian am 20. Januar.

In the mid-14th Century, the plague and other epidemics lasted for a few years, which did not affect the Dornbirn population…Dornbirn had been spared, which locals attributed to Saint Anthony. From this, 17 January was celebrated as the feast day of St Anthony along with St Sebastian, patron saint against the plague, whose feast day was 20 January.

42. George A. Tauer was born 20 Aug 1864, Schulligkau, Pilsen District, Bohemia (German: Kries Pilsen, Böhmen; modern day Plzeňský kraj, Czech Republic) [birthplace doubtful? records also indicate MN] to 84. Johann Tauer and 85. Margretha Helget; died 13 Jul 1940, New Ulm, Brown, MN; married 18 Nov 1890, New Ulm to

43. Catharina Statik/Stadick, born 20 Nov 1865, Pilsen District, Bohemia (German: Kries Pilsen, Böhmen; modern day Plzeňský kraj, Czech Republic) to 86. Thomas Statik and 87. Anna Fitzdome; died 2 Jan 1950, New Ulm, Brown, MN

1880 Census – Thomas Statik, Sigel, Brown, Minnesota - Page 57B

Statik, Thomas 45 CZ self farmer

Statik, Anna 34 CZ wife

Statik, Catherine 15 CZ daughter

Statik, Joseph 10 MN son

Statik, Thomas 8 MN son

Statik, John 6 MN son

Statik, Barbara 3 MN daughter
1885 Minnesota Census – Cottonwood, Brown, MN

c:\documents and settings\you know who\local settings\temporary internet files\content.word\record_image.jpg
1900 Census – Cottonwood, Brown, MN (60, 60)

c:\documents and settings\you know who\local settings\temporary internet files\content.word\record_image.jpg c:\documents and settings\you know who\local settings\temporary internet files\content.word\record_image.jpg

George A. Tauer (b. 1865, d. 1940) - Brown Co., MN

George A. Tauer, residing at 511 North Franklin, died Saturday July 13, at 10:20, after an illness that extended over the past eight years. He had been at the Loretto Hospital for a week preceding his death. Mr. Tauer was a native of [Schulligkau,] Kries Pilsen [German name for Pilsen District, Bohemia - modern day Plzeňský kraj, Czech Republic], and was born August 20, 1865, and came with his parents to America at the age of 2 years [doubtful since Anton Tauer**, age 40 (relation unknown) was the only ‘Tauer’ listed in Cottonwood during the 1870 census]. They settled in Cottonwood where he lived until he retired in 1912 and came to New Ulm to live.

His marriage to Katherine Stadick took place at Holy Trinity November 18, 1895 and four children with their mother survive. They are four daughters, Mrs. Henry Forstner, Madelia, Mrs. Martin Mohr, Cottonwood Twp., Mrs. Albert Baumann, Sigel Twp., and Miss Theresa, at home. There are also 16 grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Tuesday morning at Holy Trinity with interment in the Catholic Cemetery. He was a member of St. John's C. O. F. Out of town people who attended the funeral were: Mrs. Andrew Tauer and daughter and Mrs. Frank Scheifert of Morgan, Mrs. A Steffen, Seattle, Wash, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flor, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tauer, Miss Clara Zwaschka, Mrs. and Mrs. John Boettger, Mrs. And Mrs. Joseph Zwach and A J. Haegerle, all of Sleepy Eye, Mrs. John Berg, Springfield, Mrs. C. O. Bastien, Mrs. R. G. Weyh and son Ralph, and Miss Mary Fischer, St. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schnobrich and Albert Pleniger, Henderson, Henry and Alfred Schnobrich, Mrs. Mary Schnobrich, Arlington, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Forstner and family, Madelia, Roger Forstner, Rochester and Mrs. Art Hillesheim, Fairfax.

** see

Mrs. George A. Tauer (née STADICK, b. 1865, d. 1950) Brown Co., MN

Mrs. George A. Tauer, 84, died at her home, 511 N. Franklin Street, at 7:55 a.m., Monday. She had been in failing health for the past two months.

Funeral Services will be held at the Holy Trinity Catholic church at 9:30 a.m., Thursday. Prayer hour will be at the home Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:30 pm.

Mrs. Katherine Stadick, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. Thomas Stadick, Sr., was born in Kries Pilsen, Bohemia [German name for Pilsen District - modern day Plzeňský kraj, Czech Republic], Nov. 20, 1865, and came to America with her parents when a child. The family settled on a farm in Sigel Township and she grew to womanhood there.

Miss Stadick and George A. Tauer were married at Holy Trinity Catholic church Nov. 18, 1890. Following marriage Mrs. and Mrs. Tauer resided on a farm in Cottonwood Township until 1912, when they moved to New Ulm and this has since been the home. Mr. Tauer died in 1940.

Mrs. Tauer is survived by four daughters; Mrs. Henry Forstner, Madelia; Mrs. M. J. Mohr, Cottonwood township; Mrs. Albert Baumann, Sigel township and Miss Theresia Tauer, at home. There are 16 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Two brothers Joseph Stadick and John Stadick of Searles, also survive. Thomas Stadick, a brother, and Mrs. Cecelia Kretsch, a sister, preceded her in death.

Mrs. Tauer was among the first members of the Women's Catholic Order of Foresters of Holy Trinity church.

44. James Everett Moore, Sr. was born Dec 1866, Harrisburg, Poinsett, AR to 88. William H. Moore and 89. Martha C. “Mattie” Hays; died 1922; married 30 Sep 1888, Poinsett, AR to

45. Nancy Arminda "Minda/Mindy" Molder, born 22 Oct 1868, Shelbyville, Bedford, TN to 90. William P. Molder/Moulder and 91. Mary A.V. MNU; died 7 Jul 1951
1880 Census - District 19, Bedford, TN [p. 320B] 1880 Census - Little River, Poinsett, AR [p. 492B]

Molder, William P. 42 TN More, William H. 40 TN [parents born TN]

Molder, Mary A. V. 38 TN More, Mahalie 31 TN [same as above]

Molder, Amanda J. 19 More, Effy C. 14 MO

Molder, Mary M. 16 More, Ellen 13 AR

Molder, Susan A. 14 More, James N.??? 12 AR – not sure if this is James Everett

Molder, Nancy A. 12 TN More, Julia 5 AR

Molder, James B. 8

Molder, Lura M. 1

Molder, Emma C. 2M

Arkansas marriage record: James E. Moore, born 1867, married Minda Molder, born 1870, on 30 Sep 1888, Poinsett, AR;

Obituary for William H. Moore, 17 Feb 1921, St Francis Co., AR – is this our [88]? Research continues…

1900 Bolivar Township, Poinsett, AR (91, 91)

c:\documents and settings\you know who\local settings\temporary internet files\content.word\record_image.jpg
1910 Census - Bolivar, Poinsett, AR - family 240, p.23 1920 Census - Poinsett, AR - sheet 12

Moore, James E 43 AR KY SC Moore, James E 52

Moore, Arminda 41 TN TN TN Moore, Nancy A 51

Moore, Henry 20 Moore, Sue 17

Moore, Myrtle 12 Moore, Robert C 14

Moore, Sue 7 Moore, James E 11

Moore, Robert 4

Moore, James E 2

Moore, unnamed son 1m

46. William R. Perry was born Arkansas; married

47. Mary Malvina “Mal” Harris, born 1866, AR to 94. Benjamin Harris & 95. Martha Thomas [Thrower also seen]; died 1960
1870 Census - Poinsett Co., AR 1880 Census - Bolivar & Greenfield, Poinsett, AR (p. 504A)

Harris, Benjamin 54 AL Harris, B. 64 AL

Harris, Martha 48 TN Harris, M. W. 57 TN

Harris, Addison 23 AR Harris, J. A. 29 AR

Harris, Benjamin 16 " Harris, Sophie 20 AR

Harris, Sophia 14 " Harris, Sarah 19 AR

Harris, Francis 11 " Harris, L. C. 17 AR

Harris, Sarrah 9 " Harris, Malvina 13 AR

Harris, Caroline 7 "

Harris, Malvina 4 "
1910 census - Bolivar, Poinsett, AR (Family 118, p. 5) 1920 Census – Poinsett Co., AR

Perry, Malvina 45 AR Couch, Ezekiel 79 AL

Perry, Willie 23 Couch, Malvina 53 AR

Perry, Effie 21 AR

Perry, Jeff 19

Kelley, Jim 18
1930 Census - Harrisburg, Poinsett, AR (Family 238, sheet 9B

Harris, Grover G. 44

Harris, Willie 43

Harris, Carlee J 14

Couch, Malvena 64

Moore, Effie T. 41 widow AR

Moore, Henry M. 11

Neill, Sophie 73

48. Joseph Wiley Abbott was born 13 May 1845, Perry Co., AL to 96. William McClanahan Abbott and 97. Frances Tubbs; died 2 Nov 1916, Lockhart, Caldwell, TX; bur. Lockhart Municipal Cemetery; married Nov 1869 to

49. Levi M.E. Seltzer, born 2 Aug 1853, Wilcox Co., AL to 98. Levi Hain Seltzer and 99. Mary Callaway Parks; died 2 Jul 1930, Lockhart;
Vaness Levi (1870 - 1946)
Mary Anna Abbott McDowell (1872 - 1955)

Joseph Edgar (1874 - 1889)

24 Oscar Julius (1876 - 1938)

Hans Heard (1878 - 1957)

Daisy Abbott Franks (1879 - 1937)

Zada Abbott Browne Wooldridge (1882 - 1934)

Eugene Homer (1884 - 1945)

Cecil (1886 - 1894)

Myrtle Sally Abbott Bock (1887 - 1917)

50. William Foscue Smith was born 16 Oct 1834, Marianna, Jackson, FL to 100. Samuel W. Smith and 101. Mary Elizabeth Foscue; died 20 Oct 1903, Nopal, Gonzales, TX; married to

51. Elizabeth Ann Patterson, born 8 Jul 1840, AL [probably Coosa Co.] to 102. Green B. Patterson and 103. Eliza Foscue; died 13 Apr 1924, Bertram, Burnet, TX

52. George Washington Gray was born Jul 1860, Maysville, Mason, KY to 104. Joseph S. Gray and 105. Mary Ann Cobb; died 9 Jul 1912, Richmond, Madison, KY; bur. College Hill Cemetery, Madison Co.’ married to

53. Isabelle King, born Dec 1871, Mason Co., KY to 106. Samuel King Jr. and 107. Nancy Ann Osborn; died 11 Dec 1937, Trenton, Mercer, NJ; bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Trenton

54. Charles Philip Alt was born 28 Oct 1867, Pirmasens, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany to 108. Heinrich Alt and 109. Friederike Arnholt; died 3 Jul 1935, SA; bur. St John Lutheran [New] Cemetery, SA; married

55. Helena Margarete Christine Spille, born 7 Dec 1869, Germany to 110. Anton Frederick Spille, Sr., and 111. Fredericke Louisa Wilken; died 3 Mar 1949, SA
Heinrich Alt (1892 - 1898)
Frederick Carl Victor “Fritz” Alt (1894 - 1961)
C V Alt (1896 - 1970)

27 Louisa Friedericke Augusti “LouiseAlt Gray (1903 - 1985)

56. John Hoskins Burget was born 7 Feb 1836, Waynesville, Warren, OH to 112. John A. Burget and 113. Lucy Hoskins; died Oct 1872, Denton Co., TX; married Jul 1855, Livingston Co, MO to

57. Sarah Elizabeth Doty, born Jan 1836, Ashtabula Co., OH; died Jan 1922, Decatur, Wise,
1870 Census – Pilot Point (Precinct 2), Denton, TX (352, 352)

187- pt 1.jpgrecord_image.jpg
58. Azariah Martin Wray was born 31 May 1841, Galatia, Saline, IL to 116. Ellison Wray and 117. Faith Alexander; died 9 Jan 1922, Hollis, Harmon, OK; married 5 Aug 1858, Saline Co., IL to

59. Mary Catherine Travis, born 10 Feb 1842, Livingston Co., KY to 118. James Monroe Travis and 119. Catherine Francis MNU; d. 18 May 1916, Madill, Marshall, OK. Their known children were

Florence Clementine, b. 23 Oct 1862, Dycusburg, Crittenden, KY; d. 4 Jul 1952, Boise, Ada, ID; married 3 Sep 1883, Montague Co., TX to Edward Haney Albert

Martha Elizabeth Wilhite, b. 8 Jul 1864, Crittenden Co., KY; d. 1872, Crittenden Co.

Eldora Francis, b. 4 Feb 1866, Saline Co.; d. Dixon, Sanders Co., MT; m. Sep 1882, Jack Co., TX to John Samuel Conner.

Charley Alenson, b. 20 Nov 1867, Saline Co.; d. 24 Nov 1953,Yukon, Canadian Co., OK; m. Sally MNU
29 Lillie Evalee, b. 12 Apr 1871, Coffeyville, Neosho, KS; d.12 April 1951, Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA

Lewis Edward [twin]: b. 23 Jan 1875, Saline Co.; d. 12 Oct 1920, Hitchcock, Blaine Co., OK; m. Laura Stout on 24 Dec 1896, Canadian Co.

Lewie Oliver [twin]: b. 23 Jan 1875, Saline Co.; d. 23 Jan 1875, Saline Co.

James Loren Otto, b. 15 May 1877, Galatia; d. 21 May 1960, Oklahoma City, OK; bur. Fort Cobb, Caddo, OK; m. 31 Jul 1896, Canadian Co., to Lolla Rook Bennett

Maude Ella, b. 10 Apr 1879, Grayson Co., TX; d. 23 Aug 1906, Carney, Lincoln, OK Terr.; m. 24 Feb 1896, Canadian Co., to Burrell Milton Gragg
Claudia Alice, b. 17 Jun 1881, Jack Co.; d. 4 Jul 1964, Modesto, Stanislaus, CA; married William Bedford Miles
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