Emergency Procedures Define emergency

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Emergency Procedures

    Define emergency

    notification of MCLS

    calling tree

    off-line circulation

    return to regular circulation


What to do when the Work Flows system goes down


1.  When work flows goes down at your library, check if the Internet is also down.  Check to see if you can log in.  if Work Flows appears to be down, contact MCLS and go to the off line check in mode.  Set up the offline session, using the default due date for books.  Go to check out and scan as you normally do.  Change due date on 1 week items (DVDs and Videos) before you scan them.

2.  Do not check any items in while the system is down.  Do not shelve any items that were returned on the day of the system going down, until it is back up and functioning.  MCLS will call the library when the system is back up.  If an individual library is the only one down, they should contact MCLS when they are back up.  MCLS will run the offline circulation report.

When the system goes down for a longer period of time, consider the following things:

Check shelf before doing overdue lists for the next couple of weeks.  This may be impossible for the larger libraries.

Reconcile the holds shelf at least once.  If a patron came in and picked up holds and the system does not reflect this, the holds will eventually expire and be forwarded to the next person in the queue.  This might get messy.

Remember the date the system goes down when looking at patron records and be ready to forgive fines.

Holds placed by patrons on the day of the outage may be affected.  If their hold doesn’t show, we may have to put them on and the hold queue may have to be shuffled. 

If a patrons says they returned an item, check the shelf and if found, check in using fine free.


Lost items


Pick list procedures


Procedures for running the pick list


Use the circulation computer by the children's section to run the report.

The pick list should be run at the following times in summer:

8 a.m., 12 noon, and 6 p.m. on Mondays, 9 a.m., 12 noon and 6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays , 12 noon and 6 p.m. on Thursday and Fridays

The list should be run at these times the rest of the year:

8 a.m., 12 noon, and 6 p.m. on Mondays, 9 a.m., 12 noon, and 6 p.m. on Tuesdays

12 noon and 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and 9 a.m. on Saturdays.


To run the pick list, do the following:

1.  Go into reports


2.  Select Schedule New Report


3.  Highlight  Pick_List_As Needed and click on this link


4.  Click on Run Now on the bottom


5.  Close box


5.  Go to Finished Reports

     a.  Look for Onshelf holds items Brillion

If Brillion doesn't show in the list of other libraries, there are no items for Brillion.

If the list isn't in finished reports, click on the refresh icon on top (bunny in the hat)  If it still doesn't show on the list, click the 3rd icon on top(magnifying glass) and it will let you know if the report is running.  If no report is running, start over. If it says one is running.  Try clicking on the bunny in the hat icon an see if the list shows up.


6.  Highlight the Brillion report and click on print.


7.  A box will appear, unclick view log and click ok.  A report will print on the printer.


8.  Once the report has printed, select Remove from the bottom and click on it.


9.  Pick Select all on top, Click Remove button on bottom.  A box will appear in the middle.  Select Yes to All and click.  Another box will appear and give you a number of repots removed.  Click OK.


10  You can now close out of reports and pull the pick list items off the shelf.  Items should then be checked in and routed to the appropriate library.  Any item not found on the list, should be searched for 3 times and then put to a status of missing.  An item put to a missing status, where Brillion is the only owning library needs to have a copy of patron and the item printed and sent to the library with the hold.  Write item is missing.  Please notify patron and cancel hold.

    Missing on pick list


Procedures for Missing Items


Search for all items on your pick list.  If an item is not found, check the shelf for the item 2 more times within a day of the initial request.  It is a good idea to have different staff check the second and third time as items can be overlooked and multiple eyes are always better.  If the item is not found, go under Items and click on Mark Item Missing.


Search and find the item.  Note if any other library owns the item.  If you are the only library owning the item, you will need to notify the Library that has placed a hold!  Highlight your Library's item and click the Mark Item Missing button on the bottom. 

A screen with the title of the book will show up.  Click Mark Item missing on the bottom and a box stating there is a hold will appear.  Note the library that the hold is for and override to declare missing.  Close search and you will see the title and current location as missing.  If there are other libraries owning the same title, this is all you need to do.


If you are the only one who owns the title-

Close out of Mark Item Missing module and go to Item Search and Display. The item should be highlighted on the bottom below the search box.  Click on the item and you will see Bibliographic display.  Click on the Call Number/Item tab on the top.  Now click on the holds tab.  Stretch out user number and name.


Go to File on top bar of WorkFlows and find Print Screen.  Click on Print Screen.  Hit the print icon and print.  Close out box.


Take the printed copy and note the Library that this is being sent to.  Put a note such as the following:

"Please notify your patron that this item is not available.  Please cancel the hold."  Put this paper in the van delivery.


The Library receiving this paper has the responsibility of notifying their patron and for canceling the hold.


Routinely (we are doing this monthly) all libraries should go in Check Out under the patron "Missing Items" and create a list of their missing items.   Go into the patron Missing Items.  Click on display patron.  Go into the checkouts tab.  Hit Item ID to put the list in numerical order.  Once the items are listed in barcode order, go to File (on the top menu) and click print screen.  Search down the list until you find your Library's barcodes.  Highlight that area and right click on the mouse and select copy.  Paste into a word document and save or print.  I usually change print settings to landscape before I paste the document.  Check your shelves for these missing items and check them in if you find them on the shelf.  Items that have been searched for and have been missing for a long time need to be discarded. 


Check in Procedures


 When checking items it is important that you check the item for both damage and to be sure all parts are returned.  What this means is:


If the item is a book on tape- you will look at every tape to be sure they are the correct tape and that all tapes are returned BEFORE you scan the item in.  If any part is missing or there is an incorrect tape, DO NOT CHECK THE ITEM IN.


If the item is a book and tape set- you will be sure that all the book(s) and tape(s) are returned and that the item is in the correct bag BEFORE you scan the item in. If any part is missing or the item is in the incorrect bag, DO NOT CHECK THE ITEM IN.


If the item is a DVD or Compact Disc, you will inspect the disc to be sure it is the correct disc and is not damaged. If there is more than one disc in the set, you will check that the correct number of discs are returned.   If the disc is wrong, missing or there is damage, DO NOT CHECK THE ITEM IN.


If the item is a Book on Compact Disc, you will check to see that all discs are back and that the correct discs are in the binder.  If the disc(s) is wrong or a disc is missing, DO NOT CHECK THE ITEM IN.


If the item is a Video, you will check that the correct item is returned.  If the video is missing or the wrong video is in the case, DO NOT CHECK THE ITEM IN.


If the item is a book and there is damage, DO NOT CHECK THE ITEM IN. 


If the book contains compact discs, be sure the disc is there.  If it is not- DO NOT CHECK THE ITEM IN.


If the item is a magazine, be sure to check for damage.  If the magazine is damaged, DO NOT CHECK THE ITEM IN.




Registration of Patrons



Before registering a patron, check their name in the data base by doing a last name, first name search in keyword .  If their name shows up, you will be modifying the card.  If they do not show up, then you will be issuing a new card.  If they have more than one record and not a teacher card.  View the record and see if you can delete one. 




Using the Driver's license as identification go into the User registration module

Scan the barcode of a new card. Adult is the default (change to the fitting setting)

      Juvenile if a child is under 12

      YA if between 12 and 18

      Teacher if they work in a school or are a home schooler   Please explain to the patron that Teacher cards are for school use only and not for personal materials.


Enter all information in caps. Use a comma after the last name  and place JR, SR, III like sample below



Basic Info

LAST NAME, FIRST NAME MI   Middle name is only needed if they have a name that is similar to other users


Library-  Make sure library is on Brillion (unless patron asks to have a different library as its main library)



These are set automatically for a new card



User cat 1   defaulted to the City of Brillion.

If  they do not live in the city, the proper category, must be selected.  Townships are designated by the County initial followed by a T  and then the township name.  For example:  The town of Rantoul is designated by the following;  CT-RANTL. Maple Grove is MT-MPLGRV

Cities are listed with the county initial followed by the city name.  For example: The city of Manitowoc is M-MTWC

Villages are designated by the County initial followed by the letter V  For example:  The Village of Reedsville is MV-REEDSVL

For people who do not live in the counties of Manitowoc and Calumet, but in a neighboring county, you need to determine if there is a library in their town- if there is they go under the County initial followed by WITHLIB.  If not, they go under the County initial followed by NOLIB

Note: all of Brown County goes under BC

WC Winnebago County

OC Outagamie County

FC Fond Du Lac County

SC Sheboygan County

KC Kewaunee County

All other Wisconsin residents go under WIS

Out of State is designated by OUTOFSTATE


Birth Date  Use the gadget to select the birth date, month and year



Use capital letters-  CAPS lock on


Always check if the address on the driver's license is the current address.  Make sure you enter the address in correctly.  I like to enter it the way it is on the driver's license. 

Telephone number-  always include the dashes and the area code.  It should be written like this 920-756-3215 for all telephone numbers. 


Email  - ask if the patron has an email address.  Explain that it will remind them of items coming due as well as let them know when holds come in.  Have them write their email address down and enter in the line. Make sure you take the caps lock off and enter in lower case, unless they use capital letters.


Driver's license- enter the number without the dashes!!  like the following example- B300422245670756


Extended information

If the user is a juvenile, or young adult without a driver's license, enter the parents names.  Even if the parents are divorced, both names should be placed in the guardian line unless one parent is totally out of the picture.  Jane Doe Smith and John Doe III


After you have entered the data, you need to click on the box to check duplicate users before you save the data.  If you do not check this box, the data will not be entered! After it has checked user,  click on register user.  You will have a box come up.


Have patron sign on the line on the card.  Tape over the signature.  Scan the card in check out to make sure there are no problems. 


Give the patron the card along with information on the library.  Tell them they will be charged for lost or damaged cards and that they are responsible for everything checked out on the card.




Use this module to modify addresses, telephone numbers and to add emails.  If you change a telephone number, you need to go into privilege and change the PIN number ( an override will be required.)


If a patron loses a card, use this module and scan the new card under BASIC INFO  User ID   When issuing a new card, always check the patron address information to ensure that it is current.  Check expiration date and change to 1 year from registration.  Use override when changing date.



This is used for family registrations

Find the current user and scan a new ID for the family member.

Change information to fit user  Address and telephone number should stay the same  Don’t' forget the birthdate and the listing of the guardian's name.



Any teacher or parent whom homeschools is eligible for a teacher card.

Card is issued like a new card with the following changes.

It is listed as a teacher card

(T) is placed at the end of the user's name to indicate that it is a teacher card

The address and telephone number are that of the school.  Place their home address information in the second address area.



Delivery procedures

     Transit Items instructions


Circulation Reports





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