Don’t Forget! The following items are needed to officially sign up at school

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Don’t Forget!
The following items are needed to officially sign up at school:

  • A permission slip/ conduct form

  • Confirmation that all Money has been paid directly to Shawnee Mountain

  • Money for transportation ($100 cash)

  • Health survey form


FOR THE 2016/2017 SEASON




LIFT ONLY $115.00

LIFT & RENTAL $165.00
LIFT & (5) LESSON $155.00

LIFT, RENTAL & (5) LESSON $195.00

LIFT & (3) LESSON $139.00

LIFT, RENTAL & (3) LESSON $189.00


> GIRO Ski/Snowboard Helmet Buy to Own $ 65.00

A Quality Helmet at a Great Price” (deadline 11/25/16

Helmet rental $9 per trip

> Discount Meal Plan – 5 Meal Vouchers $ 40.00

choice of cheeseburger, chicken sandwich or tossed salad plus fries and med. Fountain drink

> Student Twilight Rider Pass Upgrade $ 50.00

upgrade the package lift ticket to ski/ride 3PM-close, 7 nights a week, ages 7-18 only (deadline 11/25/16)


Group ski and snowboard lessons are scheduled for 1-hour sessions. Your lesson start time will be based upon your arrival time to the ski area. We will schedule your students for the earliest open session available.

Our lesson program is basic training and skill improvement geared primarily for entry level students as well as those with beginner and intermediate ability levels. We use a progressive approach, emphasizing fun & safety.


    • Only snowboard rental and lesson may be switched to ski rental and lesson and this must be done before trip #3, ski rental and lesson cannot be changed once the program has started.

  • One absentee voucher issued per member, per program.


  • Pro-rated refunds for medical reasons or injury only. Refunds permitted if the injury/medical condition occurs by the conclusion of the 2nd trip. Refund requests of any kind will not be considered thereafter. Refunds may take up to 6 weeks to process. Refunds must be routed through group leader, not Group Sales.

  • There will be a $35.00 processing charge for ALL refunds over $50.00. Refunds up to and including $50.00 will be issued in the form of a Shawnee Mountain gift card.

Middle School Skiing/Snow Boarding Club!

This year, the New Hope-Solebury Middle School Outdoor Club will be running a “ski club” to Shawnee Mountain Ski Area. We will leave the middle school at 2:00 pm, and return at 9:30 pm, for a total of six trips (signing up for the ski club requires paying for all dates). The ski club is open to 7th and 8th grade students. The dates we will be going are 1/12, 1/19, 1,26 , 2/2, 2/9, 2/23, (3/2 will be a make-up day).

Money for skiing needs to be paid directly to Shawnee Mountain Ski Area via their website. Money for transportation will be paid in cash directly to Mr. Dykie in room 700.The first 50 students to turn in their money and permission slip are guaranteed a spot. The following items are needed to sign up:

  • A permission slip

  • A health form

  • money for tickets, rentals, helmet, meal plan etc. (as needed) paid directly to Shawnee Mountain (Submit paid receipt).

  • $100.00 for transportation (cash). All money is due by October 28th. Hurry, this club will fill fast!

All participants must be dressed appropriately for weather conditions, including a hat, coat, gloves. We also highly recommend thermal underwear, several layers, water proof / water-resistant pants, goggles and scarf. Note: skiing is a hazardous sport, and although all precautions are taken, injury may occur.

Special Safety Information Pertaining to the ski club:

Students are required to wear a helmet AT ALL TIMES while skiing and snowboarding, no exceptions.

Everyone is expected to be with a buddy AT ALL TIMES, no exceptions.
If you have any questions, feel free to call Mr. Dykie (215)862-0608 ext. 2700) or Mr. Kolinchak (215)862-0608 ext. 2801 Please do not call Shawnee Mountain with general questions.
Permission Slip / Conduct Contract

New Hope-Solebury Middle School Ski Club
In order to participate in Ski Club, students and their parents must agree to the following rules and responsibilities and consequences. Please read them carefully and sign below.

  1. Students are subject to the authority of the teacher chaperones at all times.

  2. Students must obey all school and district rules. Students must ride the ski bus to and from the ski area.

  3. Students must be in attendance at school (full day) the day of Ski Club. Students in ISS or OSS on a Thursday may not participate in Ski Club that evening.

  4. Students must behave appropriately on the bus. You must stay in your seats. Rowdiness on the bus will not be tolerated.

  5. Students must be on time for departure to and from Shawnee Mountain.

  6. Students must be picked up on time.

  7. Students are responsible for their own belongings and for their own equipment.

  8. Students are responsible for skiing and riding safely and responsibly. Behavior on the slopes that endangers you or others will not be tolerated. Students must follow rules and regulations of Shawnee Mountain. If a student is reprimanded by the Safety Patrol for reckless skiing or misbehavior, he/she will not be allow to ski for the rest of the evening, and will also not be able to attend the next trip.

  9. Students must meet eligibility requirements, similar to sports to participate.

  10. Students are required to wear a helmet AT ALL TIMES while skiing and snowboarding, no exceptions.

  11. Everyone is expected to be with a buddy AT ALL TIMES, no exceptions.

______________________________(Print full name of participant) has my permission to be a member of the Outdoor Club Ski Club at Shawnee Mountain. I have read the guidelines above, and have paid Shawnee Mountain and have sent $100 cash for transportation to be handed in with this permission slip by October 28th.

___________________ ______________________ _______________________
Parent name (print) Parent signature Emergency contact #
Student signature
New Hope – Solebury School District

Health Services
Field Trip Health Survey
Dear Parent/Guardian,
Please complete the following information so that we can best plan for your child’s needs on the upcoming Ski Club trips. This form needs to be returned with all other forms and money.
Thank you,
Elizabeth A. Simon, R.N., M.Ed.

Certified School Nurse, N.C.S.N.

New Hope-Solebury HS/MS

Phone   215-862-8168

HS Fax  215-862-3198

MS Fax 215-862-2862
Student name ______________________________________________________________________
Field trip Destination: Outdoor Club Ski Club

Does your child have a medical condition which may require nursing services while on the field trip?
Yes _____ please explain _________________________________________________________
No _____

Does your child require the administration of medication while on the field trip?
Yes _____ list name/dose/time ____________________________________________________
No _____

If you answered yes to either question – Are you interested and available to attend this trip if requested?
Yes _____
No _____
Parent/Guardian signature___________________________________________________________
(by signing above you agree to pick up your child, should they sustain an injury which requires medical evaluation)

For Ski/Snowboard Package Ordering & Purchasing

Club Name: 412mv
Member Password: 2017member412 (case sensitive)
Tech Support: (570) 421-7231 x:244 /

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