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Grading Using Rubrics with Dropboxes

  • When grading using Rubrics the instructor clicks on the rubric level that the student has earned for each criterion. The instructor can also add specific comments by clicking on a pencil tool next to each criterion.

  • Multiple rubrics can be attached to a dropbox but only one rubric’s points will be sent to the student grade field.

  • Dropboxes can be created for individual students or groups of students. Group drop boxes – all students receive the same grade.

  • The dropbox rubric can also be tied to the Competencies tool in order to track whether a student has met certain Competencies and Objectives. (Students can also view the Competencies evaluation if the instructor allows this.)

Group Tool

Participants will use the Group Tool to set up discussion boards, dropboxes, quizzes, etc. that are restricted to groups of students. These restrictions can be used to create spaces for students to communicate and hand in assignments for group projects. Group restrictions can also be used to create discussion boards for private journaling or reflective activities, or to choose paper or project topics. Participants will also learn to use Group restrictions restrict access to other tools and content in D2L besides discussion boards and dropboxes.

Content, assessments, discussion boards, drop boxes and other tools can be made visible to students according to group enrollment. Groups can 1) allow self-enrollment, 2) D2L can randomly or alphabetically assign students to groups, or 3) D2L can create the groups with no enrollees and the instructor can assign students to groups by hand.

Students can belong to any number of groups in one course.

Restricted Discussion Board Scenario

  1. Private Discussion Boards Restricted by Individual can be used for:

    1. Journaling

    2. Reflection

  2. Restricted Group / Reporter / Open Group.

    1. Each of the 5 groups is assigned one of the 5 questions for the week

    2. Each group has a recorder for that week (the recorder position rotates weekly)

    3. The group discusses their question in their private group discussion area.

    4. When the discussion period is finished the reporter for that week posts the question and a synopsis of the discussion in an open discussion area specific to that week.
      (So all 5 questions with a synopsis of the discussion will be available for all students to read).

  1. Self-Enrollment Groups

    1. Choose paper Topic - rename group name to reflect papers topics (may add descriptions, too.)

    2. Enroll in group of one's choosing.

  2. Share documents with class.

    1. Create a group that includes all students in your course.

    2. Create a group dropbox based on that group.

    3. Any file uploaded to that dropbox will be accessible by all students in the course.

Setting Up Groups

In D2L Groups are organized by Category.

  1. Click on the link to the Groups tool in the blue navigation board and then click New Category to create your first group category.

  2. Give the category a descriptive name according to how you plan on using the category. It is not necessary fill in the category description but in some cases you will want to do this. We will discuss reasons for this later.

  3. Choose the enrollment type. You will be choosing enrollment type by the number of groups you want or by the number of users you want in group.

    1. No Auto Enrollments – the instructor adds students to the groups after the groups are created.

    2. Self-Enrollment – Students add themselves to the groups after the groups are created

    3. Auto Enrollments – the students are added to the groups as they are created. Students can be alphabetically or randomly added to the groups.

  4. Type in a number indicating the number of groups or the number of users in each group that you want.

  5. In the additional options area select the Set Up Discussion Areas and/or Set Up Drop box selection boxes if you wish to create discussion boards or drop boxes. In some cases you may not want to create them.

  6. Click the Create button to move to the next screen that allows you to name the discussion forums and drop boxes if you have chosen to create them.



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