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Rubrics: Grading Dropbox Assignments Using Rubrics

Why Use Rubrics?


  • Helps instructors more fully define each assignment

  • Provides a consistent method for grading and giving feedback to students.


Scenario for Rubric Use

Scenario #1 – Assignment completion and Peer Evaluation

  • ­Students use rubric as a guide in completing assignment

  • ­Students upload assignment to drop box

  • ­Students work in groups to evaluate each other’s work.

  • ­Students upload peer evaluation rubrics to drop box

  • ­Faculty member grades initial student assignments with rubric

  • ­Faculty member compares peer evaluation rubrics to instructor rubric and gives students points for grading accuracy.

  • ­Students modify assignments and resubmit to same or separate drop box.

  • ­Faculty member grades final submission with rubric.

Scenario #2 – Guide in Completing Complex Tasks

  • Detailed assignment instructions written in document in content area.

  • Instructor creates rubric to use as a checklist for completing each step in the process.

  • Downloadable rubric linked in document area. (Word doc made from rubric preview)

  • Students

    • use rubric as a guide as they complete the assignment.

    • evaluate themselves using the Word rubric – upload to drop box

  • Instructor uses rubric to grade assignment and provide feedback.

Scenario #3 – Using Multiple Rubrics per assignment

  • Research paper assignment

  • Custom points rubric

  • Grammar rubric

    • Provides feedback on grammar usage

    • Points don’t apply to grade.

Attaching Rubrics to Dropboxes and Discussion Boards

Rubrics are visible to students in the Dropbox they are attached to but are not visible to students when attached to a discussion board. The rubric should be attached to the corresponding grade column when using a rubric to evaluate student work in a discussion board.

Two Types of Rubrics

Analytic Rubric

There are two types of Analytic rubrics; 1) the points analytic rubric all criteria levels earn the same number of points, 2) the custom points analytic rubric each criterion level can have it's own point values. Criterion can also be divided into groups.
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