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Grading Student Dropbox Assignments

Instructors: Working with Feedback Files

If you upload corrected or graded documents to student dropboxes you have to put some sort of comment in the feedback box for the file to show up to the student. You could even put something generic like “See document below” and it works fine. If you put nothing though, the link to the document you submitted does not show up. (Note: Problem should be fixed when the next update is applied to D2L, possibly in March.)

  • If you upload a file to the dropbox and then remove it and try to add another file....and you then receive an error message... you can get rid of the error by clicking the RETRACT button to remove the file. You will then be able to add another feedback file to the student's dropbox. Note: Make sure you type a comment in the comment box (see above bullet) to enable the student to see the file you upload.

Students - DO THIS! (Please read what not to do below!)

To view feedback files that instructors have uploaded to your dropbox complete the following steps.

  1. Click Dropbox in the Blue Navigation Banner.

  2. Locate the dropbox for which you want to view feedback left by your instructor. Click the View Button associated with that dropbox.
    Click the View Button.

Look for the instructor file at the bottom of the window that opens.
Look for the instructor file at the bottom of the pop up window.

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