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The Center for Implants & Aesthetics

Dental Implant Learning Center

Cutting Edge
Join the Elite on the cutting edge of dentistry! Implantology can be your key to unlocking new practice success. This unique program brings together practitioners for comprehensive learning of both the surgical and prosthetic aspect of implant dentistry. There are few courses across the country similar to this intensity.

Course Objectives
To give thorough understanding of the diagnostic and treatments modalities to properly treat patients with dental implants. The course utilizes case-based learning methods that will include lectures, demonstrations, interactive seminars, cadaver dissection laboratories, hands-on sessions, patient treatment, and relevant reviews of literature emphasizing evidence-based learning.

  • Receive guidance in evaluating and selecting your patient cases

Approved PACE Program Provider


Approval does not imply acceptance by a state of provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement

10/1/2010 to 9/30/2013

Provider ID# 310502

Perform hands on surgery and hands on prosthetic implant treatment

  • Learn proper treatment planning for your patients

  • Learn patient evaluation, diagnostic protocols, and CT diagnosis

  • Learn root form surgical protocol, as well as immediate implants

  • Learn implant prosthetics, computer milled abutment and removable overdentures

  • Learn to market dental implants and your implant practice

  • Provide live surgical and prosthetic demonstrations on patients

  • Assess several implant systems and their application

  • Prepare for the AAID Associate Fellow/Fellow membership examination

  • Become an AAID Member

UNLV School of Dental Medicine, Las Vegas, NE; Zimmer Institute West, Carlsbad CA

Implant Direct, Las Vegas NE


8 Friday to Sunday Modules 2016-2017: September 23-25, 2016; October 14-16, 2016; November 4-6, 2016; December 2-4, 2016; January 13-15, 2017; February 2-4, 2017, April 14-16, 2017, June 9-11, 2017 (Chicago, IL)

300 Credit Hours.

John C. Minichetti, DMD, the Director, currently serves as Past-President of the AAID and Chairman of the AAID Research Foundation. Dr. Shankar Iyer, Co-Director, runs AAID Asia programs, and Dr. Jones, Co-Director, is Assistant Clinical Professor at UNLV. The AAID Las Vegas Maxicourse ® is designed to enable you to become AAID credentialed through lectures, hands on and surgical training.
Adjunctive faculties have been selected to cover a number of topics: Anatomy, 3D- Radiology, Oral Diagnosis, Selecting an Implant System, Pre-op Evaluation, Contraindications, Bone Biology, Prosthetic Superstructures, Treatment Planning, Bone Grafting and Membrane grafting, Surgical Principles, Root Form Implants, mini-implants, treating complications

Guest Speakers: Dr. Shankar Iyer, Dr. James Rutkowski, Dr. Stuart Orton Jones, Prof. Maurice Valen, Dr. Nicholas Caplanis, Dr. Frank R LaMar, Dr. Mathew Young, Dr. Brian Jackson, Dr. Hilt Tatum, Dr. Jaime Lozada, Dr. Jack Piermatti, Dr. Sam Lee, Dr. Lawrence Nalitt, Dr. Jason Kim, Dr. Richard Elias, Dr. Bernie Dunson, Dr. Carlos Alfonso, Dr. Kirk Kalogiannis, Nancy Kestan-Passeretti, Dr. Edgard El Chaar, Dr. Irv Lubis, and Dr. Frank Recker
Attendance is limited to ensure individual attention, please reserve your spot early!

Register at 1-866-433-1335 E-mail:
Course Tuition: $17,500.00 ($18,500.00 after June 6, 2016).

Student & Recent Graduate Tuition: Early Bird Student $7,500.00; 1st Year Grad $9,900.00, 2nd Year Grad $10,900, 3rd Year Grad $11,900

(Early Bird special ends June 6, 2016)
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