Demystification of superstition by jata removal Movement

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7th National Teachers’ Science Congress 2013. Research Paper.

Theme: Science Education for Sustainable Development.

Sub Theme: Science For Society.

Title: Demystification OF SUPERSTITION BY JATA Removal Movement

Name of the Author : Dr.Sudhir Annasaheb Kumbhar.

Name & address of Institution : K.B.Patil Vidyalaya & Jr. College , Dhebewadi.

At/Post -Dhebewadi. Tal-Patan. Dist: Satara.

State- Maharashtra. PIN-415112.

School Phone No. 02372 258236.

E mail:

Introduction: Jata Removal Movement is one of the movements for increasing scientific temper & awareness through scientific activity initiated by the social revolutionaries in southwest part of Maharashtra and North Karnataka. Jata, which is hair nugget developed among women due to unhygienic practices and lack of proper care of hairs, but that has been treated as development of divine powers among women and further it results in outcast of women from normal life on account of this body feature. The religious convention and social protocol about development of such hair nugget is social isolation and worship of certain deity.

A minor degree of hair matting is common, especially in individuals with longer hair, but it is usually reversible by combing or rarely by cutting only small tufts of matted hair.. The exact mechanism is not understood, but. Cutting of the affected hair and avoiding all possible triggering factors are the only effective treatments *.Matted hairs can be separated only by manually which requires lot of time.


  1. To find out reasons of jata & jata affected woman from society.

  2. To make counseling & orientation of jata affected woman & her family.

  3. To communicate with the volunteers who are participating in this movement.

  4. To remove all nuggets from matted hairs.

  5. To give instructions to jata removed woman for post operative actions.

  6. To see the performance after jata removal.

Methodology: In this process of jata removal one should be careful about taking real case history and consent of jata victim person before jata removal activity.

Reasons behind Jata (Matting of hairs):

  1. The religious belief systems and the culture of victimization is main reason of formation of hair nugget . The unmarried and young girls are forced to follow another evil tradition of Devadasi .

  2. The jata condition is emerging out of unhygienic practice, lack of regular washing , unavailability of water, shampoo, hair oil etc. is one of the main reason.

  3. The hair clump gets developed among women due to lack of proper care of hairs and general unhygienic behavior.

Types of matted hairs:

  1. Numerous locks are matted separately, constituting the variety known as plica multiformis.

  2. The matted hair forms a single coil, plica caudiformis.

  3. It may constitute a large and irregular mass without order in its matting, the usual character of the disease in women (Wilson; 1857).

There are many types of Jata formation occurs. Every case is different.

There are several types of fungus, yeast, parasites as well as bacterial developments indicated with the matted bunch of hairs. The oil applied on matted hairs, water and some other fluids create an enrich environment for the development of fungi. Sometimes the eruption grows out of the scalp and skin gets affected. Black piedra and white piedra (Trichomycosis nodularis), Trichophyton, tinea capitis, pediculosis are some of the major fungal infections that are seen in case of matted hairs.

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