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166 De Labore Solis
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De Labore Solis 167

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I only stand behind "A. The Galilean Transformation". Unhappily, Dr. Byl's "B. Fresnel Drag" contains an error also made by H.Aspden (Phys. letters, 85A, 411, 1981), who is proposing the use of a solid glass tube, which we in 1982 already found to be unworkable.
Also see relevant articles in the Bulletin of the Tychonian Society
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168 De Labore Solis

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De Labore Solis 169

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170 De Labore Solis

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De Labore Solis 171

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172 De Labore Solis

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Inside back-cover of book De Labore Solis

The Tychonian Society
The Tychonian Society holds that the only absolutely trustworthy information about origin and purpose of all that exists and happens is given by God, our Creator and Redeemer1 in His infallible Word, the Bible. All scientific endeavour which does not accept this Revelation from on High without any reservations, literary, philosophical or whatsoever, we reject as already condemned in its un­provable first assumptions.

We believe that Creation was completed in six twenty-four hour days and that the world is not older than about six thousand years, but beyond that we maintain that the Bible teaches us an Earth that cannot be moved, at rest with respect to the Throne of Him Who called it into existence, and hence absolutely at rest in the centre of the Universe.

That is to say: we accept the model proposed by Tycho Brahe and used in all the applied sciences (e.g., practical astronomy, oceanography, gyroscopic theory, and space travel) to be the truest one possible.

Lastly: the reason why we deem a return to such a geocentric astronomy a first apologetical necessity is that its rejection at the beginning of our Modern Age constitutes one very important, if not the most important cause of the historical development now resulting in a largely post-Christian world in which atheistic existentialism is preaching a life that is really meaningless.

The Bulletins of the Tychonian Society have no subscription price. They are sent free to all those who request them. However, donations to help cover the printing and mailing costs are gratefully accepted.
Editor: Gerardus D. Bouw

4527 Wetzel Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44109


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