Date: Structures of the Eye Pattern

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The Human Eye Name:


Structures of the Eye Pattern:

How do these structures relate to the structures found on a camera? Below you have two diagrams... one of an eye and the other of a camera. Match the different structures of the camera to the structures of the eye.



PUPIL = __________________________ RETINA = __________________________

LENS = _____________________________
Use the table below as a study sheet. In your own words, describe the function of each of the structures found within the human eye. Also include if that particular structure moves, or changes shape when carrying out is role.







Ciliary Muscle

Vitreous Humor


Optic Nerve

Blind Spot


Chorid Layer


The Blind Spot

Draw a diagram and write a short explanation as to why each eye has a blind spot. Label your diagram with the structures that are included in the creation of the blind spot.

What household item “resembles” the back of the eye and helps explain why we have a blind spot in each eye?


Explain why we don’t “see” a blind spot in our everyday lives… why isn’t there a big gap in the image that our brain “sees”?
Photo Receptors

Fill in the table below to help differentiate between the two photo recepting cells that make up the retina.

Name of photo reception cell

What intensity of light is need to activate this cell

Can these cells see colour?

What time of the day do we rely on these cells to help us see?

Where are these cells primarily located in the eye?

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