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3-D Implant Placement for Optimal Restorative Esthetics, Gerald L. Cohen, DDS
New York University, College of Dentistry, New York, NY, December 8-9, 2006
  • Objective Criteria for Planning and Evaluating Dental Implant Esthetics, Dr . Lyndon Cooper

  • Immediate vs. Delayed Placement of Implants for Treatment Planning in the Esthetic Zone, Dr. Zvi Schwartz

  • The Role of Surface Roughness in Promoting Osseointegration and its Clinical Application, Dr. Ziv Mazor

  • Reliability of All Ceramic Implant Supported Restorations, Dr. Christian Stappert

  • Comparison of Alternative Techniques for Predictable Ridge Augmentation

  • Achieving Predictable Implant Aesthetics, Dr. Ueli Grunder
  • Bone Management: An Adapted Treatment Protocol to the Variety of Bone Qualities in Oral Implantology, Dr. Georg Nentwig

  • Esthetic Zone Reconstruction: Synergy of Interactive CT/Hard and Soft Tissue Grafting, Dr. Michael Pikos

  • Controlling Soft and Hard Tissue Integration Through Implant Design and Surface Modification, Dr. John Ricci

  • Technological Advances in Oral Reconstruction , Dr. Matts Andersson

  • 3-D Bone Reconstruction: How to Make the Best Choice, Dr. Gilberto Sammartino

The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry: Projected Clinic Program, Chicago, IL. Sunday February 25th, 2007

  • Esthetic Solutions for an Altered Interproximal Space, Andrea Ricci, DMD

  • Youthful Restoration: Utilizing Orthodontic Intrusion to Facilitate Anterior Reconstruction of the Severely Worn Dentition, Jerome M. Gibson, DDS

  • All Ceramic Restorations: Material Selection and Opacity Control for Esthetically Superior Results, Aki Yoshida, RDT

  • Aesthetic Predictability Using Porcelain Laminate Veneer, Tal Morr, DMD, MSD

  • Osteoporosis: Implication in Clinical Periodontal/Implant Therap, Joan Otomo-Corgel, DDS, MPH

  • Piezosurgery – a New Dimension in Bone Surgery, Markus Schlee, DDS

  • Achieving Imperceptible Direct Anterior Esthetic Restorations, Marcos A. Vargas, DDS, MS

  • Cone Beam CT – Computer Aided Design & Digitally Manufactured Dental Restorations in General Practice, Stephen M. Schmitt, DDS, MS

22nd Annual Meeting of The Academy of Osseointegration, San Antonio, TX; March 8, 2007.

Outcomes of the 2006 State of the Science of Implant Dentistry Consensus Conference:

    • What is the Effect on Outcomes of Time-to-Loading of a Fixed or Removable Prosthesis Placed on Implant(s)? – Jeffrey Ganeles, DMD

    • How Do Smoking, Diabetes and Periodontal Disease Affect Outcomes of Implant Treatment? – Niklaus Lang, DDS, MS, PhD

    • Which Hard Tissue Augmentation Techniques are the Most Successful in Furnishing Bony Support for Implant Placement? – O. Ross Beirne, DMD, PhD

    • In-Patients Requiring Single Tooth Replacement: What are the Outcomes of Implant as Compared to Tooth-Supported Restorations? – Clark Standford, DDS, PhD
22nd Annual Meeting of The Academy of Osseointegration, San Antonio, TX; March 8-10, 2007.

Outcomes of the 2006 State of the Science of Implant Dentistry Consensus Conference:

    • For Teeth Requiring Endodontic Treatment, What are the Difference in Outcomes of Restored Endodontically-Treated Teeth Compared to Implant-Supported Restorations? – Karl Keiser, DDS, MS

    • Does the Type of Implant Prosthesis Affect Outcomes for the Completely Edentulous Arch? – Lyndon Cooper, DDS, PhD

    • Does the Type of Implant Prosthesis Affect Outcomes for the Partially Edentulous Arch? – Thomas Taylor, DDS, MSD

    • How Does the Timing of Implant Placement After Extraction Affect Outcomes? – Thomas Wilson, Jr. DDS

March 9, 2007: Limited Attendance Lectures

  • Why Did My Graft Fail? A Critical Evaluation of Graft Failures. – Jay Malmquist, DMD

  • Regenerative Therapy in Clinical Practice: Why Did My Bone Graft Fail? – Paul A. Fugazzotto, DDS

  • Strategies to Manage Implant Esthetics. – Myron Nevins, DDS

  • Anterior Implant Esthetics: Management of Failing Teeth with compromised Facial Bone. – Joseph Kan, DDS, MS

  • Decisions in Incisions. – Mark Handelsman, DDS

  • Surgical Complications: How to Treat and Avoid. –Murray Arlin, DDS

Treating the Failing #8 – Maxillary Right Central Incisor (Pt. 1)

  • Different Approaches and Retrospective Data Relative to the Long-term Efficacy of Resin-Bonded Retainer Bridge. – Hans Peter Weber, DMD

  • Treating the Failing #8: Staged Implant Placement. – Joerg Strub, DMD PhD

  • Immediate Provisionalization in the Esthetic Zone. – Joseph Kan, DDS, MS

  • Immediate or Delayed Temporization: From the Biology to the Clinics. – Paulo Trisi, DDS, PhD

  • Non-Salvageable #8 Site is Periapically Compromised. – Arthur Novaes, Jr. , MScD, DSc

Treating the Failing #8 – Maxillary Right Central Incisor (Pt. 2)

  • Designing and Sequencing Therapy for Ensuring Predictable Esthetic Outcomes. – Henry Salama, DMD

  • Predictable Long-Term Reconstruction – Guidelines for Bone Grafting to Perfect Implant Placement. – Foudad Khoury, DMD, PhD

  • Adjacent to a Pre-existing Implant or Pontic Site or When #8 is Comcomitantly Lost with an Adjacent Tooth

  • Autotransplantation of Teeth: Why, When, How? – Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi, DDS, PhD

  • The Verdict? – Jan LIndhe, DDS

ITI World Symposium. New York, NY – April 26, 2007.

Session 1: Risk factors and treatment planning in implant patients

  • Progress in Implant dentistry in the past 20 years W. Laney

  • Medical risk factors and smoking J. Ruskin

  • Periodontal risk factors and smoking B. Mealey

  • Prosthetic and endodontic risk factors U. Bragger

  • Esthetic risk factors W. Martin

Session 2: Interactive Session – treatment planning

Presenter – D Clem, Advocates: HP Webber, S Chen, B Schmid

  • Case 2: Options for the esthetic zone

Presenter – D Clem, Advocates: HP Webber, S Chen, B Schmid
ITI World Symposium. New York, NY – April 27, 2007.

Session 4B: The effect of crown contours and implant angulation on esthetic outcomes for anterior implant restorations

Session 5: Loading protocols in implant dentistry

  • Introduction: Risk, cost, consensus conference, and SAC J. Ganeles

  • Early loading in partially edentulous patients D. Morton

  • Immediate loading in fully edentulous patients M. Chiapasco

  • Immediate loading in posterior sites, partially edentulous patients R. Cornelini

  • Panel discussion

Session 6: Interactive Session – treatment planning

  • Case 1 – Options for the partially edentulous maxillary arch

Presenter: C. Haeimmerle, Advocates: F. Higinbottom, H. Katsuyama, A. Dickinson

    • Case 2 – Fixed restorative options for the fully edentulous maxillary arch

Presenter: B. Jaffin, Advocate: Higinbottom, H. Katsuyama, A. Dickinson

continued April 28, 2007

Session 9: New technologies for implant esthetics

  • ITI Award Ceremony

  • The correction and avoidance of esthetic disfigurements resulting from trauma, dental disease or previous implant therapy

  • The alveolar ridge following tooth loss

  • New implant design: does it improve implant esthetics?

  • Critical review of surgical procedures to optimize esthetic implant restorations

  • Evolution in prosthetic components and CAD/CAM technology

  • Biological and clinical factors to replace multiple and single teeth in the esthetic zone

The Northeastern Society of Periodontists, Inc New York, NY – May 11, 2007

  • Fundamental Criteria for a Perfect Esthetic Integration – Dr. Adolfi

  • Tissue Alternations with Implant-Supported Restorations – Dr. Jan Wennström

  • Creating Esthetic Treatment Outcomes Through Interdisciplinary Synergy – Dr. Paquette

  • Surgical and Restorative Advances in Esthetic Dentistry – Dr. Janovic

The 9th International Symposium on Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry, Boston, MA- June 7, 2007

    • Novel Approaches To Bone Tissue Engineering – M. Spector

    • Bench To Bedside Process For Product Development – J. Hollinger

    • Combining Bone Graft Materials With Bone-Inductive Proteins – J. Mellonig

    • Regeneration Of Infrabony Defects Using Bio-Oss And Bio-Gide In Comparison To Conventional Flap Debridement – N. Lang

    • Selection Of Barrier Membranes And Bone Fillers To Optimize Outcomes With The Guided Bone Regeneration Technique – D. Buser

    • Use of rhPDGF-2 for Bone Regeneration: Preclinical and Clinical Observations – M. Simion

  • Clinical Applications of rhMBP-2 – A. Herford

  • Panel Discussion

continued, June 8, 2007

  • Complications of Grafting: A Critical Evaluation of Graft Failures – J. Malmquist

  • Esthetic Zone Reconstruction: Synergy of Interactive Computerized Tomography Hard and Soft Tissue Grafting – M. Pikos

  • Enhancing Bone Height and Width with Puros Block Allografts – J. Daulton Keith

  • Three-Dimensional Ridge Augmentation in Esthetic Implant Restorations – M. Simion

  • Bone Grafting Around Dental Implants: A Biological, Clinical and Implant Design Challenge – S. Jovanovic

  • Vertical Ridge Augmentation: Surgical Technique Modifications and Retrospective Evaluation with 10-year Follow-Up – C. Tinto, S. Parma-Benfenati

  • Panel Discussion

- continued June 9, 2007

  • Implant Placement in Fresh Extraction Sockets – J. Lindhe

  • Optimal Esthetic Treatment Planning: Extraction, Grafting, and Implant Placement – M. Nevins

  • A Clinical Concept for Obtaining Optimal Results When Replacing Maxillary Anterior Teeth with Implants – C. Hämmerle

  • The Concept of Early Implant Placement: Rationale, Clinical Procedures, and Results – D. Buser

  • When to Save or Extract a Tooth in the Esthetic Zone – D. Tarnow

  • Immediate Loading in the Esthetic Zone. Indications, Surgical Techniques, and Limitations – T. Testori

  • Panel Discussion

  • continued June 10, 2007

  • State Of The Art 2007: What We Do And Don’t’ Know About Sinus Elevation Surgery – S. Wallace

  • A Clinical Rationale For Various Sinus Bone Graft Materials And Techniques – C. Misch

  • Innovative Measures For Improving Efficiency And Simplifying Surgery – G. Watzek

  • Sinus Lift Procedures With Piezosurgery – T. Vercellotti

  • Hydraulic Sinus Condensing – L. Chen

  • Surgical Innovations In Implant Dentistry – H. Katsuyama

Northeastern Society of Periodontists, Inc. New York, New York October 12, 2007

  • Changes In Implant Dentistry: Are We Periodontists or Implantologists?, Dr. Bill Becker

93rd Annual Meeting – American Academy of Periodontology – Washington, DC, October 27-30, 2007.

Sunday, October 28, 2007 – LECTURES

  • The Role of Inflammation in Periodontal and Systematic Diseases, Michael K. McGuire, Ray C. Williams, Stuart W. Zarich

  • Presidential Lecture, Myron Nevins

  • Research Forum Oral Session

      • Platform Shifting and the Reality of Crestal Bone, David L. Cohran Ronald E. Jung, Frank L. Higginbottom, Archie A. Jones, Marco Wieland

      • Bone Response Between Platform Switched Implants Placed With an Inter-Implant Distance of 4 and 3 mm. An Experimental Study in Minipigs, Giuseppe Cardaropoli, San-Choon Cho, Mitch Bloom, Nick Elian, Michel Dard, Dennis Tarnow

      • Healing After Tooth Extraction and Immediate Implant Installation With and Without an Open Flap. An Experimental Study in the Dog, Giuseppe Cardaropoli, Francesca Monticelli, Raquel Osorio, Manuel Toledano, Peter Thomsen, Dennis Tarnow

      • Hemisection versus Implant Therapy for Mandibular Molars: A Comparative Study of Cases Treated Treated in a Private Practice, Oliver Hoffman, Gregory-George K. Zafiropoulos, DDS, Ulrikas Schultz, Dimitris N. Tatakis

      • Tissue Engineered Cultured Periosteum Sheets Combined with Platelet-Rich Plasma and Porous Hydroxyapatite in Regenerating Human Periodontal Infrabony Osseous Defects, Kanoko Yamamiya, DDS, Kazuhiro Oduka, Tomoyuki Kawase, Ken-ichiro Hata, Larry F. Wolff, Hiromasa Yoshie

      • Retention of “Hopeless” Teeth and its Effect on the Adjacent Proximal Bone, Following Periodontal Surgery, Eli E. Machtei, Ilan Hirsch

      • Promotional Training in Periodontology, Russell A. Dylla, James E. Hinrichs

      • Neutrophil Formylpeptide Receptor SNP 348T>C Subjects with Aggressive Periodontitis, Pooja Maney, John D. Walters

      • Actinobacillus Actinomycetemcomitans Mimics TLRVYK Peptides in Beta-2 Glycoprotein I, Toshiyuki Nagasawa, Dongging Wang, YiWen Chen, Hiroaki Kobayashi, Yasuo Takeuchi, Yuichi Izumi

      • Periodontitis is an Independent Predictor For Elevated Serum CRP Levels in Solid Organ, Effi Ioannidou, David Hull, Joseph Burleson, Anna Dongari-Bagtzoglou

      • Are “Periodontal Derived” Stem Cells Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells?, Wolf-Dieter D. Grimm, Wolfgang Arnold, Georg Gassman, Darius Widera, Gabor VargaChristian Kaltschmidt

      • Periodontal Regeneration By Application of Human Periodontal Cell Sheet in an Athymic Rat Model, Reiko Yashiro, Mara Gomez Flores, Masayuki Yamato, Teruo Okano, Isao Ishikawa

Monday, October 29, 2007 – LECTURES

        • Lasers: Clinical and Research Modalities, Charles M. Cobb, Samuel B. Low, Raymond A. Yukna

Tuesday, October 30, 2007 – LECTURES

        • The Key Role of Orthodontics in Esthetic, Periodontic and Reconstructive Dentistry, Robert L. Boyd, Maurice A. Salama

        • Periodontal Surgery Problems, Complications and Solutions, Gary M. Reiser

        • Interactive General Session—Treatment Choices for a Maxillary Anterior Tooth with a Severe Osseous Defect, Brian L. Mealy, David L. Cochran, William V. Giannobile, Stefan Renvert, Mariano Sanz, Jeffrey Ganeles, Paul S. Rosen, Dennis P. Tarnow, Thomas G. Wilson, Jr.

Fall Meeting – American Officers of the Northeastern Society of Periodontists, Inc. – New York, NY, November 16, 2007.

  • Dental Implant Surfaces: Past, Present and Future, A. Piattelli

  • Osteogenic Procedures: Implementing Them into Your Practice, M. Nevins

  • Implant Aesthetics: A Blueprint for Success, S. Leziy

  • Compromised Patients: What is the Ideal Restorative Solution?, K. Meyenberg

Academy of Osseointegration AnnualMeeting, Boston, MA February 28- March 1, 2008.

Implant Dentistry: A Trip Up the Implant

The Northeastern Society of Periodontists Inc. Friday, April 11, 2008.

  • Orthodontic Interactions in Periodontics and Implantology, Dr. Frank Celenza

  • Bisphosphonates: Facts and Fiction Five Years Later, Dr. Susan Karabin

  • The Strategy of Vertical and Horizontal Bone Regeneration. Dr. Burton Langer

  • The Management and Mismanagement of Immediate Implsnts in the Esthetic Zone, Dr. Laureen Langer

  • Immediate Vs. Delayed Socket Placement: What we Know and Don’t Know, Dr. Dennis Tarnow

BioHorizons Global Symposium, San Diego, CA May 2nd, 2008

  • The Science behind Laser-Lok microchannels, Jack Ricci, Ph.D.

  • Soft Tissue Attachment to the Laser-Lok Surfaces, Dr. Myron Nevins

  • Panel discussion with Drs. Froum, Nevins and Ricci

  • Contemporary Reconstructive Hard & Soft Tissue Surgery: Myths, Realities and Future Trends, Dr. Maurice Salama

  • Prosthetic Techniques for Successful Patient Restorations, Dr. Michael McCracken

  • Repairing Soft Tissue Problems around Implants, Dr. Edward P. Allen

Toronto Osseointegration Conference, Toronto, Canada May 8 – 10th, 2008

  • What Have We Learned from Clinical Randomized Controlled Trials on Oral Implants?, Marco Esposito

  • Horizontal and Vertical Bone Regeneration in both the Maxilla and Mandible , Burton Langer

  • Tissue Engineering for the Oral Cavity: Hard and Soft Tissue Applications and Our Influence Upon Osseointegration, E. Todd Scheyer

  • Is Autogenous Bone Still The Golden Standard for Grafting? Current Opinion on The Use Of Autograft in Implant Dentistry, Craig M. Misch

  • Hard Tissue Augmentation to Osseointegrate Implants, Friedrich W. Neukam

  • Onlay and Inlay Grafting in The Reconstruction of The Resorbed Maxilla, Karl-Erik Kahnberg

  • Bone Augmentation in the Severely Resorbed Maxilla, Lars Rasmusson

  • Will Today’s State Of The Art Sinus Grafting Techniques Become Tomorrow’s Evidence Based Theory?, Stephen S. Wallace

  • Ridge Augementation Using rh-PDGF: Preclinical and Clinical Results, Massimo Simion

  • Digitally Guided Bone Augmentation: A Three Dimensional Synergy of Interactive CT Planning/Soft and Hard Tissue Grafting for Optimal Esthetic, Michael A. Pikos

  • The Art of Healing – Using Implant Related Technology to Reconstruct the Complex Patient, Michael S. Block

  • Does The Body React to All Implant Interfaces The Same Way, David L. Cochran

  • The Healing Bone-Implant Interface: The Role of Micromotion and Related Strain Levels in Tissue, John B. Brunski

  • Early Healing Sequences in Tissue Integration of Oral Implants, Niklaus P. Lang

  • Success By Design: Integrating Biology, New Implant Design and Esthetics in Simplified and Complex Therapy, Maurice A. Salama

  • Shortened Clinical Protocols – The Revolution Is Still Ongoing, Roland Glauser

  • The Stability of Implant/Abutment Connections, Thomas Taylor

  • CAD-CAM In Implant Dentistry, Jorg-R. Strub

  • Relative Illumination of an All-Ceramic and Implant Abutment System, Robert L. Schneider

  • CAD/CAM Abutments: From Rescue to Routine, Steven E. Eckert

  • What Have We Learned From Clinical Trials About Early Loading of Implants?, Asbjorn Jokstad

  • The Concept of Early Loading, Hans-Peter Weber

  • What Have We Learned About the Influence of Loading on the Quality and Maintenance of Osseointegration?, Ignace Naert

The Northeastern Society of Periodontists Inc. Friday, November 14th, 2008

  • The Four Cornerstones of Esthetic Implant Therapy: Diagnosis and Management, Dr.
    Henry Salama

  • Severe Periodontal Disease: Treat or Extract and Implant? That is the Question, Dr. Carlos Nemcovsky

  • Failures of Dental Implants: Where Do We Go Next?, Dr. Eli Machtei

  • Esthetic Implant Therapy: What is the Truth?, Dr, Markus Huerzeler

34th Annual USC International Periodontal & Implant Symposium, January 23-25th, 2009

  • Healing Following Tooth Extraction and Immediate Implant Placement, Dr. Giuseppe Cardaropoli

  • Failure After Success, Dr. Fereidoun Daftary

  • Preventing and Managing Complications With Regenerative Therapies, Dr. Paul Fugazzotto

  • Novel Bone Grafting Indications with rtBMP-2 For Implant Placement, Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic

  • Ridge Augmentation Techniques for Dental Implants: Cortical Block Bone Grafts and rhBMP-2, Dr. Craig M. Misch

  • Maxillary Sinus Complications, Dr. Dale Rice

95th Annual Meeting American Academy of Periodontology, September 12-15, 2009

  • Inflammation: Charting the Future of Periodontal Therapy, Dr. William Giannolbile, Dr. Steven Goldring, Dr. Kenneth Kornman, Dr. Charles Serhan

  • Vertical Bone Augmentation in the Posterior Mandible, Dr. Massimo Simion

  • Optimizing Anterior Tooth Replacement and Implant Esthetics, Dr. Urs Belser, Dr. Dan Buser

  • Long-Hard and Soft Tissue Stability, Dr. Urs Belser, Dr. Steven Eckert, Dr. Ueli Grunder

  • Understanding Success and Failure in Periodontal Regeneration, Dr. Pamela McClain, Dr. Paul Rosen, Dr. Maurizio Tonetti

  • Innovations in Periodontics Session 1, Dr. Zvi Artzi, Dr. Federico Brugnami, Dr. Leon Chen, Dr. Todd Scheyer

  • Management of Adjacent Maxillary Anterior Teeth with Severe Osseous Defects, Dr. Paul Rosen, Dr. William Giannolbile, Dr. Myron Nevins, Dr. Jeff Ganeles, Dr. Dennis Tarnow

NYU College of Dentistry and International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI) 20th Annual Implant Symposium (December 11-12, 2009)

    • Dr. Alan Herford “Use of rhBMP-2 in Preposthetic Surgery”

    • Dr. Lars Sennerby “Implant Surfaces – Are They Any Good?”

    • Dr. Stefan Fickl “Soft Tissue Management in the Esthetic Zone”

    • Dr. George Zarb “Implantomania and Osseointegration’s Ongoing Synergies”

    • Dr. Giulio Preti “Aesthetics to Heal the Spirit of Those Who Have Lost Their Own Teeth”

    • Dr. Edwin McGlumphy “Ohio State Implant Clinic Trials: What We Have Learned About Long-Term Outcomes, Early and Immediate Loading

    • Dr. Kevin Murphy “Clinical Periodontal Procedures of the PAOO Technique”

    • Dr. Jay Malmquist “Bone Grafting and Tissue Management for the Implant Platform: The Success and Failures; How to Avoid the Unexpected Result

    • Dr. Scott Ganz “Establishing New Paradigms for Assessing Implant Receptor Sites through Advances in 3-D Imaging and Diagnosis

    • Dr. John Cavallaro “Unsplinted Implants Retaining Horse-Shoe Shaped Removable Maxillary Overdentures: 4- 8 Year Follow-up and Clinical Methodologies”

    • Dr. William Giannobile “Tissue Engineering of the Periodontium”

    • Dr. Istvan Urban “New Perspective on Vertical and Horizontal Augmentation”

    • Dr. Hom-Lay Wang “Implant Complications: How to Avoid and How to Manage?”

Academy of Osseointegration 25th Anniversary Meeting. Orlando, FL (March 4-6, 2010)

March 4th

  • Risk Evaluation Factors Associated with Systemic Disorders. Louis F. Rose, MD, DDS

  • Risk Evaluation – Local Assessment in the Esthetic Zone. Ueli Grunder, DMD

  • Clinical Application of Computer-Guided Surgery for Implant Placement. Alan L. Rosenfeld, DDS

  • Immediate vs. Delayed Socket Placement – What We Know, What We Don’t Know and What We Think We Know. Dennis P. Tarnow, DDS

  • Surgical Implant Placement – Immediate Loading vs. Staged Loading in the Esthetic Zone. Clark M, Stanford, DDS, PhD

  • Keys and Techniques to Optimize Provisionalization in the Esthetic Zone. William C. Martin, DMD

  • Final Prosthesis in the Esthetic Zone. Konrad H. Meyenberg, MD, DDS

March 5th

  • Immediate Implant Loading – Surgical and Prosthetic Procedures for Success. Jeffrey Ganeles, DMD & David L. Guichet, DDS

  • Save the Teeth or Extract and Place Implants. Pamela K. McClain, DDS & Edwin S. Rosenberg, DMD

  • The Esthetic Zone – Do We Build the Ridge or Build the Bridge? Peter K. Moy, DMD

  • Decision Making Process for the Prosthetic Approach – Hybrid vs. Pink Porcelain. Axel Kirsch, DMD, DDS

  • Is Zirconium the Ideal Material for Implant Frameworks? Stephen J. Chu DMD, MSD & Joerg R. Strub DMD, PhD

  • Timing of Implant Placement – Advantages of Early Placements. Daniel Buser, DDS, DMD

  • The Timing of Implant Placement – The immediate Approach: Indications, Contraindications, and Coordinated Therapy. Barry D. Wagenberg, DMD

  • The Advantages of the Root Submergence Technique (RST) for Pontic Site Enhancement. Maurice A. Salama, DMD

  • Managing Esthetics with Two Adjacent Implants. Nigel A. Saynor, BDS

March 6th

  • Efficacy of Ridge Preservation in Esthetic Implant Therapy. Anthony G. Sclar, DMD

  • Autogenous Bone Grafting. Craig M. Misch, DMD, MDS

  • Bone “Manipulation” and the “Periosteal-Bone Flap” for Horizontal Ridge Reconstruction. Daniel R. Cullum, DDS

  • Present and Future in Guided Bone Regeneration – Available Techniques and Future Trends. Massimo Simion, MD, DDS

  • Hard Tissue Biologics. Alan S. Herford, MD, DDS

  • Soft Tissue Biologics. Michael K. McGuire, DDS

  • Connective Tissue Grafts at Time of Implant Placement and/or Second Stage. Kirk L. Pasquinelli, DDS

  • Rebuilding the Inter-Implant Papilla. Patrick Palacci, DDS

  • Risk Factors. Myron Nevins, DDS

  • Treatment Planning Failures. Nicholas Elian, DDS

  • Soft Tissue Esthetic Failures. Bobby L. Butler, DDS

  • Hard Tissue Failure. Donald S. Clem III, DDS

  • Restorative Failures, Michael R. Norton, BDS, FDS, RCS

  • Esthetic Failures Caused by Implant Malpositions. Daniel Buser, DDS, DMD

Northeastern Society of Periodontists (April 16, 2010)

  • Bringing Light to the Heat: Inflammation and Chronic Disease of Aging. Dr. Kenneth Kornman

  • Tissue Engineering Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration. Dr. Michael McGuire

  • Strategies for Early and Immediate Loading of Dental Implants. Dr. Harold Baumgarten

  • Alteration of Protocol to Enhance Esthetics and Function of Osseointegrated Implants. Dr. David Gelb

10th International Symposium on Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Clinical Regeneration: Surgical Approach to Enhance Restorative Results

  • Implant Placement in Postextraction Sites: Treatment Options. Dr. Daniel Buser

  • Bone Block Graft Alternatives. Dr. J. Daulton Keith

  • Molecular and Cellular Strategies to Optimize Bone Augmentation. Bradley McAllister

  • Clinical Application of rhPDGF-BB for Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration. Dr. Massimo Simion

  • Bone Growth Factor (rhBMP-2) for Maxillary Sinus Floor Grafting. Dr. R. Gilbert Triplett

Periodontal Regeneration: The Determinants of Efficacy

  • From Papilla Preservation Flaps to Minimally Invasive Procedures: The Impact of Flap Design on Clinical Outcomes. Dr, Pierpaolo Sandro Cortellini

  • New Avenues for Periodontal Regeneration. Dr. Pamela McClain

  • Biologic and Technical Strategies for Periodontal Tissue Regeneration. Dr. Guilio Rasperini

  • Growth Factors in Periodontal Tissue Engineering: Current Challenges and Expanding Opportunities. Dr. Mark Reynolds

  • Emdogain: From Biologic Principle to Clinical Application. Dr. Anton Sculean

Treatment Longevity for the Periodontally Compromised Patient

  • Long-Term Observations of Treatment for the Periodontally Compromised Patient. Dr. Myron Nevins

  • Observations of Long-Term Outcomes with Periodontal Regenerative Therapy. Dr. Robert G. Schallhorn

  • Sinus Elevation for Implant Therapy in the Posterior Region. Dr. Stephen Wallace

  • Long-Term Prosthodontic Implant Solutions for Periodontally Challenged Patients. Dr. George Priest

  • Bar and Overbar Prosthesis for the Treatment of Atrophic Edentulous Jaw. Dr. Marcelo da Costa Camelo

  • Peri-implantitis: Identification, Prevention, and Treatment. Dr. Stefano Parma-Benfenati

  • Long-Term Observations of Function and Esthetics in Extensive Rehabilitations. Dr. Mauro Fradeani

Risk Factors Challenging Implant Success

  • Avoiding and Managing Complications in Esthetic Implant Therapy: Hard and Soft Tissue Considerations. Dr. Anthony Sclar

  • Diabetes and Bisphosphonate Treatment as Risk Factors for Implant Survival. Dr. Joseph Fiorellini

  • Risk Factors of Periodontal Diseases for Successful Implant Dentistry. Dr. Marc Quirynen

  • Implant of the Surface on Osseointegration and Soft Tissue Integration. Dr. Peter Schuepbach

  • Implants in Adolescents: Advantages and Risks. Dr. Georg Watzek

  • Catastrophic Failures in the Esthetic Zone. Dr. Stephen Wheeler

  • Clinical Reduction of Implant and Fixed Prosthodontic Risk Factors Through Data Acquisition with a Digital Impression Scanner: Are We There Yet? Dr. James Stein

Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2010 –June 24-26, 2010 Waldorf Astoria, New York

  • Immediate Function: Science, Clinical Efficacy and Controversy. Roland Glauser

  • The Science that Supports Immediate Function. Peter Schupbach

  • Immediate Function – An Essential Part of My Daily Practice. Sonia S. Leizy

  • Immediate Function – Does Every Patient Need It?. Burton Langer

  • Immediate Function – What is the Controversy? Peter Wohrle

  • Advanced Clinical Study Protocols in Immediate Function. Marco Esposito

  • Advanced Treatment Planning: Integrating the Concepts. Carlo Marinello, Joerg Strub

    • Panel: Markus B. Blatz, James Chow, Michael Cohen, Stefan Holst, Sonia Leziy, Peter Moy

Academy of Osseointegration’s Silver Anniversary Summit.

August 5-8, 2010, Oak Brook Hills Marriott Resort, Oak Brook, IL

  • “Impact of Biological and Technological Advances on Implant Dentistry”

The Northeastern Society of Periodontists, Inc. “Periodontal/Restorative Interrelationships: Current Concepts” October 1, 2010

  • Developing Treatment Algorithms for the Compromised Esthetic Zones. Dr. Paul Fugazzotto

  • Growth Factors for Esthetic Implant Site Preparation. Dr. Marc Nevins

  • Managing the Implant Transmucosal Area. How the Surgical-Restorative Team Thinks and Acts. Dr. Sonia Leziy and Dr. Brahm Miller

American Academy of Periodontology 96th Annual Meeting Honolulu, HI October 30 – November 2, 2010

  • Emerging Diagnostics for Oral and Systemic Diseases. William V. Giannobile, Shogo Takashiba, David T. Wong

  • Techniques for the Mandibular Deficient Ridge. David L. Cochran, Jeffrey R. Lemler, Michael A. Pikos, Alan A. Winter

  • New Techniques for Soft Tissue Augmentation. Michael K. Mcguire, Yasukazu Miyamoto, Kirk L. Pasquinelli

  • Strategies for Bone and Soft Tissue Preservation. Jay R. Beagle, Lars Sennerby, Dennis P. Tarnow

  • Interdisciplinary Solutions for Ridge Deformities. Christian Coachman, David A. Garber, Kenneth A. Malament, Marc L. Nevins, Maurice A. Salama

New York University Annual Implant Symposium. “Problems and Solutions in Contemporary Implant Treatment” November 12, 2010

  • Optimizing Implant Esthetics at the Perio-Prosthetic Interface: What do we know? – What do we think we know? - and What do we have to know? Dr. Peter Gehrke

  • Immediate Implant Placement, Temporization and/or Loading Respecting Boundaries. Michael Norton

  • Current Concept in Bone Grafting for Dental Implant. Alfred Seban

  • Making Successful Clinical Decisions in Anterior Esthetic and Implant Therapy: Success by Design. Henry Salama

  • Functional and Esthetic Dilemmas in Implant Dentistry: A Restorative Dentists Perspective. Keith Philipps

AAP 97th Annual Meeting, Miami, FL. November 12-15, 2011

  • Management of Peri-implant Disease. Maurizio Tonetti, Stephen Renvert

  • Innovations in Periodontics Session 2

    • Salivary Diagnostics: A New Paradigm for Aiding in Inflammatory Suppression. Herbert Bader

    • Alternative Applications for Guided Surgery in Antral Sinus Bone Grafting. George Mandelaris

    • Modifications in the Design and Applications of Osteotomes as Part of Implant Armamentarium. Sofia Petrov

    • Is Gingival Recession a Consequence of an Orthodontic Tooth Size and/or Tooth Position Discrepancy? A Paradigm Shift. Colin Richman

    • Interactive General Session. Treatment of Periodontal Diseases.

    • Soft Tissue Augmentation: Point-Counterpoint. John Bruno, Bobby Butler, Michael McGuire

    • Implant of Risk Assessment on Diagnosis and Management of Periodontal Disease. Kenneth Kornman, Michael McGuire

    • Immediate vs. Delzyed Socket Placement: What We Know, What We Think We Know and What We Don’t Know. Dennis Tarnow

    • Management of the Deficient Anterior Ridge. Oded Bahat, Sascha Jovanovic, Marc Nevins

New York University College of Dentistry, November 16, 2011

  • American Heart Association Healthcare Provider Course. Paul Jacobs.

Northeastern Society of Periodontists, New York, NY April 20, 2012

  • Craniofacial Growth and Implant Success. Dr. Fereidoun Daftary

  • Algorithm of Risks for Immediate Loading. Dr. Oded Bahat

  • Implant Provisionalization by the Periodontist. Dr. Alan Meltzer

  • The Use of the Mandibular Ramus Site for Autogenous Bone Grafting. Dr. Craig Misch

American Academy of Periodontology Spring Conference: Collaborative Management of Esthetic Dilemmas.

  • Restorative Dilemmas: The Single Anterior Tooth and Minimalistic Veneers. Dr. Edward McLaren

  • The Role of Orthodontics in Interdisciplinary Management of Esthetic Dilemmas. Dr. Richard Roblee

  • Redefining the Role of the Periodontist. Dr. Maurizio Tonetti

  • The Periodontal-Restorative Interface: Understanding, Manipulating and Preserving this Dynamic Relationship. Dr. Jeff Brucia and Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli

  • The Team Approach to Immediate Esthetic Implant Placement. Dr. Bobby Butler and Dr. Greggory Kinzer

  • The Team Approach to Managing Implant Complications in the Esthetic Zone. Dr. Donald Clem III and Dr. George Perri

  • Interactive Session: Management of the Challenging Esthetic Case. Dr. Bobby Butler, Dr. Donald Clem III, Dr. Greggory Kinzer, Dr. Paul Rosen, Dr, Michael Wiley

The Penn Esthetics Symposium: Biologic Compatibility. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA June 14-16, 2012

  • The Global Assessment and Treatment in Dentofacial Esthetics. Dr. David M. Sarver

  • Gingival Esthetics: A Surgical Point of View. Dr. Kirk L. Pasquinelli

  • Problem-Based Adult Orthodontics: The Practical Approach. Dr. Roger J. Wise

  • Biometric Microesthetic Determinants for Teeth and Implants: Diagnosis and Treatment of the Interdental Papillae. Dr. Stephen J. Chu

American Academy of Periodontology 98th Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA

  • GS1: Regeneration of the Periodontal Lesion in Clinical Therapy Today. Dr. Pierpaolo Cortellini, Dr. Myron Nevins, Dr. Paul S. Rosen

  • IP2: Innovations in Periodontics

    • The Lip Repositioning Procedure – Advances in Oral Plastic Surgery. Dr. Monish Bhola

    • The Use of Free Buccal Fat for Treatment of Severe Gingival Recession. Dr. Eran Front

    • Lip Repositioning with Crown Lengthening to Treat Excessive Gingival Display. Dr. Edward Gottesman

    • Envelope Coronally-Advanced Technique with Inner Sling Suture. Dr. Mitsuharu Inoko

    • Unpalatable: alternative Non-Palatal Autogenous Donor Sites for Free Gingival Grafts. James A. Simonds.

  • CE3: Treatment Decisions for Interdisciplinary Challenges in the Aesthetic Zone. Dr. Michael Apa, Dr. Brian Chadroff

  • GS2: Growth Factor or Cells: Maximizing Regenerative Potential. Dr. David Cochran, Dr. Hidemi Kurihara, Dr. Marc Nevins

  • CTS2: Innovative Sinus and Nasal Elevation Techniques. Dr. Farhad Boltchi, Ziv Mazor, Jeffrey Thomas, Stephen Wallace

  • CE14: Management and Treatment of Implant Complications. Dr. Kitetsu Shin, Hom-Lay Wang

  • GS3: Enhancing Esthetic and Functional Restorative Outcomes through Interdisciplinary Therapy. Dr. Bobby Butler, Dr. David Forbes, Dr. Greggory Kinzer, Dr. George Mandelaris, Dr. Brian Vence

  • GS4: A Retrospective Look at Twenty-Five Years of Periodontal Plastic Surgery. Dr. Edward Allen, Dr. Pierpaolo Cortellini, Dr. Michael Sonick

  • CTS3: Out of the Vein or Out of the Bottle? Dr. Jay Beagle, Dr. Sascha Jovanovic, Dr. Ziv Mazor, Dr. Michael Sonick

AAP 2013 Spring Conference: The Team Approach to Managing Implant Complications. April 13-14, 2013. Chicago, IL

  • Implant Complications – Biomechanical and Esthetic Considerations – A Prosthodontist’s Perspective. Dr. Marcus F. Abboud

  • Longevity of Reconstructions on Natural Teeth and/or Implants – Dr. Niklaus P. Lang

  • Prevention and Maintenance – Dr. Anastasia Kelekis-Cholakis

  • Strategies to Treat Peri-implantitis – Dr. Paul S. Rosen

  • Cement – Dr. Alfonso Pineyro and Dr. Chandur Wadhwani

  • Managing Prosthetic Complications in the Implant Patient – Dr. William W. Martin

  • Managing Esthetic Challenges on Anterior Implants – Dr. Stephen Chu and Dr. Dennis Tarnow

Northeastern Society of Periodontists: “The Art and Science of Periodontics”. April 19, 2013, New York, NY

  • The Expanding Role of the Periodontist in Managing the Diabetes Patient Population. Dr. Brian Mealey

  • Maxillary Sinus Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for the Implant Surgeon. Dr. Christopher Church

  • Treatment Decisions for Interdisciplinary Challenges in the Aesthetic Zone. Dr. Brian Chadroff and Dr. Michael Apa

The 11th International Symposium on Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry: Periodontal, Restorative Dentistry and Implant Therapeutics.

  • Sinus Elevation: Maximizing Outcomes through Biomaterial Selection and Surgical Innovations. Dr. Stephen Wallace

  • From immediate Implant Placement Post-extraction to Functional Reconstruction: The Simultaneous Versus Gradual Approach. Dr. Zvi Artzi

  • Tissue Engineering: Can We Apply It Clinically? Dr. Isabella Rocchietta

  • The Selection of Biomaterials and Surgical Techniques in Periodontal Plastic Surgery. Dr. Giulio Rasperini

  • The Us of SonicWeld Ultrasonically Fabricated Barriers for Enhanced Outcomes in Guided Bone Regeneration. Dr. Kevin Murphy

  • Laser-Assisted Microinvasice Versus Biomaterial Periodontal Regenerative Therapy. Dr. Marc L. Nevins

  • Regenerative Therapy in Furcation Defects: Advances and Limitations. Dr. Pamela K. McClain

  • Periodontally Enhanced Orthodontics – A New Frontier. Dr. M. Thomas Wilcko

  • Orthodontic NeogenesisL Directional Bone and Soft Tissue Enhancement Using Implants, TADs, and Distraction. Dr. Maurice A. Salama

  • Adult Orthodontics: The Practical Approach. Dr. Roger J. Wise

  • How Do We Use Advances in Tissue Engineering for Clinical Use? Dr. William V. Giannobile

  • The Clinical Use of Biomaterials and Growth Factors in Hard and Soft Tissue Management. Dr. Massimo Simion

  • What is the Best Growth Factor/Matrix Choice in the Clinic? Dr. David L. Cochran

  • Occlusal Loading and Prosthetic Complications: Incidence, Rationale, and Resolution. Dr. Kent Knoernschild

  • Late Implant Failures – Causes and Courses of Action. Dr. Hans-Peter Weber

  • Ceramic Failure in Implant-Supported Restoration: Etiology and Management. Dr. Thomas D. Taylor

  • Novel Solutions for Natural Smiles: Practical Applications of Growth Factors and Cell-Based Therapies. Dr. Michael K. McGuire

  • Localized Ridge Augmentation and Leveling of Buccal and Interproximal Gingival Margins: The Ultimate Challenge for Optimal Esthetic Results. Dr. Giano Ricci

  • Urban Legends, Folklore, Myths, Rumors, and Misinformation. Dr. Edward P. Allen

  • Esthetic Clinical Realities of Immediate Implant Placement – Twenty-Year Results.

  • Treatment of Multiple Recession in the Esthetic Areas of the Mouth. Dr. Massimo De Sanctis

  • Enhancing Clinical Outcomes in the Esthetic Sites. Dr. Ion Zabalegui

Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013 New York, June 20-22, 2013

  • Patient Journey 1: Missing Anterior and Posterior Single Teeth. Shane White, Laureen Langer, Eric van Dooren, Patrick Rutten, Inaki Gamborena, Torsten Jemt, Markus Blatz, Eirik Salvesen

  • Tilted Implants such as the All-on-4 Concept: What Influence do they have on our decision-making Process for edentulous or potentially edentulous Patients? Hannes Wachtel

  • Bone Regeneration with Todays Techniques and Materials. Has Treatment Protocols changed to decrease the Morbidity of the Donor Site? Massimo Simion, Istvan Urban

  • Immediate Function and its Scientifically Documented Efficacy and Effectiveness. Roland Glauser, Marco Esposito

  • Immediate Placement- Implant Placement in Fresh Extraction Sites. David Gelb, Tristan Staas, Jose Navarro, Joseph Kan

  • Soft-tissue Integrity and Associated Optimal Esthetic Outcomes. Inaki Gamborena, Eric van Doiren, Kuc Rutten

  • Implant Treatment solutions for Edentulous Patients without having to resort to Grafting Protocols. Paulo Malo, Ruben Davo, Steve Parel, Ed Bedrossian

  • On Enriching the Treatment Paradigm – Biological Stream. Bertil Friberg, David Chvartzsaid, Bjorn Klinge, Sree Koka, Marco Esposito, Andrea Mombelli, Massimo Simion

  • Minimizing Surgery using short/narrow Implant Solutions. Franck Renouard

  • Patient Journey 3: Missing Multiple Posterior Teeth. Massimo Simion, Pierre de Grandmont, Ernest Lam, Franck Renouard, Andrew Dawood, Bertil Friberg, Peter Moy, Keng Mun Wong

  • Patient Journey 4: Managing the Terminal/Failing Dentition – The Transition to Edentulism. Regina Mericske-Stern, Steven Eckert, Terry Walton, Ken Parrish, Alessandro Pozzi, Giorgio Tabanella, Paulo Malo, Kenji Higuchi

  • The Predicament of Edentulism – How viable and universal is the Implant Solution?

  • Iven Klineberg, Lyndon Cooper, Aaron Fenton, Georg Watzek, Ye Lim, Ruben Davo, Ole Jensen, Stefan Holst, Steven Moss, Jeff Ganeles.

American Academy of Periodontology 2013 Annual Meeting Philadelphia, PA

  • Predictable Treatment of Peri-implantitis by Using the Erbium Laser Micro-Explosion. Atsuhiko Yamamoto

  • Concepts of Treatment of Peri-implant Disease. Mario Roccuzzo

  • Implant Complications: Classifications, Prevention and Management. Hom-Lay Wang

  • Vertical Ridge Augmentation – Part 2. Istvan Urban

  • How to Negotiate for Greater Success in Work and Life. Stuart Diamond

  • Controlled Ridge Splitting (CRS) as an Alternative Technique to Autogenous Block Grafting. Suheil M. Boutros

  • Minimal Invasive Alveolar Ridge Augmentation: A Flapless Method of Splitting the Alveolar Ridge. Daniel W-K. Kao

  • Forty-Year Evaluation on Splinting Teeth with Advanced Periodontal Diseases. Ralph P. Pollack

  • Transcrestal Sinus Floor Elevation: New and Improved. Michael Toffler

  • What the Periodontist Needs to Know about Restoring Implants. Marcus F. Abboud, Nicholas Caplanis, Stephen Chu

  • Advances in Periodontal Medicine – Preparing Periodontists for the Future. William V Giannobile, Kenneth S. Kornman

  • Gingival and Connective Tissue Grafting for the Lingual Aspect of the Anterior Mandible. Michael J. McDevitt, George K. Merijohn

  • The Fate of the Buccal Plate & the Esthetic Ramifications. Mauricio Araujo, Bobby Butler.

  • Maximizing Success in Soft Tissue Grafting – Materials and Technique. Edward P. Allen, Michael K. McGuire, Kirk Pasquinelli

American Heart Association Healthcare Provider Course, November 14th, 2013, New York University College of Dentistry
Academy of Osseointegration 2014 Annual Meeting, March 6, 2014. Seattle, Washington.

  • Implants in the Esthetic Zone: Techniques and Perspectives after 20 Years of Collaboration. Jonathan Ferencz, Burton Langer

  • Implant Limitations, Complications, and Failure. Torsten Jemt

  • Is Crestal Bone Loss around Titanium Implants a Risk to Long-term Patient Care? Hom-Lay Wang

  • Peri-implantitis: Recognition and Management. Stefan Renvert

  • Decisions Regarding Implant Failure. Frank Schwarzw

American Academy of Periodontology: Spring Conference. The Perio-Restorative Partnership: A Roadmap to Clinical Success. Chicago, IL April 26-27, 2014

  • Identifying Risk for the Dentate and Implant Patient. Fereidoun Daftary, Michael S. Reddy

  • Redesigthe Poorly Planned Implant-Supported Restoration: An Inevitable Reality. Ricardo Mitrani

  • Traditional and Emerging Diagnostic Strategies for Identifying Risk. Kenneth S. Kornman

  • Material Selection for Optimizing Restorative Outcomes. Markus B. Blatz

  • Maintenance: The Key to Successful Periodontal and Implant Therapy. Pamela S. McClain

  • Understanding the Perio-Systemic Conenction and its Implications for Patient Management. Evanthia Lalla

  • The Team Approach to Predictable Esthetic Results. James J anakievski, Ricardo Mitrani

  • The Case of the Malpositioned Implant. Bobby Butler, Fereidoun Daftary, Robert A. Faiella, Jeffrey Ganeles, Paul S. Rosen

Northeast Society of Periodontists Spring Meeting. Innovative Approaches to Periodontal Dilemmas. May 2, 2014, New York, NY

  • The Future of Lasers in Periodontal Therapy: Science, Hype or Snake Oil? I. Stephen Brown

  • The Application of Resorbable Bone Plates for Hard Tissue Ridge Augmentation. Lewis Cummings

  • Advanced Tissue Management in Esthetic Areas with a Reduced Periodontium. Giorgio Tabanella

  • Periodontal Management of a Patient Undergoing Liver Transplantation. Emanuele Clozza

  • Solving the Esthetic Zone Disaster Implant Case Alveolar Split Graft Versus Titanium Mesh Grafts Using BMP-2/ACS. Ole Jensen

American Academy of Periodontology, 100th Annual Meeting September 19-22, 2014, San Francisco, CA

  • Pillars of the Past, Foundation of the Future. Kenneth Kornman, Myron Nevins, Robert Schallhorn

  • Innovations in Periodontics Session 2. Lourdes Christopher, Scott Froum, Ahmed Gamal, Stephen Harrel

  • Impact of Osteoporosis on the Management of Periodontal and Implant Patients. Angelo Mariotti, Laurie McCauley

  • Understanding and Managing Peri-implant Bone Loss. Tomas Albrektsson, Bjron Klinge, Frank Schwarz

  • Complex Decision-Making for Teeth and Implants in the Esthetic Zone using the Interdisciplinary Team. Dennis Tarnow

  • Out of the Bottle: What’s the Cost, and is it Worth it? Sascha Jovanovic, Barry Levin, Rodrigo Neiva, Anton Sculean

  • Managing the Unaesthetic Implant. Oded Bahat, Stephen Chu, Fereidoun Daftary, Ramin Mahallati, Dennis Tarnow

  • Current Status of Furcation Management. Paul Ricchetti, Paul Rosen, Robert Schallhorn, Atsuhiko Yamamoto

  • Soft Tissue Modeling and Remodeling after Implant Placement: The New Frontier. George Duello, Barry Goldenberg, Diego Velasquez

The Northeastern Society of Periodontists, Inc. October 24, 2014 New York, NY

  • Implants and Residual Excess Cement: An Inconvenient Truth. Dr. Chandur Wadhwani

  • Interdisciplinary Concepts in Orthodontics. Dr. Brody Hildebrand

  • Prosthodontics from the Trenches. Dr. Vincent Celenza

  • A team Approach to Managing Implant Complications in the Esthetic Zone. Dr. Don Clem and

Dr. George Perri
American College of Prosthodontists, November 5-8, 2014 Hyatt Regency New Orleans, LA

  • Occlusion Driven Maxillofacial Reconstruction- Qualification for Prosthodontics. Dennis Rohner

  • Total Face, Double Jaw and Tongue Transplantation: An Evolutionary Concept. Branko Bojovic, M.D.

  • There’s No Magic in a Patient’s Medications. Harold L. Crossley, DDS, MS, Ph.D.

  • Contemporary Endodontics for the Prosthodontist: Basic Principles and New Horizons. Ashraf F. Fouad

  • Legal, Ethical and Management Considerations for the Prosthodontist Retreating a Full Mouth Rehabilitation. John A. Sorensen, DMD, Ph.D, F.A.C.P.

  • Dentoalveolar Extrusion – The Most Difficult Patient in Dentistry, J. William Robbins, DDS, M.A.

  • Gummy Smile Treated with Laser Surgery – Clinical and Legal Outcomes. David W. Eggleston, DDS, F.A.C.P.

  • Prosthodontic Treatment Outcomes – A legal Perspective. Donna L. Dixon, DMD, M.A. J.D.

Northeastern Society of Periodontists, Inc. April 17, 2015 Marriott Marquis Hotel New York, NY

  • Socket and Ridge Augmentation. Dr. Mauricio Araujo

  • Inter-implant Papilla Management in the Esthetic Zone, Dr. Joseph Kan

  • VISTA for Correction of Soft Tissue Defects Around Teeth and Implants, Dr. Homa Zadeh

  • New Perspective on Vertical and Horizontal Augmentation, Dr. Istvan Urban

Dental Implant Complications Symposium May 8, 2015 Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Prosthetic Complications-Cementation and Its Impact, Dr. Chandur Wadhwani

  • Panel Discussion and Q&A, Moderated by: Dr. Tara Aghaloo

  • Fully Edentulous Complications from A Surgical & Prosthetic Perspective – Proper Treatment Planning and Long-Term Maintenance, Dr. Hassan G. Moghadam

  • Surgical Alternatives for Edentulous Maxilla: Planning for Long-Term Results, Dr. Waldemar Polido

  • Prosthetic Treatment Planning to Avoid Dental Implant Complications in Fully Edentulous Patients, Dr. Dean Morton

1. Director of Research, Department of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, New York University College of Dentistry, New York, New York. 1995-Present

2. Director of Implant Residency Program, Department of Implant Dentistry, New York University College of Dentistry. Sept. 1994-1996

3. Clinical Professor Surgical Sciences (Periodontics) and Clinical Professor Implant Dentistry, New York University College of Dentistry. June 1994-Present

4. Associate Clinical Professor Department of Dental Implants, New York University College of Dentistry. 1992-94

5. Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Periodontology, New York University Dental Center, 1984-1991.

6. Consultant Periodontics - Veterans Administration Hospital, New York, New York, 1984-94.

7. Assistant Clinical Professor New York University College of Dentistry, Department of Periodontics - 1974-84

8. Staff Periodontist, Coordinating Periodontal Residency Training Veterans Administration Hospital New York, New York 1977-84

9. Research Associate - The Institute For Research In Hypnosis, New York,

New York, 1973-Present

10. Guest Lecturer on Dental Hypnosis, Veterans Administration Hospital,

New York, New York, 1972-77

11. Guest Lecturer on Dental Hypnosis, Veterans Administration Hospital,

Brooklyn, New York, 1971-74

12. Assistant Visiting Dentist - Section of Periodontics, Department of Dentistry,

Queens Hospital Center, Affiliation of Long Island Jewish -Hillside Medical

Center, Jamaica, New York, 1973

13. Guest Lecturer on Dental Hypnosis, Queens Chapter of the Academy of

General Dentistry, New York, 1974

14. Guest Lecturer on Dental Hypnosis, Einstein Hospital, New York - 1974

15. Lecturer and Instructor in Continuing Education Courses,

School of Dental Medicine, Health Sciences Center, State University of New York,

Stony Brook – 1975

16. Guest Lecturer – Stony Brook Dental Center 2003, Stony Brook, N.Y.

17. Guest Lecturer – Long Island Periodontics & Implantology 05/19/2005, Great Neck, N.Y.

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