Culminating Task Module 10: Culminating Task

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Facilitator Notes

Refer participants to Handout 11, Module 10, “Culminating Task Debrief Questions.”

Talking Points

  • So how did it go?

  • Take a few minutes to reflect on your experience using the EQuIP Rubric for the culminating task.

  • At your tables you should have a list of questions to discuss as you debrief on this culminating task. You have ten minutes to discuss these questions before we share our reflections. [Note to facilitator: Allow ten minutes.]

  • Let’s share some of your thoughts. [Note to facilitator: Ask each set of questions separately, allow several tables to share, and then move on to the next set of questions.]

    • On a scale of one to four, to what extent did your group share a common language and understanding of EQuIP criteria as you reviewed this lesson? Why this rating?

    • Are there any criteria or evidence about which you disagreed? If so, did you disagree about what you considered evidence of a criterion, about whether the evidence was sufficient to meet a criterion, or about both?

    • What differences arose among your group members when checking criteria? How did you resolve those differences? What do you think caused those differences? Were there differences that remained unresolved? What were some of those unresolved differences?

    • Where in the review process did you experience the most difficulty or the greatest disagreements? What suggestions do you have regarding resolving differences among reviewers?

    • How did having collaborative discussions move individual group members or the group as a whole toward a decision?

Reflecting on this Professional Learning

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