Culminating Task Module 10: Culminating Task

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Talking Points

  • Each group should now have a packet of instructional materials that includes copies of these materials for each member of your group.

  • Here again is the examination process.

  • Be thoughtful about your time. You have approximately two hours of relatively uninterrupted time to complete your examination. Pace yourself so you can make it through the entire rubric.

  • Allow approximately one hour for Category I, 30 minutes for Category II, and 30 minutes for Category III.

  • We’ll keep you posted periodically regarding how much time is remaining.

  • Because you have a limited amount of time for this task, you may not be able to list all of the evidence that supports a criterion; rather, you may need to cite examples.

  • If your examination does not take the full time allotted, you may begin responding to the debriefing questions for the training, which are located on Handout 11.

  • Please remember that the comments you record on the response sheet will provide feedback, evaluation, and guidance for the developer(s) or user(s) of these instructional materials.

  • [Notes to facilitator: 1) Leave this slide up and set a separate timer or alarm. Provide frequent time updates to allow groups to monitor progress. Allow more or less time as needed to complete the task before moving on to the reflection. 2) If, as you monitor the progress of the groups, you notice common issues or places where multiple groups are having difficulty, briefly interrupt the process and address all the groups simultaneously to clarify or get groups back on track.]

Reflecting on the Culminating Task

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