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NEW YORK, N.Y. 10065

Telephone (212) 439 - 8647 / 8635 / 8675

Fax (212) 249 - 4945
** Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9.00am to 12.30pm **

  • 2 death certificates as follows:

    • 2 long form Death Certificates with Apostille and translation into Italian

(Please be advised that this Office CANNOT register the death in Italy without said document)

    • woman’s maiden name MUST appear

  • Proof of citizenship (passport, green card, naturalization certificate, certificate of birth etc.).

  • 1 medical certificate on doctor’s or hospital’s letterhead stating cause of death and non-communicable disease. Doctor’s name and surname must be legible. Apostille required.

  • 1 certificate from the Health Department stating non-communicable diseases in the area of death. Apostille required.

  • 1 affidavit from funeral home director as per attached form. Apostille required.

  • 1 data sheet for the deceased on funeral home letterhead stating the following information:
    - exact name and surname (maiden name for women)
    - exact date and place of birth, including name of city/town and province

- airport of arrival in Italy – Milan or Rome

- exact city / town and province of burial in Italy

- address and phone number of relative in the USA and/or Italy

- address and phone number of receiving funeral home

*** Apostille instructions follow

*** Please be advised that 1 additional death certificate will be requested at airport ***

  • 1 cremation certificate. Apostille required.

  • 1 data sheet for the deceased (see above)

  • A photocopy of the Italian passport, if the deceased person was Italian citizen.

The urn containing the cremains must be sealed and placed inside a wooden box. The box’s lid must be sealed with 4 screws.

* * * * *
Following presentation of documents, this Consulate General will request authorization to the proper authorities in Italy. Upon receiving authorization (approximately 2 - 3 working days) the Funeral Home will be immediately contacted.

Fee will be paid when picking up the mortuary passport directly to the cashier. It is advisable to pay by credit card since the fee varies.


______________________________________, being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is a funeral director, duly licensed by the State of New York, and that he operates a funeral home at _________________________________________ that he supervised the preparation of the last remains of __________________________________ for shipment to Italy, and that he certifies and swears that the body has been enclosed in a wooden Italian crypt casket with a zinc inner liner, hermetically sealed, and placed in a strong wooden box, the boards which are of a thickness of not less than 1 and 3/4 inches, that the boards are in one piece or mortised, that the intersection of the different parts of the box are joined in dove-tail style, and that the joints were first glued together and fastened with screws, that the box is bound with metal strips one (1) inch in width or more and eighteen (18) inches apart, that between the metal casket and the box is a filler of sawdust or wood shavings of a thickness of not less than 1 and 3/4 inches, that the remains were embalmed by a duly licensed embalmer in accordance with the rules and regulations of the department of health of the State of New York for shipment to Italy.

The remains will be consigned to ___________________________

and will be transported via _________________________________

departing ____________________ at ________________________

on or about _____________________________________________

arriving ________________________________________________

Entombment will be in ____________________________________

Deponent finally states that this shipment has no commercial value and to the best of his knowledge and belief meets the shipping requirements of transportation of dead human remains into Italy.

Date: ____________________________

Legalizzazione documenti emessi negli Stati Uniti
I documenti, certificati e atti notarili rilasciati negli Stati Uniti, per poter valere in Italia devono essere muniti della APOSTILLE (Convenzione dell’Aja del 5 ottobre 1961) che viene rilasciata dal Dipartimento di Stato.

Qual’è la procedura per ottenere l’Apostille?

Innanzi tutto il documento deve essere firmato di fronte a un Notary Public. La firma di quest’ultimo deve essere autenticata dal County Clerk competente. Solo una volta ottenute le due precedenti legalizzazioni, il documento può essere presentato al Dipartimento di Stato competente per ottenere l’Apostille.

Authentication documents issued in the United States

Documents, certificates and notary acts issued in the United States are valid in Italy (according to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961) if they carry the APOSTILLE, a seal which must be attached by Department of State.

What is the procedure to get the Apostille?

First of all the document must be signed in front of a Notary Public. Then his or her signature has to be authenticated by the appropriate Country Clerk. Only once the previous steps have been made, the document can be presented to the appropriate Department of State in order to obtain the seal of the Apostille.

New York Department of State County Clerk, New York County

123 William Street, 19th Floor 60 Centre Street – Room 141 - Basement

New York, N.Y. 10038-5800 New York, NY 10007

Tel. (212) 417 5800 Tel. (646) 386 5955

New York State Department of State Office of the Albany County Clerk

One Commerce Plaza 32 North Russell Road

99 Washington Ave. Albany NY 12206-1324

Albany NY 12231-0001 Ph. (518) 487 5100

Ph (518) 474 4752
Connecticut Secretary of State

Authentications/Apostilles Unit

30 Trinity Street

Hartford, CT 06106

Tel. (860) 509 6002
New Jersey Secretary of State

Trenton NJ

Tel. 609-9841900
Pennsylvania Secretary of State

Bureau of Commission Elections and Legislation

Room 210 North Office Bldg

Harrisburg PA 17120-0029

Ph. 717-787 5280

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