**Competitive Categories for Promotion

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**Competitive Categories for Promotion**

All officers compete for promotions with all other officers in the same competitive category, regardless of designator.  LDOs are grouped into two separate competitive categories:

    LDO Line, consisting of all Surface (61XX), Submarine (62XX), Aviation (63XX), and General (64XX) Series LDOs.

     All CWOs are in the same competitive category and compete together for promotions, regardless of designator. 

In practice, this means that all Line LDOs, whether they are surface engineers, submarine communicators, cryptologists, air traffic controllers, bandmasters, EOD, nuclear power, admin, etc., will compete for the available promotions.  No quotas are assigned by individual designator.  Selections may be made even though a designator is overmanned in that grade, or even if there are no billets in that grade for a particular designator.  In short, it is the selection board's responsibility to select the "best and most fully qualified" from among all eligible officers, regardless of designator.

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