Community gains access to regular dental care in third in-school center

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Community gains access to regular dental care in
third in-school center

Partners celebrate opening of Withrow High School Campus Dental Center
Cincinnati, OH May 19, 2015 – Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) and the Cincinnati Health Department Community members announced the opening of its third school based dental center. The Withrow High School Campus Dental Center is a collaborative effort between CPS, the Cincinnati Health Department, with Funding was provided by Interact for Health and Patterson Dental and many other generous community partners.
Teens are the most underserved population in the United States for preventative health services, and dental decay is the most common chronic disease of childhood (five times more common than asthma). The average high school student misses 2.6 days per year, of which 2.3 of those absences are due to dental-related issues.
“Every day, children in our schools miss learning opportunities because of dental pain. This collaborative, public/private partnership will ensure treatment for many children and ultimately improve academic performance,” said Dr. Marilyn Crumpton director of School and Adolescent Health, Cincinnati Health Department.
This new school based dental center will serve the 1,300 students on the Withrow High School campus, as well as the surrounding schools and community. The Cincinnati Health Department also operates five dental centers in community-based health centers.
“Interact for Health is committed to creating a healthier Cincinnati, and dental health is often core to a person’s overall well-being, ” said Francie Wolgin, Senior Program Officer, Protecting the Healthcare Safety Net at Interact for Health. “This new center will not only help the students at the school, but also be an important resource for residents of all ages in the surrounding community.”

Many organizations worked together to make the Withrow High School Campus Dental Center a reality, including:

  • Interact for Health – Interact for Health provided a grant for $75,000 to pay for the cost of the renovation and for start-up small equipment. Francie Wolgin of Interact for Health also took a leadership role in raising community awareness and soliciting support from other contributors. Additionally, an Interact for Health challenge grant matched individual donations. These additional funds were used for start-up clinical supplies.

  • Patterson Dental – Patterson Dental donated $50,000 worth of services in the form of uninstalling, moving, storing and re-installing all of the equipment after the renovation was complete. Patterson Dental also played a vital role in getting last-minute equipment repairs completed so the Dental Center could open on time.

  • Cincinnati Public Schools and Withrow High School donated the space in which the Dental Center resides. The amount of space donated allowed for a state-of-the-art facility that will serve Withrow High School students, surrounding CPS school students and the community in an efficient manner. Robin Brandon of CPS designed the space and provided oversight for the project. CPS facilities staff performed the renovations.

  • Greater Cincinnati Foundation –The Greater Cincinnati Foundation provided funding for start-up salaries. This valuable contribution will support the operation of the Dental Center as it begins and gets to the point where it is providing services at capacity. At that point, the Dental Center will be self-sustaining.

  • Cincinnati Dental Society’s Oral Health Foundation – The Oral Health Foundation will provide volunteer dentists to assist with the provision of services for the uninsured. The Foundation also will assist in connecting student with needed specialty services. Among the three school-based dental Centers in CPS, the foundation provides weekly volunteers.

  • ADEC-ADEC provided high-speed handpieces and replacement parts for the cabinetry and equipment in the facility.

  • Scican donated a Statim sterilizer, a rapid sterilizer that allows the Center to operate in an efficient manner.

  • Crest/Oral B, Procter & Gamble – Procter & Gamble donated unrestricted funds that were matched by Interact for Health for start-up needs and Crest/Oral B donated the first years’ worth of toothbrushes and toothpaste for the student treated in the Dental Center.

  • Growing Well provided advocacy and facilitation of the project.

  • Talbert House provided the gently used dental equipment at a significantly reduced price.

  • Anonymous provided funding for start-up oral surgery, restorative and dental hygiene instruments.

  • 3M provided a dental curing light.

  • Midmark provided the autoclave sterilizer at a significantly reduced price.

  • HuFriedy donated dental instruments for the Center.

  • Kerr provided an amalgamator and free and discounted amalgam filling material.

  • Schien provided two x-ray sensors at a discounted price. The Dental center is operating with digital radiography.

  • Withrow Alumni Association provided initial unrestricted funding that was matched by Interact for Health at a 2:1 ratio.

  • Individual Donors – Francie Wolgin, Marilyn Crumpton, Terrence Poole and Robert League provided unrestricted funding that was also matched by Interact for Health. These donations were used for a portion of the start-up supplies.

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