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In this course our job is to integrate Einstein the robot head which has already been built from scratch 6 years before. Since the robot is 6 years old we needed to replace some old components such as main board, change some components connectors and use new powerful power source. Please see video on youtube:

  1. Homework_1 Outcomes

Part of Homework 1 which was to create a powerpoint presentation being controlled by Kinect and using fuzzy logic. We were told that our robot was going to be used in a play called “The Great Quantum Debate” so we decided to convert Einstein’s lines from the play to PowerPoint and use Kinect with fuzzy logic.

  1. Use of Kinect to control a robot, create commands and data.

  2. The concept of state machine in robotics

  3. The concept and use of fuzzy logic in robotics

  4. Using Powerpoint for scenario prototyping

  5. Dialogs with robots

2.a ) First phase explanation

Figure 1: A high level diagram of the first phase objectives

The objective for the first phase of this homework was to:

  1. Figure out how to use a Kinect to control the mouse on a computer

  2. Figure out how to use Kinect to control a powerpoint presentation

  3. Create a powerpoint presentation with info, effects, figures, pictures, and videos about Einstein and the ”Quantum Debate” play

  4. Record voice with German accent that is suppose to be Einstein for the powerpoint presentation

In order to meet these objectives, our group did the following:

  • We created a powerpoint presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint.

with the mouse to transition to another slide

powerpoint presentation using the Kinect

We found a website that does text to sound in many different accents performed by either a male or a female voice called IVONA4

    • We used the male German accent to suit our robot Einstein

    • We needed to record the sound internally to have a better quality sound, so we used a program called Audacity5

    • We edited the recorded scripts by using a program called Mixxx6

    • All the programs the we used for the sound are available free online

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